Gardens of Time Collections and Wish List Guide

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       Collections and Wish List are the new features of the online browser hidden object
game -- Gardens of Time. Refer here to learn how to unlock them and to better understand the feature's mechanics. Discover if this new game feature will help you boost up your game experience.
- How to Unlock -

     - Unlock Collections and Wish List features at Level 7.
     - To unlock a new collection, you must reach first the chapters.

- The Collections -

     - Each collection has 5 Keepsakes to find. Alistair gave you 3 to get started.
     - Collect all 5 Keepsakes per Collection by replaying scenes.
     - Keepsakes are found randomly when you play scenes.
     - You don't actually have to find them, they just pop-out when you click a hidden object.
     - When your'e done, trade in the completed Collection for a prize!

- The Wish List -

     - The Wish List is an alternative way to gather Keepsakes.
     - Refer to the image below to learn how to use it.
     - If your friends has an extra Keepsake, he or she can send you one.
     - This way, you can complete your collections in no time!

You can also start helping your friends by:
     - Hovering your mouse over your friend's image below your game window.
     - Visiting your friend's garden.
     - Clicking Wish Lists posted by your friends through Facebook Wall feeds.

- Tips and Info -

The Rewards from Collections
     - The rewards: an artifact, a building or a decoration with certain reputation and EXP.

     - Gardens of Time's basic rule is to build an artifact, a building or a decoration with
the best reputation at your current level and garden space (rep/square).

     - Collections is recommended for new players. It will boost up your gameplay.
     - Complete the collections while playing through the scenes.

     - High level players doesn't need to complete lower level collections.
Honestly, it's not worth your time, because the reputations are too low in your current level.
Focus on the collections at your current level or Chapter instead.

     - If you have completed a collection with a reward that will take more than one square
space, use them as temporary items in your garden then sell them when you run out of space.

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