Monster Hero - Phoenix Age's Online Game

Online Game: Monster Hero
- Publisher: Phoenix Age
- Facebook Game Application
- Action RPG / Shooter / Pet Based / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Monster Hero's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.

       Monster Hero is an Action and Arcade, adventure, online browser game available on Facebook that takes you through a land of fantasy. Play as a hero and learn the lost ancient secret arts of monster training and alchemy to be able to defeat the evil forces that was once destroyed Titania 10,000 year ago.

       Collect rare and unique pet monsters and evolve them into powerful allies to help you on your journey. Customize your character with massive collection of weapons and equipments and battle monsters with your friends to free them from evil possession.

       Lead a band of heroes and monsters into adventure and become a Monster Hero!

- Battle Play -

       Monster Hero has an aim and shoot battle play, similar to Angry Birds. To aim, click and hold your left mouse button on the red circle then drag your mouse anywhere to adjust your aim. Release your left mouse button to shoot.

Normal Battle Play:
       Your aim is to defeat all monsters before you run out of shots and to get all 3 stars
in every battle to get achievement bonuses.

PVP Battle Play:
     -Your aim is to defeat your opponent before he or she defeats you.
     - All pet monsters have it's own strength and weaknesses, (Elements).
     - Equipped item bonuses also counts, (Hero and Pet Equipments).

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