How to Catch Clovey and Rainburn

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       Clovey and Rainburn are Limited Mogas that you can only catch during or after St. Patrick's Day (March). Around this time, You will automatically encounter Tobi when you enter the game and he will give you details about the two limited Mogas.
- St. Patrick's Day Event Quests -

Investigate the Rainbow - Given by Tobi
     - Location: Dark Wood (Sunshire Map)
     - Looks like you can't capture any Mogas here.
     - Defeat all Mogas to complete the investigation.

Catch a Clovey - After completing Investigate the Rainbow Quest
     - Location: Mega Hole (Sunshire Map)
     - Star Seed Maximum Capture Rate: 99% (Beginner Moga)
     - Clovey has a very high success rate so you shouldn't have any problems here.

Catch a Rainburn - After completing Catch a Clovey Quest
     - Location: Everywhere, Recommended Place - Dark Wood 
     - Star Seed Maximum Capture Rate: 9% (Epic Moga)
     - Rainburn is an Epic Moga so it has a very slim success rate. However,
it is still possible to catch Rainburn so don't lose hope. Luck really plays a role here. Good Luck!