Ravenwood Fair Tips, Tricks and Info

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       Here is a list of Ravenwood Fair Tips and Tricks to help you out on your way and to answer some of your questions. Good luck building your fairs inside a spooky forest!
- Daily Bonus -

     - Daily Bonus (upper right corner). Play everyday for even greater rewards.

     - Claim your free welcome gifts and daily gifts from your E-mail.
       - You must first sign up to get your daily E-mails.
       - Go to Shoppe > Packs > then look for the Daily E-mail Energy item. 
     - You can use your claimed decorations and items from your storage.

     - Visit Huggin and your friends everyday to get more coins and energy bonuses. 
     - You can also spend 5 free energies to help your friend's fair.

     - If your visitors are scared, they won't spend their money on your fair. 
     - Click on them to comfort them or place protectors to calm them while you are away. 

- Quests -

     - Follow the quests guide from the left side of your screen to gain more bonuses.
       - This is the main walk through that you must complete to progress through the game.
       - Complete quests as soon as possible to unlock more quests.

     - Some quests will require you to navigate around the settings. The settings can be found at the lower left corner of your screen. Click on the gear like thing to expand the options menu.

     - Visitors with "!" over their head means they have a request for you. Go talk to them.

     - Look for envelopes, letters, invitations around your fair to get more quests.

     - The wedding quests will start once you have finished all your regular quests. I think, event quests are not covered.

- Materials/Resources -

     - Coins: Used to purchase items.
     - Wood: Used to build attractions, building and wonders. Get wood by clearing out
trees and roots.
     - Food: Used to buy energy from the shoppe (packs tab).
     - Energy: Used to complete tasks. Buy energy with food or wait for it to regenerate.
     - Experience - Get experience by buying things and completing tasks.
     - Fun  - The higher your fun rating, the more visitors will come. 
              - Raise your fun by buying things for your fair.
     - Facebook Credits: Purchase items and energy with Facebook Credits.

     - Cutting Scary or Spooky Trees.
       - Not all resources can be found by doing this method.
       - Some materials can be found here when an event demands it.
       - When you have an unfinished building or game and you lack some of it's materials. Doing this method will maximize the bonuses when you chop off trees, so build buildings and games as soon as possible to trigger the required materials.
       - A quest or quests demands it.

       - Tip: Trees won't grow back anywhere that you have placed a building, decoration, game, protector or wonder. Make sure to leave some room for it to grow back, or you'll have a hard time getting the resources you need.

       - Tip: If you want to regrow the entire forest instantly, you can buy the sleeping potion at Shoppe > Special Tab for 5000 coins then use it as a power. Use with caution.

     - Defeating Monsters.
       - You might encounter monsters when you chop off trees.
       - Click on the monsters to wallop them and gain random materials.

     - Completing Quests.
       - You can get random materials.

     - Asking Friends.
       - This is by far the best and fastest way to obtain materials.
       - Just click on the "Ask Friends" anywhere you can find it in the game.
       - To ask "Hearts", Go to Shoppe > Buildings > Find Homes.
       - Hearts are used for building Homes for your friends on your fair.
       - When your friend/s granted your request, don't forget to send back the favor. This way, you will have a steady source of materials.

     - Visiting Friends
       - Spend up to 5 free energy per fair to get more bonuses.
       - You can get crystals by clearing out rocks from your friend's fair (do this first).
       - Don't worry any changes that you had made will not affect your friend's fair.

       - To add neighbors, go to "My Neighbors" Tab then add all your friends that are
playing Ravenwood Fair.

- Wonders -

       Wonders can be built when you reached the level requirement to unlock them. It will consume an enormous amount of coins, woods and energies just to build one, but the reward is fulfilling because it will grant you it's summoning powers.

Sample Wonders

     - Party Parthenon - gives up Prairie Dogs every 24 hours when activated by player. They are stored at bottom of screen until used. The Dogs restock random stands in the fair.

     - Beaver Lodge - gives up a Beaver every 8 hours when activated by player. Stored at bottom of screen until used.

     - The Viitalin Well - "Clears and finds extra vitalin".

     - Den of Panthers - "Summon the spirit of the lightning-fast Panther and your
guests will double-time it!