Ninja Saga Extreme Talents

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       Extreme Talents can be learned at the Talent Building right after you become a Jounin. Choose wisely because once you have learned an Extreme Talent, you can never unlearn it. For Talent Tutorial, Refer to this link: Ninja Saga Official Talent Tutorial
- Extreme Talents -

     - Lvl 40 and above
     - Passed the Jounin Exams
     - Training Fees

Extreme Talent Info:
     - Passive Skills - always active, and you do not have to launch or click the skill.
     - Active Skills - you do have to launch or click the skill.
     - All Stats below are based on it's max Lvl (Lvl 10).
     - Before you start to level up another skill, you have to upgrade the previous skills to at least level 5.

- Eye of Mirror -
Fee: 400 Tokens - Emblem Users Only

Eye of Mirror - Passive Skill
     - 15% chance to automatically copy enemy's recently used jutsu and use it.
     - Not effective when CP is not enough for using jutsu.

Crescent Eye of Mirror - Passive Skill
     - 20% chance to rebound Genjutsu, Talent skills will not be affected.

Mirror of Passion - Active Skill
     - Reduces target HP by 1.5% (10 turns).

Mirror of Strength - Active Skill
     - Activate Titan Attack (550% damage of character's level) (3 turns).
     - Successful Titan Attack has 10% chance to 'Stun' the enemy (1 turn).

Mirror of Grace - Active Skill
     - 100% chance to inflict Chaos & Restriction on target (3 turns).
     - Reduce target's damage by 100% for (3 turns).

Mirror of Freedom - Passive Skill
     - Recover 40% HP and CP when HP hits 0 (once per battle).

- Dark Eye -
Fee: 500,000 Gold - Emblem and Free Users

Dark Eye - Passive Skill
     - Increase accuracy by 5%, Increase dodge chance by 5%

Acupuncture Needle Barrage - Active Skill
     - Target can only refill 60% of it's maximum CP  for (4 turns).

Meridian Search - Passive Skill
     - Increase critical chance by 5%, Increase critical damage by 10%

Acupuncture Meridian Anesthesia - Active Skill
     - Reduce damage taken by 20%  (4 turns), 
     - Recover HP by 10% each turn (3 turns)
     - User is not allowed to charge (3 turns)

Meridian Strengthen - Passive Skill
     - Increases maximum CP by 20%. 
     - Recover CP by extra 25% per charge.

Acupuncture Meridians Destruction - Active Skill
     - Restrict target (2 turns).
     - 30% chance to clear all buffs of target.

- Deadly Performance -
Fee: 500,000 Gold - Emblem and Free Users

Onmyouji: Wondrous Doors - Active Skill
     - Absorb 100% taken damage to HP (2 turns).

Soul of Onmyouji - Passive Skill
     - Reduce damage taken by 5%.
     - 20% chance to resist stun.

Samurai: One Sword - Active Skill
     - Expose target's defense by 40% (3 turns).
     - Reduce target's dodge chance by 40% (3 turns).

Soul of Samurai - Passive Skill
     - 10% chance to reflect 50% damage taken.

Burial of Dead Bone - Active Skill
     - All enemies cannot use weapons and jutsus to attack (3 turns).

Divine Wind of Onmyousamurai - Active Skill
     - Convert 100% damage caused by this jutsu to HP.

- Eight Extremities -
Fee: 400 Tokens - Emblem and Free Users

Soul Punch - Active Skill
     - Concentrates all the chakra on your palm and punch target.

Eight Extremities - Passive Skill
     - Increases attack damage of taijutsu skill type by 20%.
     - Reduce HP deduction from taijutsu skill type by 100%.

Eight Extremities Fist - Active Skill
     - 30% chance to reduce target's CP by 50%.

Eight Extremities Strengthen - Passive Skill
     - Increases agility by 10%.
     - Increases maximum HP by 10%.

Extreme Mode - Active Skill
     - Increases attack of all taijutsu by 80% (Talent skills will not be affected) (5 turns).
     - User cannot be healed (4 turns)

Ultimate Dance - Active Skill
     - 90% chance to "Double CP Consumption" of target (3 turns).

       For sample builds and recommended Talents for your Elements, refer to the link below. Tip: If you think that all Extreme Talents available is not a good choice for your build, just wait for more game updates.

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