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- EXP Boosters -

     - Login everyday and spin the roulette to increase your multiplier and rewards.
     - Do your Special Events and Daily Missions everyday. You might even get some rewards.
     - Do your Daily Tasks. Tip: Recruit Tasks doesn't mean to add friends but to recruit friends from the "Recruit Friends" Building and form a ninja team.
     - Fight World Bosses for more EXP and great loots like rare weapons and magatamas.
     - Pick missions that gives a great amount of EXP with less effort to complete.
     - Refer to this guide: Ninja Saga Ultimate Leveling Guide for the best missions to take.
     - Gifts from your friends (random). Claim them fast before everything is taken.

- How to Get Tokens - 

     - Daily roulette. Hard but at some events, tokens are easy to get.
     - Gifts from your friends (random). Claim them fast before everything is taken.
     - Tokens shared by your friends. Claim them fast before everything is taken.
     - Buying them from Ninja Saga with real cash.
     - Completing and claiming FREE Tokens offered at the "Earn Saga Token" Tab

- How to Get TP -

     - At Lvl 40, Start completing your TP Missions to get 10 TPs per mission.
     - 5 TPs from Friend Gifts.
     - 10 TPs from friend's Shared TPs.
     - Converting or Boosting Tokens for TPs.

- Claiming Gifts -

     - You can claim up to 20 Gifts and another 20 for Bonus Claims per day.
     - Also share gifts and bonuses you get along the way to return the favor.

     - It is easier to claim gifts and bonuses from your friends at the Games Menu on your Facebook to filter and only display posts from Ninja Saga. Refresh the page or click on the "Ninja Saga" Tab to get more updates from your Ninja Saga friends. Claim them fast before everything is taken.

- Recruit Friends -

     - Add friends so you can learn jutsus for free from them. Tip: The total time to learn jutsus from friends are doubled compared to the Academy. Learn the Jutsu as soon as it is finished or else, the jutsu will disappear after some time.

     - Add friends to make lots of ninja teams to aid you on your battles.
     - Ninja Emblem and Token users are the best ones to add.
     - Add friends to have more chances of claiming gifts and bonuses.

     - Pets are also your friends. Aim to get Keiko for 400 Tokens. He is a very good support specially on Boss fights. Other Pets are also OK. it's up to you really.

- Technical Issues -

     - Gameplay is laggy or slow? Internet Connection is the main reason but you can try to lower down your graphics settings from your Ninja Saga Option Menu (lower right corner of your screen). Turning off the music or sound will also help for some users.

     - Ninja Saga on Fullscreen Mode. To play Ninja Saga on a widescreen, just simply hold "CTRL" on your keyboard and experiment with your mouse wheel. Holding "CTRL" and pressing  "+" or "-" on your Numpad also works. To put it on  fullscreen, press F11 and press F11 again to return.
     - To reset to the original view, just hold "CTRL" and press "0". Sometimes you have to click on the white background first to make it work.

       Note: For Character builds Tips and Tricks like how to use Jutsus or Talents Skills well to an enemy and stuff, I think it is better to put it on Character Builds (Soon).

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