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Dot Arena: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

Dot Arena is a thrilling action RPG multiplayer online mobile game presented by FunPlus. Available on Android - Google Play and iOS App Store. Adventure through a classic campaign or test your heroes with time-challenge PvE; climb arena leaderboards, or brave the crucible - Dot Arena's unique survival-mode PvP. Explore dungeons, join your guild’s co-op quests, and hire heroes: the role-playing and fun social possibilities are endless.
Dot Arena Gameplay Trailer -
Dot Arena General In-Depth Guides -

Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide For Beginners
Key Topics: For Beginners/Newbies; Things To Do If You Get Stuck; The Best Way To Spend Diamonds; PvP Arena and More Unlockables.

Front LineHeroes
Middle Line Heroes
Back Line Heroes
Key Topics: Ultimate Skills, Green, Blue and Purple Skills; Skills To Prioritize per Hero or God.

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Dot Arena General FAQs -

How do I get Heroes?
   - Other than the free starting 5 heroes, you can get more of them by collecting Soulstones then summoning them via the Heroes tab.
   - Log-in everyday and collect all sign in rewards until you claim the free hero of the month.
   - Chance to obtain from the "Treasure Chests" section. For the "Bronze Chest" feature, just use the free option, same with the "Golden Chest" feature, but if you have enough Diamonds, use the "Open 10 option".
   - Chance to get one from Crucible of Fire chests.
   - Events and other sources.

How do I get Soulstones? 
   - Complete certain Quests to claim some Soulstones.
   - Can be purchased or redeemed from different in-game Shops. Trader Shop, Interstellar Merchant, Guild Shop, CoF Shop, and Arena Shop for example.
   - Can be farmed from Elite Stages.
   - Chance to get from Crucible of Fire chests.
   - Login rewards, in-game events and other freebies.

How do I unlock Hero skills? 
   - All Heroes start off with one skill initially. Their second skill unlocks when the Hero advances to green.  The third unlocks when the Hero advances to blue and the fourth when the Hero advances to purple.

Can I level up my Heroes any faster?
   - You can level up Heroes by using EXP potions.

How do I Fuse my Heroes? 
   - All Heroes have six equipment slots. When all 6 slots are full, you can tap “Fuse” to increase your Hero’s grade. Once an item is equipped, you can’t unequip it.

What is the Hero Fusion process?
   - White→Green→ Green+1→ Blue→ Blue+1→ Blue+2→ Purple→ Purple+1→ Purple+2→ Purple+3. Probably more after some game updates.

Why won’t my Hero’s EXP take it past Lv 40.
   - At Lv 40, your Hero’s level is capped off by your Party Lvl. Once you level up your Party Lvl, you will be  able to level up your Hero.

What happens if I can’t level up my Party Lvl?
   - Visit the Dailies tab to see which ones you've completed. Dailies award a lot of Party EXP.

How do I increase my Hero’s stars? 
   - Tap a Hero’s portrait to see how many Soulstones you need to Promote your Hero. Once you have enough  Shards, tap Promote to increase its stars rating. Stars will increase the stat growth rates of Heroes.

Which of my Hero’s 4 skills can be launched manually?
   - The first skill can be manually activated. The remaining three skills will automatically trigger at regular intervals.

Why can’t I level up a skill beyond a certain level?
   - The first skill can only level up to the Hero’s level. The third skill can be leveled up to 20 levels below the Hero’s level and the fourth only up to 40 levels below the Hero’s level.

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Dot Arena: Middle Heroes - Skills List and Skills to Upgrade First

Here's a list of skills for all heroes in the action strategy RPG multiplayer online game - Dot Arena. If you are looking for a Hero with strong single attack, AoE, support buffs or maybe a nice control effect, here's a list where you can find them. Remember, the key is using 5 Heroes to work together.
Legend Guide
   - US: Ultimate Skill (primarily unlocked)
   - GS: Green Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to green)
   - BS: Blue Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to blue)
   - PS: Purple Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to purple)
- All "Mid Line" Heroes -

Blazer NEW!
   - Solar Beam: Blazer sacrifices Health to make an attack against the enemy. The continued attack will deal sustained magic damage to the enemy while decreasing Blazer's HP. (If Blazer's HP drops to 0, she will die. If she has learned the Molten Core ability, and has not already been reborn 3 times, then she will be reborn.)
   - Molten Core: When Blazer's Health is reduced to 0, she transforms into a firey core for 5 seconds. If the core takes a set amount of damage in that time, then Blazer will be killed, if not, then Blazer will return to life, stunning nearby enemies and will continue fighting. (Blazer can return back to life up to 3 times in a battle, with the number of times the core can take damage being 4/3/2 respectively.)
   - Flame Spirits: Blazer summons 4 firebirds to assist in battle for 12 seconds, increasing Blazer's attack power and allowing her normal attacks to deal magic damage.
   - Blazing Dive: Blazer dives into the battlefield, causing Magic Damage to the frontline enemy units.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Mo's Glacier Breath: Mo blasts the enemy with his ice cold breath, freezing the foremost enemies for a period of time.
   - Twin Blast: The dragon twins both unleash their elemental attacks on the enemies in front of them, dealing Magic damage twice.
   - Bo's Blaze Breath: Bo blazes the enemies in front of him with his fire breath, dealing Magic damage and Burning damage over time.
   - Lava Stream: Bo lays a stream of lava over the enemy, dealing Magic damage. After hitting the target, the lava will then continue to flow over a set distance.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Ratchet Blast: Overloads Booster's ratchets, firing a barrage of laser blasts to deal AOE damage.
   - Laser Beam: Fires a laser beam at a single target, blinding the enemy and dealing Magic damage. The blinded enemy's Physical Attack will drop significantly.
   - Homing Rocket: Fires a rocket at a random enemy, dealing Magic damage in a small AOE.
   - Master Mechanic: Booster's innate Goblin desire for Diamonds greatly increases the firing rate of his Laser Beam and Homing Rocket attacks.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > PS > GS > BS

   - Corrosive Eclipse: Cleo releases ancient magical spirits, dealing heavy damage to Strength and Agility based enemies, but ignoring Intelligence based enemies.
   - Ancient Synergy: Cleo's normal attack is supplemented with magic energy, greatly increasing Magic damage.
   - Removal: A random enemy is teleported and confined to another dimension for a set period of time. The enemy is gone from the battlefield for this period of time.
   - Enlightenment: Cleo gathers the powers of the air, increasing her Intelligence.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

Dawn NEW!
   - Ambush: Assassinate an unfortunate enemy, dealing a large amount of holy damage, and hitting nearby enemies with splash damage.
   - Refraction: Every time Dawn assasinates a Hero, she attains a 5 layered refraction shield. Each layer can reduce damage from one attack, and give 80 HP to Dawn. The refraction shield makes Dawn immune to any control abilities.
   - Psi Field: Dawn uses her cunning skills to create a magic field, with any enemies caught in the field unable to move, evade, or attack.
   - Assassination: Dawn uses her cunning to deliver holy splash damage to the enemies behind her target.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Blazing Bolt: Ember hurls a searing lightning bolt at the target, dealing heavy Magic damage.
   - Flare: Ember launches fire at the enemy, dealing heavy AOE Magic damage.
   - Fire Strike: Summons a ring of fire from below a random enemy, causing Stun and Magic damage in a small AOE.
   - Flame Spirit: Increases critical hits for Physical attacks.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Mass Silence: Silences all enemies, rendering them unable to cast any Magic abilities.
   - Render Silent: Silences one target, rendering it unable to cast any Magic abilities while dealing Magic damage.
   - Power Drain: AOE spell that inflicts Magic damage and drains a set amount of Power.
   - Divine Blade: Gabriel's normal attack is strengthened with holy power, increasing its damage.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Warcry: Jugo uses his warcry to encourage his army, increasing all allies' Movement and Attack Speed by 25% and increasing their Physical and Magic Attack.
   - Hatchet Toss: Jugo throws 3 spinning hatchets, dealing AOE Physical damage.
   - Art of Axes: Jugo not only throws hatchets, but can also wield a large axe, striking nearby enemies.
   - Battle Spirit: Jugo's attacks grow faster and precise, increasing his overall Attack Speed.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Heaven's Wrath: Summons lightning from above, causing Magic damage to all enemies.
   - Forked Bolt: Throws a lightning bolt towards the enemy, causing Magic damage to any target it bounces to.
   - Lightening Strike: Strikes an enemy with lightning, dealing heavy Magic damage and interrupting any actions.
   - Static Field: Kane gathers static energy from the atmosphere, greatly increasing his Magic abilities.

   - Skills to Prioritize: PS > US > GS > BS

   - Ultrasound: Lilith unleashes a terrifying scream, dealing heavy Magic damage to all enemies.
   - Toxic Dagger: Tosses a dagger dipped in toxic liquid at an enemy, causing damage over time.
   - Shriek: Lilith jumps into the midst of the enemy team, and lets out a high pitched screech, dealing damage to the enemies directly in front of her.
   - Blink Evasion: Lilith moves nimbly out of the battlefield, avoiding enemy attacks and increasing her Agility.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Moonbeam: Summon beams of lunar light that land on random enemies, interrupting their actions and dealing magic damage.
   - Light Ray: Summon a beam of moonlight to damage one random enemy, interrupting their actions and dealing magic damage.
   - Airfoil Blade: Luna's blade flies from one enemy to the next, dealing Physical damage. With each hit, the damage dealt decreases.
   - Luminescence: Shares the blessings of the moonlight with surrounding allies, increasing their Physical Attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

   - Soul Siphon: Marven siphons Health from an enemy, taking its Health for his own.
   - Spectre Burst: Undead magic bursts around an enemy target, dealing AOE Magic damage.
   - Banish: Banish a target to the nether realm, leaving it unable use or be damaged by Physical attacks. However if the target is hit by a Magic attack, it will take extra damage.
   - Netherworld Pact: Marven intimidates his foes with his netherworld energy, greatly increasing all allies' Magic Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Petrify: Medusa turns nearby enemies into stone, disabling them and dealing Magic damage.
   - Multi-Shot: Arrows have a chance to split and hit up to 4 additional enemies for a portion of the original damage.
   - Sapping Serpent: Medusa summons a sapping snake, which will steal the Power of an enemy.
   - Gorgon Shield: Medusa summons a magical shield, increasing her Max Health.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Naomi's Blizzard: Summon a winter storm, dealing heavy AOE Magic damage to the enemy.
   - Icebound: Freeze an enemy unit, dealing Magic damage and causing it to be stunned.
   - Frost Blast: Cast frost on a group of enemies causing them to move slowly and take Magic damage.
   - Power Thaw: Warm all allied units in battle, allowing them to regenerate Health slowly.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Wraith Elegy: Releases Unjust Judgement, dealing AOE Magic damage all around Ragnar. When he dies, the Symphony of Lamentation is released instantly.
   - Shadow Grip: Shadows emerge in the front, middle, and back ranks of the enemies, causing AOE magic damage.
   - Necromastery: Whenever a nearby creature dies, Ragnar will absorb his soul, and use it to increase his attack power.
   - Demon God Befall: Ragnar's appearance intimidates the creatures around him, greatly decreasing the attack power of all enemies on the battlefield.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Death Ray: Releases a burst of electricity, striking a single target enemy and dealing heavy Magic damage.
   - Piercing Spikes: Uldor summons spikes that surge from the ground, knocking enemies in a small AOE into the air, and dealing Magic damage.
   - Sorcery: Transform an enemy into a cute forest animal.
   - Surging Power: Gather powers within and increases the critical hit of Magic attacks.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

   - Shadow Restoration: Voo emits a shadow wave healing all allied units.
   - Withering Touch: Heavy poisons a target, causing their Health to decrease over time.
   - Undying Will: Using ancient voodoo techniques, Voo casts Undying Will on the weakest allied unit, allowing it to continue living even when its Health hits 0.
   - Powerless: Sealing the gaps in time, Voo is able to reduce the Physical Armor of all enemies.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

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Dot Arena: Back Heroes - Skills List and Skills to Upgrade First

Here's a list of skills for all heroes in the action strategy RPG multiplayer online game - Dot Arena. If you are looking for a Hero with strong single attack, AoE, support buffs or maybe a nice control effect, here's a list where you can find them. Remember, the key is using 5 Heroes to work together.
Legend Guide
   - US: Ultimate Skill (primarily unlocked)
   - GS: Green Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to green)
   - BS: Blue Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to blue)
   - PS: Purple Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to purple)
- All "Back Line" Heroes -

   - Infernal Mending: Infernal powers heal Crackles and greatly increase his Physical Attack. The effects of this ability last until the end of the battle and are stackable.
   - Flame Arrow: Fires a flaming arrow at the target, dealing extra Physical damage.
   - Barrage: Crackles increases his Attack Speed for a short time.
   - Darkness Shot: Crackles slips into darkness and reveals himself with an attack, increasing his Physical Critical Hit.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Venom Strike: Drako spits a venomous blast at his target, dealing heavy damage over time.
   - Toxic Spew: Drako hits an enemy with a venomous liquid, dealing Magic damage. The venom reduces the target's defense, and deals damage over time.
   - Oozing Scales: Toxic liquids ooze from under Drako's scales, providing him with additional Magic armor.
   - Lethal Glands: Enlarged venom glands add to the potency of Drako's attacks, greatly increasing his Physical Attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > PS > GS > BS

   - Nature's Will: Calling on the strength of nature, Eva heals all allied Heroes.
   - Inspirit: Eva tosses her javelin, dealing extra Magic damage.
   - Enrapture: Confuses an enemy with a charm spell, causing them to turn and attack their own allies.
   - Forest's Embrace: The power of the forest envelops Eva, increasing her Physical Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Tactical Strike: Gyzmo's plane may be little, but the warheads are big. Launches guided missiles at a target enemy, dealing AOE Physical damage.
   - Rocket Lob: Launch a missile at a target in the back ranks of the enemy, causing Physical damage and a Stun.
   - Strafing Run: Gyzmo flies over the enemy position, strafing them with his machine guns and damaging all enemy units.
   - Bunker Buster: Gyzmo's missiles are refit with the latest bunker busting, armor piercing technology. Physical Piercing is increased.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Channeled Beam: Hyral gathers light with his staff and then releases it in a beam that deals Magic damage to all enemies. Staff charge time can at most be 5 seconds, and the longer the time, the more damage dealt. Tapping Hyral's portrait while he is charging will release the beam before it is fully charged.
   - Arcane Restoration: Hyral uses the powers of light to restore Power for an ally. He will transfer the Power to the ally currently with the highest Power, but not including allies whose Power gauge is filled.
   - Blinding Flash: Hyral Blinds an enemy with a beam of light. The enemy who was Blinded will suffer a great drop in Physical Attack Accuracy.
   - Binding Light: Hyral gathers energy from light to guide his allies, greatly increasing their Magic Attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Windfury: Fires an arrow with summoned wind that flies through the enemy ranks, dealing Magic damage.
   - Stun Arrow: Stuns and deals Magic damage to an enemy unit.
   - Triple Shot: Jade uses the power of the wind to fire 3 quick arrows at an enemy unit.
   - Swift Step: Jade uses her Elven speed to dodge the enemy's attacks and increase her Evasion.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

Jimmy NEW!
   - Laser Cannon: Jimmy fires his laser cannon, emiting a beam that deals heavy Magic damage.
   - Toxic Rounds: Jimmy sacrifices 20% of his health and switches to an injection round, firing shots that increase his rifle's firing speed and firepower.
   - Increased Firepower: Jimmy upgrades his rifle's magazine capacity, increasing his ATK.
   - Piercing Rounds: Upgraded ammunition allows Jimmy's bullets to pierce through the enemy's Physical Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Snipe: Snipes the weakest enemy dealing major Physical damage.
   - Explosive Round: Fires at an enemy causing Stun and Physical damage.
   - Grenade Launch: Tosses a grenade at the enemy causing AOE Magic damage.
   - Rapid Components: Magnum summons magic to increase the speed of the components in his rifle, increasing his overall Agility.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > PS > BS

   - Volley: Noire fires arrows in succession towards the enemy, dealing heavy Physical damage. The higher the ability level, the more arrows she releases.
   - Ice Arrow: Fires a single arrow, dealing Physical damage to the target.
   - Silence: Silence a number of enemies, only allowing them to use physical attacks.
   - Archer's Mark: Increases Physical Attack for all allies.

   - Skills to Prioritize: PS > GS > BS > US
   - Shadow Substitution: Raven swaps positions with a target enemy. If Raven has learned Magic Bolt, she will immediately shoot the target with Magic Bolt upon swapping positions.
   - Magic Bolt: Fires a Magic Bolt, Stunning the enemy and dealing Magic damage.
   - Terror Wave: Awakens the enemy's deepest fears, dealing heavy AOE Magic damage to the enemy and reducing their defense.
   - Commanding Aura: Raven leads with commanding purpose, increasing all allies' Physical Attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > PS > BS

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Dot Arena: Front Heroes - Skills List and Skills to Upgrade First

Here's a list of skills for all heroes in the action strategy RPG multiplayer online game - Dot Arena. If you are looking for a Hero with strong single attack, AoE, support buffs or maybe a nice control effect, here's a list where you can find them. Remember, the key is using 5 Heroes to work together.
Legend Guide
   - US: Ultimate Skill (primarily unlocked)
   - GS: Green Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to green)
   - BS: Blue Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to blue)
   - PS: Purple Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to purple)
- All "Front Line" Heroes -

   - Shock: Carry out one massive attack, striking any enemies in front.
   - Trample: Slam the ground, stunning and dealing damage to enemy heroes on the ground.
   - Battle Charge: Burst onto the battlefield, absorbing damage for allied Heroes.
   - Resolute Body: Brutus' massive body accumulates power, increasing his strength.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Spirit Bomb: Blake teleports behind the enemy with the highest Intelligence, focusing an energy void on the target, and dealing heavy Magic damage.
   - Power Strike: Blake teleports next to the enemy with the highest Intelligence, and deals AOE Physical damage while also damaging their Power amount.
   - Battle Awareness: Blake is able to quickly spin his blades, increasing his Agility.
   - Gorgon Shield: Blake uses his understanding of magic energy to reduce the damage he receives and increases his Magic Armor rating.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Execute: Brutus has never pitied the weak. As long as an enemy's Health is below 30%, this ability will deal heavy Physical damage. If an enemy is slain by Execute, then Brutus will receive a Power bonus.
   - Life Drain: Draws out anger within your enemies, causing their Health to gradually decrease for a given period of time.
   - Counter Spin: Brutus counters attacks with his axe, dealing Physical damage to all nearby enemies.
   - Battle Cry: Brutus lets out a courageous battle cry, greatly increasing his Physical Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: BS > US > PS > GS

   - Battle Ravine: Buster smashes his totem to the ground causing the earth to rise in shock before him. All enemies are Stunned and dealt Magic damage.
   - Totem Swing: Buster swings his totem and clobbers his enemies, Stunning them and dealing Magic damage.
   - Totem Recoil: Buster slams his totem to the ground, causing Magic damage, and Stunning enemies nearby.
   - Minotaur Muscle: Swinging the totem has built some muscles, greatly increasing Buster's Strength.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Call of the Deep: Gills slams the ground, summoning creatures of the deep that Stun and deal Magic damage to the enemy units.
   - Tidal Wave: Summon a tidal wave that crashes into an enemy, reducing its Physical Armor.
   - Anchors Smash: Gills swings his anchor, dealing Physical damage to nearby enemies.
   - Carapace: Gills' sea worn skin begins to harden into a carapace, increasing his Physical Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > PS > BS

   - Reaper's Call: Grim summons the Reaper to slay the weakest enemy, dealing magic damage proportional to the life already lost and stunning the enemy.
   - Undead Purification: Release a burst of undead energy, sucking the life from enemies and healing allied units.
   - Life Pact: Grim uses his understanding of all that is living to greatly increase his overall Health.
   - Death Pact: Grim uses his understanding of all that is dead to greatly increase his overall Magic Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

   - Hero Launch: Grab an enemy. Toss him in the air. Watch him land on his friends... dealing Magic damage.
   - Tree Bash: Slag unroots a tree to be used as a weapon, greatly increasing his attack area and damage.
   - Landslide: Slag moves the earth below him, causing Magic damage and Stunning the enemy.
   - Rock Solid: Junior's rock hard body continues to petrify, greatly increasing his Physical Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Burning Wrath: Leo launches a burning ball of fire stunning the enemy causing Magic Damage.
   - Critical Hit: Wielding his terrifying sword, Leo cuts down the enemies before him by heavy dealing Physical damage.
   - Absorption: Increases the Leech Effect of all allies.
   - Soulless Revival: Upon death, Leo will be revived back to life after 3 seconds with a set amount of Health. Leo may only come back to life once per battle.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > PS > BS > GS

   - Safeguard: Summons holy powers for protection, granting all allies immunity to Physical attacks.
   - Lesser Healing: Uses holy light to heal the most damaged ally.
   - Stave Sphere: Casts a sphere of holy protection, granting a single ally immunity to Magic attacks.
   - Blessing of Protection: Gives blessings to all allies, granting them resistance to Physical damage.

   - Skills to Prioritize: GS > US > BS > PS

   - Death Melody: Marina's singing voice causes nearby enemies to fall asleep.
   - Wave Slash: Slash nearby enemies with your sword dealing Physical damage.
   - Net Cast: Marina tosses a net onto the target enemy, dealing Magic damage. The enemy caught by the net will be immobilized, disabling any Physical attack and Evasion.
   - Decoy Illusions: Marina's combat skills have been perfected, allowing her to easily evade enemy attacks.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Spectre Burst: Following the traditions of the ancient Ogres, Oggie is able to deal Magic damage to his enemies, with a chance of his spells being cast more than once.
   - Oggie's Cocktail: Oggies tosses his cave-made concoction at the enemy, dealing Magic damage. The resulting fire then burns nearby enemies, gradually decreasing their Health. The spell has a chance of being cast more than once.
   - Blood Thirst: Cast Blood Thirst on a random allied member, causing the ally's Physical Attack and Casting Speed to be greatly increased. The spell has a chance of being cast more than once.
   - Ogre Strength: Oggie's body becomes stronger, greatly increasing his overall Health.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > PS > BS > GS

   - Panda Frenzy: Pandor uses his kung fu skills to unleash a series of attacks, dealing Physical damage to an enemy.
   - Barrel Toss: Pandor smashes a beer barrel, showering his enemies in liquid and Magic damage. The now-intoxicated enemies then have greatly reduced Physical Armor and Evasion.
   - Thunder Stomp: Pandor uses his big panda feet to stomp on the ground, dealing Physical damage and Stunning the enemy.
   - Lasting Vigor: Mastery of kung fu skills completes Pandor's training, increasing his Strength.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Shattering Blow: Sarpa slams the ground, stunning and dealing Magic damage to nearby enemies.
   - Quick Strike: Swinging his mighty trident, Sarpa Stuns nearby enemies and deals Physical damage.
   - Curse of the Deep: Marks a target and reduces its Physical Armor for a short period of time.
   - Sea Scales: Increases Sarpa's Strength.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Grizzly Slash: Sirius becomes enraged, and storms the enemies in front of him with a slew of attacks, dealing physical damage several times.
   - Tremor Slam: Sirius slams his paws against the ground, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and reducing their speed.
   - Enrage: Relying on his wild instincts, Sirius' rage greatly increases his Physical Critical Hit.
   - Razor Claws: Using his massive claws with every blow, Sirius' Physical Attack is greatly increased.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Rugged Quills: Spike turns around, allowing enemy damage to splash off his back quills, greatly increasing his damage resistance.
   - Sticky Goo: Spike captures an enemy target in mucus, reducing its defense.
   - Needle Scatter: After taking a certain amount of damage (including damage taken while using his special ability), Spike will automatically spray quills dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.
   - Battle Rage: Spike works himself up into a fury and gathers battle energy, greatly increasing his ATK.

   - Skills to Prioritize: BS > US > GS > PS

   - Electric Pulse: Releases a lightning pulse, dealing Magic AOE damage to enemies.
   - Stormcloud: Statik summons a stormcloud, repeatedly dealing Magic damage a single target.
   - Voltage Chain: Steals the Physical Attack of the target the Statik chains. The spell's effect lasts to the end of the battle.
   - Chaos Flux: The electric current surrounding Statik neutralizes Magic, increasing his Magic Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

The Cap'n
   - Pirate Ship: Hurls a ship of raging pirates toward the enemy, stunning enemies and dealing AOE Magic damage.
   - Gusher: A blast of water gushes under a random enemy, dealing Magic damage.
   - Surge: Deals Physical damage to nearby enemies.
   - Captain's Duty: The Cap'n protects his crew at all costs, increasing his Strength.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Death Aegis: Vincent surrounds himself with a magical shield, absorbing attacks and turning the damage into restored Health for himself.
   - Ensnare: Binds the weakest unit on the battlefield If the unit is an ally, it restores Health, if it is an enemy, the spell deals Magic damage.
   - Abysmal Shield: Uses darkness to summon a shield, protecting the weakest ally. When the shield disperses, the dark energy surges forth, dealing Magic damage to nearby enemies.
   - Austerity Barrier: Vincent solidifies the surrounding darkness to create a shield that guards his allies, increasing their Magic Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Blade Dash: Vega dashes at the enemy with 6 quick slashes, attacking targets randomly. Due to his great speed, Vega cannot be damaged during this attack.
   - Fury Spin: Vega grips his sword and spins into the enemy ranks, dealing Physical damage to all nearby enemies. Vega is immune to Magic damage during when using this ability.
   - Healing Totem: Places a healing totem, giving allies slow Health regeneration.
   - Bushido: Vega's mastery in swordsmanship allows him to easily strike his enemies, greatly increasing his Agility.

   - Skills to Prioritize: GS > US > BS > PS

Related Dot Arena Tips & Guides:
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Dot Arena: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide For Beginners

Before anything else, let's be clear about one thing, this isn't DOTA, DOTA 2 or WOW, although the Heroes in the game looks similar to those games, the game mechanics aren't. Here, you'll need to form teams or groups of heroes to fight for you, unlike DOTA that you just need to focus on 1 Hero.
   - Once you see this, check it out because it needs your attention.
   - Look for this "Red Dot" every after battle to check your progress, or to claim a reward. Note that new quests won't unlock until you claim the reward first.

   - Follow and complete your Quests while doing Campaigns to give you ideas on what to do next. No need to rush, just reach what you can with your current team, if you can't advance, stop and refer to the "Once You Hit A Wall" section below.
   - Complete to get various rewards. Note that some quests will not appear until you visit the Quest screen.

Dailies or Daily Events
   - A must to do tasks to level up your Party Lvl.
   - Complete what you can to get various rewards.

   - The Feast: Check the given time and claim your Free Energy during that time. Note: Missed rewards can't be reclaimed!
   - Golden Gauntlet: Unlocked at Party Lvl 12. Do this only once a day to get the Party Lvl EXP.
   - Monthly Card: This is optional for F2P gamers.
   - Enchanting Equipment: Do this only once your Hero reached Purple+. Check and prioritize stats that is important for that Hero first, especially weapons. Unlocks at Team Level 20.

Other Freebies

   - Monthly Sign-In Rewards (Calendar):
   - Sign-in everyday to get awesome rewards, especially the free Hero of the month.

   - Mailbox (in-game):
   - Here you can claim your Login Rewards, Arena ranking rewards, Event giveaways, and other Freebies.

   - Bronze Chests:
   - Do not waste your Coins for Bronze Chests, just use your "free chances" for some extra items, and to complete the "Gold Rush" Daily Event. Spend your Coins into more useful options like upgrading abilities.

   - Golden Chests:
   - Your first Golden Chest draw has a high chance to reveal a 3 Stars Hero, so it's a good idea to spend your first 200+ Diamonds for this one early game.

   - Go and "Like" their Facebook Page then click on the Fan Goodies tab.
   - Follow the instructions to get your Promo Code, then enter it in-game to get 288 Diamonds, Coins and EXP items. Use the Diamonds for your first Golden Chest.

   - Next, just get the free Golden Chest after the cool-down timer (about 2 Days).
   - Hopefully, you will be able to get a nice Front line Hero, it's the best choice for early game. If not, don't stop or restart, just continue, 2 Days is kinda long to do restarts, unless you have multiple accounts...
   - If you are a heavy or casual Diamond user, get the "Open 10 Option" to get 1 guaranteed Hero as a bonus. For Free 2 Play gamers, earn your extra Gems for this one.

Campaign Mode: Normal/Heroic -

Continue the tutorial until you get all starting 5 Heroes, just reach what you can with your current team. Do this while following your Quests or Daily Events.

Stages with 3 Stars
   - Getting 3 Stars will unlock the Auto Fight feature for Normal Battles, and the Pass (passes used) option.
   - Normal Battles: EXP is evenly shared to all Heroes who joined the battle.
   - Passed Battles: No hero EXP, but you'll get EXP items that you can use to any Hero you choose.
   - Both Battle types will require Energy, EXP and drop rates are almost the same.

Once You Hit a Wall (Get Stuck!), Here's Some Tips To Do:

   - 1) Increase Party Lvl
   - Party Lvl is the most important aspect in the game. It will unlock new features and strengthen your Heroes by lifting up their Hero Lvl and Skill Lvl caps. It also increases your Max Energy for more gameplay time.
   - Get Party EXP from battles and completion rewards.

   - 2) Increase Hero Levels
   - 2nd most important aspect in the game because it lifts up the Lvl cap of abilities, and will greatly increase skill damages. Stats will also increase depending on the Stats Growth of the Hero.
   - I suggest you level up your Heroes 2 to 4 levels above the monsters of the Stage you want to conquer. You can check the levels of your enemies by tapping on their portraits in the stage info screen, before the Hero selection screen.

   - If one of your Heroes is maxed, you might want to switch that Hero to one of your lower leveled Heroes to level him/her up too, especially when doing replays at lower stages. To effectively level up a new front line Hero, you might want to add another tank, or use a healer.

   - Maybe some questions running through your mind:
   - "Are my starting 5 Heroes worth leveling?
   - "Are they strong late game?"
   - "Should I ignore my starting 5 Heroes and wait for better Heroes to level instead?"

   - Here are some tips to ease your mind:
   - Don't underestimate your starting 5 Heroes, most of them are very useful early to late game! ^^

   - Eva: A team healer and can convert 1 enemy to your side. Treat Eva well, and you'll see what I mean. Very useful for Crucible of Fire teams.

   - Noire: Check the Arena rankings and you'll still see players using her because of her crit attacks, useful debuff and team buff abilities.

   - Kane: Although he is kinda weak at first, still level him up. He is useful for Crucible of Fire due to his insane damages and energy regen, even better when buffed!

   - Ember: Powerful single and AoE attacks, useful for added DPS. HP is kinda low so replace her with someone better at higher levels, still good for Crucible of Fire though, so level her up too.

   - The Cap'n: Still useful early game, use her until you get a better Front line Hero. His first 2 skills can stun enemies, use his Ulti right after your enemy casts a skill to cancel that skill.

   - Don't just focus on 5 Heroes, you need a 2nd or 3rd Team Heroes too to help you out in the Crucible of Fire (only Lvl 20+ Heroes can be used), so it's ok to level them up.

   - Fights with special conditions: There are battles that requires more Physical or Magic Heroes, and even female only battles!
   - Get all Heroes that you can, this way you can create teams that suits your gaming-style!

   - 3Upgrade Skills or Abilities
   - Party Lvl 7: Ability Upgrades will be Unlocked.

   - Ultimate Abilities can be activated when the Power bar is full. It is filled when your Heroes attacks, gets attacked, or if they will do last hit kills for +300 Power bonus.
   - Note: Power and Hp Regen only triggers between waves or battles.
   - Other abilities activates automatically during battle.

   - Which Abilities to Upgrade?
   - All of course to make your team strong, but which ones first? Focus on your main 5 Heroes, then work on the next ones.

   - Here's some tips:
   - Abilities that can buff stats or heal the team.
   - AoE (Area of Effect) Skills that can do massive damages to all enemies are also great.
   - Massive single attacks, especially with high crit chance!
   - Disability skills like stun can be upgraded lightly, upgrade them if their success chances are failing.
   - Front line Heroes can easily activate their Ultimate skills because they get hit a lot. Depends if the Ulti is useful though.
   - or any skill you think is good, the point is, there's nothing wrong if you are upgrading abilities.

   - For more in-depth skill leveling guide, go here:
   - Front Heroes - Skills List and Skills to Upgrade First
   - Middle Heroes - Skills List and Skills to Upgrade First
   - Back Heroes - Skills List and Skills to Upgrade First

   - 4) Farm Gears and Fuse Heroes
   - I'm sure you are wondering if which heroes to fuse more? I'll say all that you can, focus on your main 5 Heroes, then work on the next ones.

   - Green +: means a gear is available for the Hero to equip, or item is ready to craft.
   - Yellow +: means a gear is available but the Hero's Lvl is too low to equip the item.
   - None +: means there are no available gear for that Hero. Tap to check where to farm the item/s needed, tap on the map or stage name again to automatically take you there, if it's accessible.

   - Fuse your heroes to make them stronger (will add stats from gears) and to unlock new tier of skills.

   - If you have extra Energy and you don't know where to use them, I recommend that you farm "Boots", or any item or "materials for crafting" that can be used every fusion.

   - 5) Farm Hero Soul Stones
   - Team Lvl 11: Heroic Chapters will be Unlocked.

   - Farm Soul Stones to get more Heroes by completing a set of Soul Stones.
   - I recommend you farm them all, since they are only available to farm trice a day. This is also a nice way to spend some of your excess Energy.

   - Heroic Stages: When farming Soul Stones, the chance is just around 33%, so other players do this: Once they get 1 Soul Stone, stop farming on that stage, this is because most of the time, once you get the Soul Stone, it will never drop another.

   - Heroes to Farm First? Here's some tips:
   - Farm all Heroes that you don't have yet, yes others are somewhat harder to earn, but keep on going while you have the time (Note: the limit is only 3 times a day per stage). It's better to have them even if they turn out weak (might get a buff in the future).

   - Heroes with only 10 Soul Stones requirement are also good. Well, honestly, they might not make it into your top team but they are still useful for Crucible of Fire as backup teams or Ulti absorbers.

   - Promoting Heroes
   - If you already have the Hero, Soul Stones will just be used as Promotion Materials, farm them together with the others if you have extra Energy to use. For now, focus first on getting more Heroes and upgrading your main Heroes' Lvl and Skills.
   - Promoting Heroes will increase their Stats Growth Rates. Best done late game for your core Heroes.

   - Optional: While farming Soul Stones for new heroes, you can also farm some Soul Stones that will give quick promote to your 1 Star Heroes you might like.

The Best Way to Spend Diamonds? -

ENERGY! (50 Diamonds for 120 Energy)
   - Yes, it's the best way to:
   - get more Heroes by farming Soul Stones.
   - boost Party or Hero Levels.
   - get more Coins for upgrading skills.
   - and to Fuse Heroes by farming the items needed.

   - Even if you can't play much everyday, at least buy 120 Energy per day.
   - Note: F2P gamers can only do these once a day, unless you are a VIP gamer.

Golden Gauntlet: Do this only once a day to get the Party Lvl EXP.

First Golden Chest
   - Your first Golden Chest draw has a high chance to reveal a 3 Stars Hero, so it's a good idea to spend your first 200+ Diamonds for this one early game.

The Golden Chest "Open 10" Option
   - Well, this is kinda hard for F2P gamers because the required Diamonds is somewhat high, it's better to spend Diamonds to Energy and farm Soul Stones to get specific Heroes early on then just earn your excess Diamonds for this as you go on.
   - For VIP gamers, this feature is a good way to spend some extra Diamonds, especially early game. It is still luck based though but you will probably get at least 1 new Hero.

Dot Arena: The PVP Arena! -

PvP Arena Unlocks at Party Lvl 10
   - A nice place to get Diamonds, Coins, Gladiator Medals for the Arena Armory, EXP items, and more.
   - Note: Only use Gladiator Medals for Hero Soul Stones.

   - Fight teams with lower Team ATK than yours to get a higher chance of winning. Free Diamonds will be rewarded depending on the difference of your current rank to the next one.
   - The key is to form a team that works together. Mix, match, and experiment to find what suits your defensive and offensive playing style.

   - If you can't win anymore, you an still purposely lose fights to complete the "Arena Master" Daily Event.

   - Check the Rules to see the rewards you can get with your current Rank.
   - Also check the reset time, and the time when they will finalize the rankings and send the Arena rewards.

   - Use the time and increase your rankings before they finalize the rankings, this way, you'll get better chance of getting more rewards.

Arena Heroes Rankings
   - Check the "Ranking" section to see what other players are using, observe and learn some Hero combinations and ideas here.

Dot Arena: More Early Game Unlockables  -

After Chapter 2: Trader Unlocked!
   - A place where you can sell your loots, just sell the ones that pops up.
   - If you have extra Coins, buy some in-case you'll need the items for later use.

Team Lvl 14: Caverns of Time
   - A nice place to farm EXP potions and Coins, start after you get your Heroes to at least Lvl 15.
   - Select available stage, then check the levels of your enemies here first to see if you can beat them.

   - Note: Never sell your EXP Potions or EXP Items!
   - Although it's tempting to sell them for Gold Coins, especially early to mid game, I would still recommend that you keep them for later Lvls, for your core or other Heroes.

Team Lvl 20: Enchanter
   - Like what I've stated above, do this only once your Hero reached Purple+. Check and prioritize stats that is important for that Hero first, especially weapons.
   - Never Enchant before Fusion, or else, you'll just waste a lot of Coins. All Stats from Item Enchants will NOT carry over after Fusion, only the base stats of the items equipped.

Team Lvl 25: Dojo
   - A nice place to get useful items and more, start after you get your Heroes to around Lvl 30.
   - Customize team according to what you need: To counter Magical/Physical Immunities or to fulfill the requirement of the stage.
   - Check the tip above the hero selection screen to get an idea.
   - Mind the time limit per wave, sometimes it's best to barrage them with skills whenever you can.

Team Lvl 30: Crucible of Fire
   - The best way to earn lots of Coins, especially if you can reach and complete 15/15 Stage to claim over 500,000 Coins!. Plus. it doesn't require Energy to play.
   - Focus on creating multiple Teams for this Mode, one of the challenging features in the game.
   - Use your Heroes and skills wisely per stage!

   - No After Victory Rewards!?
   - But you can open chests every after battle. Rewards can be Coins, Items, Soul Stones and also a chance to instantly acquire Heroes!
   - Rewards increases depending on your current Party Lvl.
   - Only spend your Crucible of Fire points on Heroes!

Team Lvl 32: Create and/or Join a Guild!
   - Some Guilds will require you to apply, but others will let you instantly join them.
   - Join a guild with a good number of players, if you can't find any open to all Guild, go to the World Chat then find Guild IDs there. Enter the ID using the Search option under Guild feature.

   - Props
   - A nice free way to get some extra Energy.

   - Mercenary Camp
   - Dispatch a Hero, if your guildmates hires your Hero, you'll get a nice amount of Coins!
   - It is most likely that your guildmates will hire Front line Heroes or Tanks, Support Heroes, and Heroes with nice stats and skills.
   - If the majority of your guildmates' Team Lvl is around Lvl 40, you might want to deploy Heroes with around Lvl 40 too, this way, you'll get a high chance that your Heroes will be hired.
   - Recall Hero to claim Coins.

   - Hiring Mercenaries
   - To hire a mercenary, go to any stage battle. Access the hero selection screen then select the Camp Tab. Open up a slot then choose a Hero for that Stage or Mode.
   - Use this option wisely, especially for Crucible of Fire stages!

   - How to Leave Guild?
   - Go to your Account or settings window (icon - upper left corner).
   - Select Leave Guild.

*More features will be unlock as you go on through the game, Good Luck! ^^

Congratulations! If you reached this point, then I hope you already know what you are doing. Coins, Energy and Diamonds shouldn't be a problem, since you already know where and how to get them.

More in-game features will unlock once you reach higher levels, Good Luck and Happy Playing! ^^

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