Sword Art Online: MD - Weapons List and Stats for Automatic Rifles

Here's a list of Automatic Rifles and their stats, weapons that is currently available in the action RPG mobile game - Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. Rifles are for range class units, that can auto fire while moving. Flick the screen to use parries.


Shopping For Weapons

   - You may only buy up to 4* weapons from the weapon shop. To reach [R5], you need to get 4 copies to upgrade your [R4] weapon (applies only to weapons that can be upgraded to 5*).
   - Chances: [R4] weapons = 4%; [R3] weapons = 25%; [R2] weapons = 71%.
Sword Art Online: MD - Weapons List and Stats for Daggers
- Weapons List: Automatic Rifles (Sortable Table) -

Weapon R* Max ATK CRIT BS1 BS2 From Evo
SPB Rapier R4 R5 1541 (1849) 1277 (1532) Atk+10%
Crit Dmg+10%
(20+ Hit Combos)
Shop No
Pink Camouflage
R4 R5 1520 (1824) 1301 (1561) Atk+10%
Crit Dmg+10%
(20+ Hit Combos)
Shop No
Sturm KZ R4 R5 1449 (1738) 1431 (1717) Atk+10%
Crit Dmg+10%
(20+ Hit Combos)
Shop No
Sylph Type-A R4 R5 1425 (1710) 1521 (1825) Atk+10%
Crit Dmg+10%
(20+ Hit Combos)
Shop No
Lucia G-F-1 R4 R4 1135 (1362) 0841 (1009) Atk+3% Crit+3% Evolve Yes
[Daggers]   [Lances]   [Rapiers]   [Swords]   [Dual Blades]   [Maces]
[Rods]   [Bows]   [Guns]   [Rifles]
[Armors]   [Accessories]

Other Notes:

Weapons List

   - List above will only include weapons that can be upgraded to 4* and 5*. Farmable weapons from the Story Mode are ok, if you don't have any better alternative at the moment.
   - To sort the table, click/tap on the headers.

Same Element Bonus (Blue Numbers)

    - If for example, you equip a Fire element weapon to any character under the Fire element, that character's weapon will get a +20% bonus stats.

Battle Skills

   - BS1 = Can be unlocked once you reach [R3] (note: [R4] for event weapons).
   - BS2 = Can be unlocked once you reach their Max Rarity (except event weapons). Also note that [R2] weapons from shop won't get a BS2 even if you evolve it to [R4].
   - Some featured Gacha Weapons will instantly get 2 BS Skills, refer to R4 weapons above if they already have 2 BS.

Other Weapon Perks

   - For more info, go here: Controls, Elements and Weapon Types

Upgrade and Evolve Your Weapon

   - Equipment that has been upgraded to it's maximum level can be evolved at a smithy by using Col and either equipment with the same name or evolution ingots. Evolving equipment will reset their Lvl, but will increase it's rarity, stats, max level, and more.

Evolve 2* Weapon [R2]

   - Max Lvl 20; Requires 2 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.

Evolve 3* Weapon [R3]

   - Max Lvl 30; Requires 3 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.

Evolve 4* Weapon [R4]

   - Max Lvl 40; Requires 4 Copies (same name) regardless of Lvl.

Weapon Exchange Shop

   - You can now trade 4 unevolved R4 Weapons to get a Weapon of your choice.
   - Fore more info, refer here: Weapon Exchange Shop Info and FAQs

   - Exchange Market: you can now trade farmable items for limited gears like weapons and accessories. The Market can be accessed via Menu > Exchange Shop.

   - If you have an evolved weapon that came from the Shop, please share their MAX stats and Battle Skill bonus/es here, to help other players as well ~ thanks! ^^
   - Note that you can view the next MAX stats and new BS info of your fully maxed weapon via the "Evolve" option when visiting the smithy.

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BarbarQ: How to Upgrade Holy Pets - Unlock Costs and Info

Here's a guide on how to upgrade Holy Pets in the multiplayer online battle arena - mobile game BarbarQ. An IO mobile game, that is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Holy Pets

   - Has a crown icon on their portrait or thumbnail.
   - These pets are special, and are the only ones that can be upgraded to unlock their slots and increase the potential bonuses of their Attendant Pets.
   - Overall, with the right combinations of pets, these holy pets can really enhance your characters and winning chances.

Attendant Pets

   - Pets that can be equipped to your Holy Pets (varies per pet).
   - Click on the "Put In" option to check which pets are available for that Holy Pet.
   - Holy Pets will get the ability of their Attendant Pets, depending on their current slot upgrades.

Is It Permanent?
   - Nope, equipped pets can be replaced without any fees or penalties.

Which Pet To Upgrade?

Choose According To Your Play Style
   - This depends on your main role in your team, or your current style for playing most of your characters.
   - Check the pets that is also available for that Holy Pet to become Attendant Pets, this will give you a clue if they are useful or not.
   - Pet abilities changes a lot in this game due to balancing, so I can't really give a concrete info about this. However, the most basic or common ones are Puffer for attackers, and Waity for Support roles. There are also some new Holy Pets that will become available as the game goes, so watch out for them too.

BarbarQ: How to Upgrade Holy Pets - Costs and Info

Upgrade Costs Per Unlock

Resources Needed
   - Gold: Usually obtained from various in-game events and freebies, buy H-Pet Upgrade Boxes from the Shop, Season rewards, and more.

   - Dracoins: Obtain from Events or Freebies, buy H-Pet Upgrade Boxes from the Shop, Season Rewards, and more.
   - Excess Holy Pet Souls will turn into Dracoins, so farm them from Dark Adventure too.

   - Bonus: The % of it's ability that can be absorbed by your Holy Pet. New notable icons will be displayed to the slots as you upgrade further.

SLOT NUMBER 1 Upgrade Costs
   - Lvl 1:  Gold (886);  Dracoins (0);  Bonus (10%)

   - Lvl 2:  Gold (886);  Dracoins (50);  Bonus (13%)
   - Lvl 3:  Gold (886);  Dracoins (50);  Bonus (16%)

   - Lvl 4:  Gold (1886);  Dracoins (80);  Bonus (19%)
   - Lvl 5:  Gold (1886);  Dracoins (80);  Bonus (22%)
   - Lvl 6:  Gold (1886);  Dracoins (80);  Bonus (25%)

   - Lvl 7:  Gold (2886);  Dracoins (120);  Bonus (28%)
   - Lvl 8:  Gold (2886);  Dracoins (120);  Bonus (31%)
   - Lvl 9:  Gold (2886);  Dracoins (120);  Bonus (34%)

   - Lvl 10:  Gold (3886);  Dracoins (200);  Bonus (37%)

SLOT NUMBER 2 Upgrade Costs
   - Lvl 1:  Gold (5000);  Dracoins (200);  Bonus (10%)

   - Lvl 2:  Gold (5886);  Dracoins (250);  Bonus (13%)
   - Lvl 3:  Gold (5886);  Dracoins (250);  Bonus (16%)

   - Lvl 4:  Gold (6200);  Dracoins (280);  Bonus (19%)
   - Lvl 5:  Gold (6200);  Dracoins (280);  Bonus (22%)

   - Lvl 6:  Gold (7500);  Dracoins (300);  Bonus (25%)
   - Lvl 7:  Gold (7500);  Dracoins (300);  Bonus (28%)

   - Lvl 8:  Gold (8888);  Dracoins (320);  Bonus (31%)
   - Lvl 9:  Gold (8888);  Dracoins (320);  Bonus (34%)

   - Lvl 10:  Gold (9888);  Dracoins (350);  Bonus (37%)

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BarbarQ: Dark Adventure FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides

Dark Adventure in the multiplayer online battle arena - mobile game BarbarQ is a survival game where the last man or team standing wins. You can team up with 1 of your friends, or just let the AI decide a random player for you to partner with.

Dark Adventure Rewards

Bet Gold To Win Roast Chickens
   - Depending on your placed bets and final Rank, you can win a number of Roast Chickens to be used for purchasing Pet Souls from the Roast Chicken Shop.

Roast Chicken Shop
   - This is where you can buy farmable Pets.
   - Go for Holy Pet Souls like Puffer (ideal for Attackers) or Waity (ideal for Support).
   - Earn and buy the other pets that you can use as Attendant Pets to your Holy Pets.

   - If you don't like any of the current Pets here, wait for the next refresh, or just save your Roast Chickens for future updates.

Medals - Camper
   - Aim: Rank at top 3 (player not rank) with 0 Defeats and 0 Assists in Dark Adventure.
   - It's easier to do this by aiming to become Master Evil.
   - Tip: If your ally attacked an enemy, make sure that you get the last hit or else you'll get an Assist point instead.

Medals - Boxer
   - Aim: Die with 0 Defeats and 0 Assists in Dark Adventure.
   - This is the reason why some players are just standing doing nothing.
BarbarQ: Dark Adventure FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides

How To Level Up in Dark Adventure

If you are aiming for Master Evil to get top position ranks, or simply to level up fast and learn skills, then here's some tips that you can do:

Run or Move Fast
   - Yup, as soon as the battle starts quickly move and find ways to level up your character. Pick up some items too as you go around.
   - Optional: Go for characters that can move or run fast like Momolko.

Lurk Between the Safety Zone and the Danger Zone
   - You may also hide and collect points within the gray area of the map, because most of your opponents are probably fighting inside the safe zone.
   - Follow the safe zone icon (blue shield) once the darkness starts to move.

Pick Up Mushrooms
   - Unlike BarbarQ Arena, mushrooms here are pretty uncommon, but you can still find them:
   - around bushes or clouds.
   - break and gather from crates, pots, or boxes (commonly found inside houses).
   - or steal them from other players by defeating them.

Hit Treasure Chests
   - Just by hitting treasure chests, you can also level up your character, highly recommended during the early period of the battle to level up fast. Follow the Chest icons for directions, but watch out and don't get swallowed by the darkness.
   - Skip some items from chests if you need to go faster, you can steal them from other players anyway. Example: Chests that can be attacked, but you still need to go around a wall just to get the item.

Important Note
   - Overall performance will depend on player skill, but would still recommended leveling up your Barbarian Lvl first to increase chances of winning.

Recommended Skills To Learn?

Equip a Skill (1st Slot)
   - Get any skill you like before the battle, but would not recommend Magnet this time because it's almost useless.

Recommended Skills to Learn
   - Block, to counter attacks and skills, and especially against those Hammer throwers. This can also save you from bouncing hammers, lock down effects caused by combo attacks, and more.
   - Hook is one of my favorites because this skill alone can lock down a target, even better if they don't have a Block or Double Break skill to counter it.
   - Support Skills like Drumstick and it's upgrades, if you want to play support and have a reliable teammate.
   - Other than those, just learn any skills that is suitable to your character and play style.

Not Recommended Skills to Learn
   - Copied Item, since you can get lots of bags from chests anyway.
   - Support Skills like Drumstick and it's upgrades, if you play solo or your teammate isn't active and just wanna die alone.
   - Magnet

Which Pets to Get?

Any pet will actually do, but won't recommend pets that will give you some extra effects once your character dies ~XD.

HP Related Pets
   - Yes, any pets that can help you survive, especially from 1 on 1 battles, since this is the common scenario anyway.

   - Examples:
   - Dragon or Audience: Regenerates HP, good for hit and run style players.
   - Fish: Really good for 1 on 1 because it will give your opponent a hard time trying to kill you, just watch out for combos that can lock you down (counter with Block skill). Best if you can reach Master Evil to take advantage of it's increased HP.
   - Turlittle: Max HP increase as the battle goes, nice for survival mode.
   - Others: Sanyin, Octopus, Pumpkin, Rabbit, and many more.

Speed Related Pets
   - Preferably with abilities that can be activated without needing to fight someone.

   - Examples:
   - Farrari: Increases speed when not in fighting status, great for running around.
   - Others: Oriole and many more.

Points Related Pets
   - There are pets that can give you points overtime, and since mushrooms are not that common, these pets might actually be a good alternative.
   - Note thoroughly tested though, just a guess.

   - Examples:
   - Rigid, Slime, and Soccer for example.

Support Pets
   - Pets that is suitable to your play style as support unit, any will do.

Common Battle Tips and Tricks

Here's some basic tips and tricks that might help you survive, good luck!

Gather and Use Items
   - Hammers and Bombs are the most common that you'll encounter.
   - Bombs can be thrown across walls or obstacles.
   - Hammers are also great for areas with tight spaces, or lots of unbreakable objects like walls.
   - Drumsticks are pretty rare though but still good if you can hoard them.
   - Fire Arrows are pretty cool too if you can send one of your enemies towards the darkness!

   - Trigger traps to damage enemies, but watch out for them too.
   - If timed right, Honey Jars are great here to keep your enemies trapped!

   - You can hide inside those houses and empty chests, or lurk within those bushes or clouds.
   - Initiate surprise attacks from here, even better if you are near a platform switch for traps.
   - While in this areas, activate your Block skills once an enemy approaches you.

Recover Your HP Near Roast Chickens
BarbarQ Recover Your HP Near Roast Chickens
   - If you need to recover your HP, just approach these roast chickens.
   - It is also a good idea to consume them all so that your enemies can't recover, best if you have a pet or support unit that can help recover your HP.

Fool Your Enemies!
   - Just stand still and do nothing, then quickly attack once an enemy casually approaches you haha. This trick really works because they thought you got disconnected or just another suicidal guy doing the "Boxer" medal achievement.

Can I Revive a Teammate? How?

BarbarQ Revive Dead Teammates
Revive Dead Teammates
   - Maybe you've been wondering, how can we get "Defeats" if we only have 1 life per battle? Well, if you are dead, your teammate can actually come and revive you.
   - To revive, locate your teammate (green skull) then just stand near him or her and let the bar successfully fill up to it's max.
   - If your teammate got swallowed by the darkness, forget about it.

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BarbarQ: How to Use Battle Items - FAQs, Tips, and Strategies

Here's an item info guide and how to effectively use them during battle, in the multiplayer online battle arena - mobile game BarbarQ.

Pick Up and Use Items!

As much as possible, always carry an item with you. These items can really help you survive, defeat opponents, or escape from them! Also, note that these are not the only way to use them, feel free to add more tips using the comment section, have fun! ^^
BarbarQ: How to Use Battle Items - FAQs, Tips, and Strategies

Bomb Balls! (Attack Item)

Item Info Guide
   - Instantly damages and knocks down targets in front of you, including allies (AoE range).

   - Excellent damage against grouped enemies, and for chasing fleeing targets! Pretty good for clearing teams that are lurking within those clouds for example.
   - Doesn't seem to work well vs targets that are too near.
   - Can also be found randomly from boxes, crates, or pots, if you see one, hit them quick!

   - Counter with: Dodge or Deflect using normal attacks (easier now because they nerfed it's speed).

How to Toss and Spike Bombs?
   - Just move to a straight direction and keep walking (must only use normal speed to work). While walking, toss your bomb then quickly spam normal attacks to spike the bomb farther!
   - Too bad they nerfed this because Bombs will now fly slower than before.
BarbarQ - Hammer Item

Lightning Hammer (Attack Item)

Item Info Guide
   - Instantly damages and knocks down targets in front of you, including allies (Line AoE range).

   - Decent damage against grouped enemies, and for chasing fleeing targets. Also, it can be used to finish off low HP targets.
   - Will now bounce if it hits any unbreakable object like ice blocks. Pretty good for clearing teams that are lurking within those clouds surrounded by unbreakable objects for example.
   - Doesn't seem to work well vs targets that are way too near, or while you are being attacked at melee range.

   - Counter with: Dodge or Deflect using a Block skill.
BarbarQ - Fire Arrow Item

Fire Arrow (Attack Item)

Item Info Guide
   - Fires a straight arrow taking the target with it for a ride, then explodes for some minor damage (Single Target but can carry more than 1, explosion is AoE).

   - Really cool if you have a pesky strong enemy that is always chasing you around especially near the end of the battle.
   - This needs a bit of accuracy, but you can actually use this to your ally Master Evil to save him/her out from a heavy fight. Just make sure that he/she has enough HP though to withstand the damage.
   - Used to isolate one target from a group of enemies, like support or control units.

   - Not a good idea for last hitting low HP targets, because you won't be able to gather their mushrooms, unless you are willing to chase them. Also not a good idea to be used against a Master Evil, especially near the end of the battle where your team needs to kill em instead.

   - Counter with: Dodge, use Block skill (would still get damaged), hit the arrow first, or let someone hit you to remove the arrow.
BarbarQ Honey Jars (Crowd Control Item)

Honey Jars (Crowd Control Item)

Item Info Guide
   - Thrown to a nearby location to set up a trap (lasts 15 seconds), knocking and slowing targets down once activated by allies or enemies. Slow effect lasts around 5 seconds.

   - Not very popular though because it's easy to dodge, but still kinda useful for group fights and for escaping. Example: If your team has the Master Evil, go to the very corner of the map then use Honey Jars to set traps for incoming enemies.
   - This item can also cancel block skills when triggered.

   - Counter with: If caught in the trap, Jump or Dash away while recovering from the knock down effect. Speed buffs from skills, items, or pets can also work.

BarbarQ - Drumstick Item

Drumstick (Healing Item)

Item Info Guide
   - Gradually recovers your HP to max, a life saver!
   - Can be obtained while carrying an item.

   - Really good especially if you have no support, and even better if you have lots of bags to carry more Drumsticks!
   - Best used while recovering from a knockdown, or when your enemies are down.

   - Counter with: Just hit them quickly to interrupt the recovery.
BarbarQ Ella's SPD Spirits Beer (Speed Buff)

Ella's SPD Spirits Beer (Buff Item)

Item Info Guide
   - Gives a Speed buff and faster Energy Recovery rate for 4 seconds.
   - Can be obtained while carrying an item.
   - Pretty good for getting more speed while running towards your teammates or away from your enemies.

   - Counter with: Honey Jars maybe, or any control/slow item/skill/pet.
BarbarQ - Bubbles ItemBarbarQ - Shock Liquor Item

Bubbles and Shock Liquors (Crowd Control Items)

Item Info Guide
   - No longer available after the Sasatta character update.
BarbarQ Giant Mushroom's Item Bag

Giant Mushroom's Item Bag (Misc Item)

Item Info Guide
   - Aside from mushrooms, you can also get a bonus bag that can increase your item's capacity (1 item type only).
   - Watch out though because if your character dies, you will also drop all of your bags!

   - Counter with: Kill and grab that DR! I mean Bag! hehe.

BarbarQ: Beginner's Battle Strategies, FAQs, Tips, and Guide

Are you ready for battle!? Got enough skills, tricks, tactics, and knowledge about the mechanics of the game? If not, then here's a simple guide for beginners on how to improve your battle performance and increase your Grade Lvl in no time!

3 Characters Team Up Match!

Create a Party with Friends!
   - The best thing about creating a party is that, you are sure that you will not be teaming up with bots! Yes, if you go solo or play with a 2 player party, there is a slight chance that you will be playing with bots which is not good at all, unless your Grade Lvl is still low.

   - Follow other players by clicking on their avatar, this way, you can make team-ups much easier through invites.
   - Alternatively, you may also click on the CHAT BOX (not the chat icon) then go to the "Team-Up Invitation" tab to join other players that are looking for party.

Choosing Your Character
   - BarbarQ and Valvyrie are unlocked by default, and you have to unlock the others using Gems (highly recommended).
   - Both free units are excellent characters, so go ahead and master them according to your play style.

Equip Pets
   - Don't forget to bring your favorite pet too!
   - Equip pets with abilities that can help your character, feel free to try them all.
   - Note: Pet abilities will sometimes change due to game re-balancing, others will even get a whole new set of abilities that is way different than before!
BarbarQ: Beginner's Battle Strategies, FAQs, Tips, and Guide

Battle Mechanics!

The Aim of the Game:
   - You have 6 minutes battle time and will end once the timer expires.
   - Eat mushrooms, level up, learn skills.
   - You or your teammate is Master Evil in the end of the battle.

Leveling Up During Battle
   - First of all, leveling up will noticeably increase your character's body shape, attacking range and HP, which can really help enhance your overall performance.
   - Note that some skills and pet skills will also get an increased range.
   - You may follow any of the methods below on how to gather mushrooms depending on your character, role, or play style.

Gather Mushrooms to Level Up
   - Gather them around or go and attack that giant mushroom (aka Bashroom) that pops up after a while (recommended).
BarbarQ Bashrooms
(Note: Bashrooms varies per map)
   - This is much more ideal during the first few minutes of the battle, especially when other players are way ahead of your team, or if you want to level up quicker than others without fighting!
   - Be warned though because players are definitely aiming for this one too.

Steal Mushrooms to Level Up
   - Steal them from other players by defeating them or at least by assisting one of your team mates. During the first few minutes of the battle, you can also find bots (if available) that are easy to defeat for some quick level ups.
   - Bots will usually confront you but will just move around dodging your attacks, but be careful because some players are disguising their name and flag similar to those bots ~ lol.

   - The fastest way to earn mushrooms is to defeat the 1st place or Master Evil if you or your team can do it. If can't, go gather more mushroom and level up to at least Lvl 3, best at 5.
   - It is also possible to grab mushrooms from players that you didn't kill, and from your teammates (some would purposely kill one of their dying teammate to grab their mushrooms, a neat trick for clutch play too!).
   - Just by standing near your teammates, you can also receive some Exp once they defeat an opponent.

Level Down Penalty
   - Your character will lose some mushrooms once defeated, but his/her Lvl will not go below it's current one (Lvls 1 to 5 are safe), Lvl 6 or higher can still go down to 5 though.

   - Be aggressive and keep attacking your opponents to keep their lvls low, preferably done by berserkers.

The Master Evil!!!
   - The one with the most number of mushrooms will become Master Evil, increasing his/her level even further. The first player who can reach 300+ Mushrooms total and reach Lvl 5, will become the first Master Evil.

   - Rule of Thumb: If your teammate is the Master Evil, go and protect him/her. If you are the Master Evil, let your teammates help you.

   - If your team doesn't have a Master Evil, go and grab or steal more mushrooms. Use the Chat function in-game to call up your teammates or to coordinate attacks/strategies.

   - During team fights, if possible, also consider letting your top scorer grab all the mushrooms. Sometimes, this method is also perfect for clutch play and grab the win without defeating the Master Evil!

Knock Downs, How Does it Work?

Knock Down Effect
   - After knocking down an opponent to the ground, you and all other players can still land 1 attack!
   - After recovering from a knock down, the opponent will get a 3 seconds invincibility! So, every time you knock someone down, try to land an attack then quickly back off to avoid counter attacks!
   - Note that even if they will hit your shield, it won't work on them, unless down with great timing though.

   - Exception: Momolko (Cat Lady) can instantly recover from a knock down status by shape-shifting to a cat, so watch her out.

   - TIP: Do not jump into an opponent, or group of enemies if they are about to recover from their knock down effect, a common newbie mistake.

What is a Lock Down?

Lock Down Effect
   - Lock Down happens if a character is continuously flinching from multiple attacks or combos. This can be done by attacking a target from different directions, preferably front and back.
   - It is also possible to solo lock down a target by using combos and skills (ex: Valvyrie's dash attacks, or by using simple Hook combos).
   - During a Lock Down, a character cannot use any Skills, Items, or even attack!

   - Once you are in this situation, the best thing to do is to try to escape, or use a Block or Double Break skill before it get's even worse.
   - You may also equip some pets that can counter this effect like: Ru Yi

   - TIP: Do not jump into a group of enemies alone, or if you think you can't survive their attacks. Play safe by using items (hit and runs), waiting for their HP to go lower, or when someone from their group got separated, go and kill fast!

Other Battle Tips!

Basic Defensive Technique: The Normal Attack
   - Yes, normal attacks can deflect bombs, kicks, jumps, and some strikes, so always spam them whenever possible, especially while escaping.

Hide in Bushes and Clouds
   - These are good advantageous areas to camp in and wait for enemies.

BarbarQ Level Up to Learn Skills!

Level Up to Learn Skills!

Skills Sets and Roles
   - Characters can equip 1 skill, and learn up to 4 more skills during battle.
   - Skills are randomly generated, so choose any skill that you think is best for your character and role.

   - Here's Some Example Roles:
   - Attacker/Berserker Role: Choose and equip any skills. Mix with any defense type passive skills if you are playing solo and/or doesn't have support. Going full berserker is also doable.
   - Support Role: Will probably equip "Drumstick" by default for healing support.
   - Blocker Carry Role: "Block" as main active skill (or learn from battle since it's common anyway). Usually learns some passive attack type skills for more damage.

   - Hybrid Role: Well it is really possible to mix and play all roles and skills, so go on and experiment.
   - Master Evil Play: Well any role is doable, but I would highly recommend getting at least Magnet Lvl 1, because this will help you a lot if you want to go for Master Evil position and win.

Active Skills
   - Active Skills will only use 1 slot, but they can be combined into new skills!
   - Examples:
   - Break Kick, Break Leap and Double Break (great for breaking shields, but requires more Energy. Break Leap is an AoE skill and can chase targets, so that alone is good enough).
   - Whirlwind, Hook Axe and Tornado (high DPS once you are able to land the first hit!).
   - Drumstick , SPD Spirits, and Shock Liquor (very OP if you have a pro support, especially those Shocks!).
   - Block, Fire Shield, and Charging Shield (all 3 becomes a Charging Fire Shield, but Block alone is quite decent).
   - Other Active Skills: Ice Ring (no available upgrades or combinations).

Passive Skills
   - Skills that are always on once learned, and can be upgraded by learning the same skill.

   - There are also some Passive Skills that can be enhanced up to Lvl 5 during battle by learning their duplicates 4 times in a row (must have 1 equipped) = "Protection Ball", "Thorns", "HP Steal", "Energy Steal", and "Magnet".
   - For the skills above, if you are able to reach Lvl 5, you can also get a cool avatar for your achievement. It's really hard though, but good luck!

   - Other Passive Skills: "Bloodlust", "Energy Increase", "Speed Boost", and "Copied Item".

Pick Up and Use Items!

As much as possible, always carry an item with you. These items can really help you survive, defeat opponents, or escape from them.

Refer Here For More Info, Tips, and Guide:
   - BarbarQ: How to Use Battle Items - FAQs, Tips, and Strategies

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BarbarQ: Facebook is not Installed Problem or No Gems After Sharing

Sharing Gems is the easiest way to get free Gems in BarbarQ battle arena mobile game, but it is really a let down if you can't even share or receive your Gems due to errors!

To help you solve these problems, here are some solutions that you might want to try. These worked for me, so I hope I can help you guys too! ^^
BarbarQ: Facebook is not Installed Problem or No Gems After Sharing

Share and Receive Gems!

Sharing Rules:
   - Each time you share, you'll get 10 Gems.
   - You can get the rewards once in every 10 minutes at most (monthly card will shorten the interval to 5 minutes.)
   - You can get at most 50 Gems every day through sharing.
   - The sharing at the end of a battle applies to these rules too.

FAQ: Facebook is Not Installed!?

   - If you are having this problem or error then it has something to do with your game and Facebook.

Solution: Bind Your Account to Facebook (Double Check)
   - Click your Avatar to view your Personal Info.
   - Bind your game to your Facebook account to save your progress and enable Facebook sharing.

Solution: Re-install Facebook App (Fixed!)
   - I had this problem before, and I was able to fix it by re-installing my Facebook App (not the lite version).
   - Yes, I have an existing Facebook App (updated), but unfortunately, the game won't recognize it because it doesn't have the "required" function that will let the game share a post to Facebook.
   - After re-installing, make sure that you log-in using your BarbarQ linked account.

   - Go to your BarbarQ game and try sharing, it should open a new window where you can now post BarbarQ events to your Timeline. After sharing (click post), click back then you should be able to instantly receive your 10 Gems. Congrats! ^^

FAQ: No Gems Received After Sharing!?

Solution: Just Wait
   - Using Facebook Shares will net you some free Gems (up to 50 Gems per day, 10 per share with 10 minutes interval). Purchasing the Monthly Card will shorten the interval to 5 minutes.
   - So ideally, you should post your shares every after 2 full battles to receive Gems.

FAQ: Still Got No Gems After Posting!?

Solution #1
   - Try to enable "Auto Rotate" in your device to solve the problem.
   - If you are using an Android emulator, you can turn on "Auto Rotate" from the Accessibility option under Settings.

   - If still not working, try to share the post then delete the image, write any comment then post.

Solution #2
   - Try to minimize the game app then open your Facebook App.
   - Go back to the game and try sharing again.

FAQ: I'm Still Having Some Trouble!?

   - Let us know by commenting below with the details, we'll try to investigate and solve it. ^^

PM Admins:
   - Alternatively, you can also send a Private Message to their Official Facebook Fan Page, with your problem (also include your Player ID and Country).

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BarbarQ: Beginner's FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Here's some tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners playing BarbarQ, a real time multiplayer pixel art style mobile battle arena game.

In order to progress faster in this game and become stronger, it is necessary to complete your daily, weekly, and limited quests or events to receive various rewards! Refer below to learn more, Good Luck! ^^
BarbarQ: Beginner's FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

First Thing To Do: Collect Rewards!

This game has a lot of freebies and if you can gather them all fast, you'll get stronger in no time!
*Note that some quests might not become available until you reach a certain Barbarian Lvl.

Bind Your Account

   - Bind your account to Facebook or Google (Personal Info section) to safeguard your progress from accidental deletion or data loss for example.
   - You will also receive some starting Gold after binding your account (check your Mail in-game).

Check Your Mail!

   - Check your Mail for more freebies like achievement rewards, events related, or other special rewards from the game developers. All rewards from gift codes can be redeemed here too.

Complete Events and Claim Rewards!

[Sign-In Events]
   - Like any other game, just Sign-in everyday to receive rewards.
   - The 7 Day log-in rewards will reset and generate new rewards after completing the first set.

[Daily Events]
   - Should be completed every day to gain Gems, Gold, and Hallushrooms. Note that the "Spend 50 Gems" task is optional, for early game, ignore this for now and earn your Gems.

[Team Up], [Bounty] and [Quest] events
   - Only lasts for a week so take you time and complete these tasks as well. Complete what you can, and only get those required Skills, Characters, Pets, Footprints, and Emojis if you can merge and unlock them with Gold for now.

[Top-up] Events and Monthly Card
   - These are optional and only if you want to spend some real money for the game to support the game developers. =)
   - Purchasing the Monthly Card will also give you some nice benefits like getting 20 Gems per day (need to be online though to receive them).

[Spending] Events
   - Varies depending on the required resources to spend, if it's free and easy to obtain then go ahead and complete these tasks (example: Spend Hallushrooms).
   - Sometimes, it's better to wait for [Spending Gems] events that gives excellent deals and rewards when spending Gems. Example: Earn and spend your gems for purchasing new characters.

[Other Special Events]
   - Watch out for Limited Events like [Celebrate] for even more rewards!

Battle Events and Rewards!

[Daily first-win Reward]
   - Team up and win Rank 1 in BarbarQ Arena to obtain Gold and 1 BBQ's Huge Gift that may contain Gold and Souls (once per day).

[BarbarQ Arena Chests]
   - Once you are able to complete 5 BarbarQ Arena battles, you may now start to collect Keys.
   - Get Team Rank 1 or 2 to get a Key after the battle (also available from the Traffic-Free AI Mode).
   - Complete 3 Keys to open up a Chest, up to 3 times per day (refreshes at server time).
   - More rewards can be obtained at higher Lvls.
   - Excess Souls or duplicates will be converted to Gold.

BarbarQ: Facebook is not Installed Problem or No Gems After Sharing
[Share and Receive Gems - After Battle Only]
   - This is the easiest way to get free Gems everyday!
   - Using Facebook Shares will net you some free Gems (up to 50 Gems per day, 10 per share with 10 minutes interval). Purchasing the Monthly Card will shorten the interval to 5 minutes.

   - If you are having errors such as "Facebook is not Installed" or other related problems, check our FAQ and Solutions Page here: BarbarQ: Facebook is not Installed Problem

[Watch Videos and Receive Gems - Main Menu Only]
   - Just by watching video ads will net you some free Gems (up to 50 Gems per day, 10 per share with 10 minutes interval). Purchasing the Monthly Card will shorten the interval to 5 minutes.
   - Note that this will not work all the time because of the limited video ads available.

[After Battle Rewards]
   - You may also receive some Gold as battle rewards, until you reach the Limit.
   - Gold per battle can be increased by teaming up with other players or friends (up to +20%).

[Season Rankings and Rewards] 
   - You'll be rewarded according to your Grade at the end of the season.
   - 1 Season is equal to 1 month, then it resets to Bronze II again. Rank as high as you can to receive a handful of rewards like Gold, Gems, Souls, Dracoins, and more. Good Luck!

   - [Bronze II] up to [Silver I] = Aim for at least Team Rank 2 to get 1 star. No star deduction at this point.
   - [Gold III] up to [Gold I] = Aim for at least Team Rank 2 to get 1 star. If you end up at Team Rank 3, one star will be deducted.
   - [Diamond IV] up to [Dragon IV] = Aim for at least Team Rank 1 to get 1 star. If you end up at Team Rank 3, one star will be deducted.
   - [Dragon III] up to [Titans+] = Aim for at least Team Rank 1 to get 1 star. If you end up at Team Rank 2 or 3, one star will be deducted.

   - Note: If you have enough "Safety Points" (depending on your current Grade), Grade can be kept when it is about to go down. Safety Points will reset then.
Star Protection Card
   - Alternatively, if you use a "Star Protection Card" before the battle, you can save a star if you lose. Star Protection Cards can be obtained from events, giveaways or buy them from the Shop (optional).
   - An extra star will be added once you are able to reach it's maximum cap.

[Medals and Achievement Lvls]
   - Medals can only be obtained from BarbarQ Arena battles. Medals from"Traffic-Free AI" and "Create Room" will not count.
   - Only 1 Medal can be obtained per battle, depending on your overall performance.
   - Reach the required number for each Medals to increase your Achievement Lvl. Each Lvl Up will net you a handful of items like Avatars, Pet Souls, and more.

What Are Trial Cards?

Pet Trail CardMomolko Hero Trail Card
Pets, Skills, and Hero Trial Cards
   - These are new rewards that you can get from events, giveaways, spins, and more. All cards can be activated from your Bag.
   - You can use them but will expire after some time, check their time duration right before their names.
   - If you already have the Pet, Skill, or Character, you'll instantly get Hallushrooms instead.

The Mushroom Island Treasure!

The BBQ Mushroom Island Treasure!

Use Hallushrooms to Get Spins!
   - Hallushrooms can be obtained from event rewards or when you buy Gold using Gems (optional).
   - Once you are able to obtain enough Hallushrooms (recommended 270 pieces), go and try your luck.
   - Note: Once you reach mid to late game, it's better to keep your shrooms if most of the items offered are no longer useful to you, better wait for the next refresh.

Lucky Points
   - Each spin will give you Lucky Points which will help increase your luck of getting Rare and Epic rewards. Once it reaches 200 Lucky Points, Epic rewards will be granted 100%.
   - Note that once you are able to obtain an Epic reward, your Lucky Points will reset to 0.

Other Non in-Game Events and Rewards!

Facebook Events and Gift Codes
   - Check their Official Facebook Fan Page and Community too to find exciting events and gift code giveaways!
   - Link here: BarbarQ Global Official

   - To redeem your Gift Codes, enter the given code under the "Settings" Menu in-game, then check your Mail for the rewards.

Player ID and Country
   - Don't forget to include your Player ID available from your Personal Info (click on your Avatar) and the country you are from.

How to Level Up Your Barbarian Lvl!

   - The main benefits of leveling up is to increase your character's stats and to get higher rewards from Arena Chests. You can also unlock new features once you reach higher lvls.

Level Up Using Gold
   - Go to your "Collections" and Unlock or Merge any items here, preferably Skills and Pets. Go for Footprint or Emoji if you just need a bit of Exp to level up.
   - Collect Skills, Pets, Footprints, Emojis, or Souls from various events, then merge or unlock them using Gold. Items that can only be unlocked with Gems will not give you Exp.
   - 1 Level Up = 1 Skill Point

   - This is where you can allocate your Skill Points to any stats that you like, depending on your play style or role (example: Attacker or Support).
   - You may reset your stats or abilities once per day.

How to Awaken Characters!

   - This is a new feature where you can increase the stats of your characters, and unlock their special skill and visual effects.

Requirements and Success Percentages:
   - 1 Star = 1 Awakening Item; 100% chance
   - 2 Stars = 2 Awakening Items; 50% chance
   - 3 Stars = 3 Awakening Items; 25% chance
   - 4 Stars = 4 Awakening Items; 10% chance
   - 5 Stars = 10 Awakening Items; 8% chance

Awaken Items
   - Needed when awakening heroes.
   - Awakening items cab be obtained from limited events (free or exchange with Gold), or buy from the Shop.
   - When the Awaken attempt fails, the Awaken level will likely degrade (somewhere around 50% chance?).
   - Good Luck!

Best Ways to Spend Gold!

Early Game to Late Game
   - Mostly for Merging and Unlocking Collections, to get EXP for Leveling up asap.

Mid to Late Game
   - Use to farm "Roast Chickens" from "Dark Adventure", then buy Pet Souls that you like from the Shop. Go for Holy Pet Souls like Puffer (ideal for Attackers) or Waity (ideal for Support).
   - Used for upgrading your favorite Holy Pet to increase their effectiveness (slots).
   - Exchange them with Awaken Gifts to get Awakening Items (limited event).
   - Use your excess Gold to buy Souls from the "Mush Room", buy what you don't have.

Best Ways to Spend Gems!

Unlock New Characters!
   - Yes, even if you don't have any plans on using them, still unlock them all because you'll need them for certain events to get freebies like Gems!
   - If possible, buy when they are under a discounted price.

Other Collections
   - Gem only Pets, Footprints and Emojis are also some of the requirements that you might need to complete other limited events, but only buy them though if the rewards are really worth it or at least you can gain back some of your Gems.

Mush Room Shop
BarbarQ H-Pet Upgrade Boxes
   - I would recommend buying "H-Pet Upgrade Boxes" if you need fast Gold for leveling up, earn your Dracoins for upgrading your Holy Pets later on. It costs 50 Gems too, so this will also cover your Daily Event task, even better if there is a Gem Spending Event available with attractive rewards.
   - For your extra Gems, you might also want to consider buying Pet Boxes here for late game completion.

Shop (Optional)
   - Any items that you need, like Awakening Items.

Mushroom Island Treasure (Optional)
   - You can buy 60 Gold and 1 Spin here for 60 Gems if you like (optional).
   - Click on the [+] next to your Gold Total.

1 vs 1 Battle (Optional)
   - You'll spend 10 Gems to enter a 1 vs 1 battle. If you win, you can take your gems back with extra rewards like Dracoins, Gold, and more Gems, but if you lose, you will only get some Gold.
   - Go for it if you are confident enough and have extra gems.

Extra Tip:
   - Check the events section's [Spending Gems] offers for even more rewards. If the deal is really good, then this is the best time to spend Gems.
   - Example: [Spending Gems] events that gives Gems, or items that are not easy to obtain like the Momolko Pet box and maybe Dracoins.

The Guild System!

Join or Create a Guild!
   - Creation and Expansion requires a number of Gems.
   - The biggest scale of a guild can be 100 players, don't forget to sign-in to your guild too.
   - Your guild will have an exclusive guild chat channel, guild rank and guild rewards.

Activity Points
   - You can obtain guild EXP or activity points through battling, and teaming up with guild members will increase it further.
   - Can be used to increase Guild Lvl.
   - Every week, you can gain Gold rewards depending on your performance.

Guild Badge or Medal
   - Exchange via Events section for various items in the game.
   - Obtained by teaming up with guild members and reaching at least Rank 2 in BarbarQ Arena or Dark Adventure.

Beginner's Battle Strategies, FAQs, Tips, and Guide!

Refer to Our Guide Below for Battle Mechanics, Tips, and More:
   - BarbarQ: Beginner's Battle Strategies, FAQs, Tips, and Guide

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