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Heroes Charge: How to Get More Free Coins

Here's some tips that will help gamers how to earn more Coins in the thrilling action RPG multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game - Heroes Charge. Coins are used mainly for upgrading skills, and normally used to summon Heroes from Soul Stones, craft gears, hire mercenaries, and more.

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- How to Get More Free Coins -

Completion Rewards
   - Do your Quests and Daily Events to get some bonus Coins.

Selling Loots
   - You can do  Campaign, or Time Rift's Dwarf Arsenal then sell Items you've looted from them!
   - Go to the Merchant and sell the items that will automatically show up. Items like these can also be obtained from Daily Rewards or from other freebies given to your Mailbox.
   - If you are lucky, you can also get a pretty rare item called "Ether" from Gold Chests or Crusade. This item can be sold for 500,000 Coins each!

   - Some players are selling their EXP potions and/or Soul Stones, but I don't recommend it, EXP potions are very useful at higher levels where leveling up is so slow.
   - Soul Stones can be sold for 4,000 Coins each, if you don't really really really need them, then it's ok to sell them. Note that Soul Stones can summon Heroes and can be used to evolve Heroes to get more Stars.

Arena Rank
   - Higher rank yields better rewards, check the "Rules" to see your current reward.
   - Note that Arena Rankings doesn't affect Crusade difficulty, especially at higher levels, so go on and reach what you can.

Sweeping Crusades
   - The best way to get free Coins in the game, especially if you can complete all 15/15 Stages!
   - Example: For a Lvl 32 Team, they can gain over 500,000 Coins by doing this.
   - Rewards increases as your Team Lvl goes up, at higher Lvls you can get 1,000,000 Coins or more. Note that F2P gamers can only run Crusade once, unless you are a VIP gamer.
   - For more info on how to complete Crusade early game, go here: How to Complete Crusade Stages 15/15 Sweep

   - Note: Try to earn lots of Coins here before entering above 50+, where Crusades starts to get rough.

Creating a Guild (Optional)
   - If you have a nice Death Knight around Lvl 36~50ish, create a guild to get lots of hires and from your guildmates. See Deploying Mercenaries below for more info.
   - This is also optional: Once you reach higher levels, create a guild then recruit lots of Lvl 32 players to let them all Worship you. See Worship section below for more info.

Deploying Mercenaries (Guild Feature)
   - Deploy Heroes in the Mercenary Camp.
   - If your guildmates hires your Hero/es, you'll get a nice amount of Coins, put them there as long as possible to let them generate more Coins.

   - It is most likely that your guildmates will hire Front line Heroes or Tanks, Support Heroes, and Heroes with nice stats and skills.
   - If the majority of your guildmates' Team Lvl is around Lvl 40, you might want to deploy Heroes with around Lvl 40 too, this way, you'll get a high chance that your Heroes will be hired.

   - Note though that if the Guild kicked you, you won't be able to get your Coins, so use the Recall option to claim them first if you think you won't be active for next few days.
   - Recall Hero to claim Coins, or to complete the Daily Event task.

Worship (Guild Feature)
   - Your guildmates can only worship a player 5 Team Levels higher than them, so try to get your Team Lvl higher than most of your guildmates. This is highly recommended for Guild Leaders, since they are always placed at the first position.
   - For each worship, the player will get 15 free Stamina, and you will get Coins per worship.
   - To claim your Coins, select the "Top Players" option.

Midas Touch
   - Just do this once a day only, for the Team EXP, the Coins are just bonus.
   - Midas Touch has also a feature where you can multiply your Coins by hitting Criticals! If you are lucky enough, this is a nice way get some boosts if you haven't unlocked the Crusader yet.

- Common Tips to Save Up Your Coins -

   - Focus your Coins on upgrading important Skills, it's the best way to spend your Coins.

   - Do not waste your Coins on Bronze Chests because it ain't worth it, just use the Free chances. Yes, it's true that you can get Heroes here, but it's so rare.

   - Never sell your EXP Potions or EXP Items! Although it's tempting to sell them for Gold Coins, especially early to mid game, I would still recommend that you keep them for later Lvls, for your core or other Heroes.

   - Only use the Gear Enchantments after getting your Heroes to Purple+. Enchant right after promotion, not before because you'll lose all Enchantments and lots of hard earned Coins!

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Plants vs. Zombies 2: Big Wave Beach Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Here's a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the "Big Wave Beach" stages in the action and arcade defense game - Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time! Take a trip back to the 60's and hang ten on the ocean waves! Tides are changing and those gnarly zombies make it not-so-safe to back in the water!

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Tips to Remember!
   - Play Dark Ages Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide first before this guide!

Lily Pad
   - Used to be able to place a plant on top of the water tiles.
   - Always place Lily Pads beyond the tide line before or after placing your plants to protect them from waves. All Green colored plants below are place on top of Lily Pads.
   - Use Shovel and sell unused Lily Pads.

Tangle Kelp
   - Can be placed on water tiles without Lily Pads.
   - Entraps and pulls down one approaching zombie, a very useful plant vs. water based zombies.

Bowling Bulb
   - Shoots balls that bounces through all zombies, bigger balls hits harder.

   - Not free, but can be played on certain stages.

   - Snapdragons: After placing 2 Sunflowers, place the first 2 Snapdragons on the 2nd and 4th row first, next on 3rd, then 1st and 5th rows last. If the formation below requires 2 columns of Snapdragons, start by placing 4 of them on the the 2nd and 4th row, and so on.
   - Note: Use Wall-Nuts or Tall-Nuts if needed to defend your Snapdragons.

   - You can instantly repair defensive plants like Wall-Nuts and Talls-Nuts by planting the same plant on top of them.
   - You can use Plant Food on any seed packet to instantly refresh their cool down.
   - You can manually launch one mower by tapping and holding!
   - After you complete the formation below, slowly replace your Sun producing plants with offensive plants.
   - If you are having difficulty, you may use Power Ups or buy PFs if you like.

- World: Big Wave Beach Day 1 to 16 -

Big Wave Beach - Day 1
   - | Sunflower | Snapdragon | Snapdragon | Wall |
   - PF: Any
   - Shovel: Sell those 3 Lily Pads nearest to the zombie spawn line.
   - Cherry Bomb and Chili Bean: vs. tough zombies or group of zombies, use Lily Pad if needed.
   - See above tips on how to effectively deploy Snapdragons.

Big Wave Beach - Day 2
   - Same as Big Wave Beach - Day 1 above, but put Lily Pads below your Wall-Nuts.

Big Wave Beach - Day 3 (Mini Game)
   - | Repeater | Chomper | Chomper | Peashooter |
   - PF: Chomper: vs. group of zombies in front of them.
   - Use Peashooters as your front liners, to disrupt zombies and give time to your chomping Chompers.

Big Wave Beach - Day 4
   - Same as Big Wave Beach - Day 1 above, but put Lily Pads below your Wall-Nuts.

Big Wave Beach - Day 5 (Mini Game)
   - | Peashooter | Peashooter | Wall |
   - PF: Peashooter or Tangle Kelp vs. tough zombies.
   - Tangle Kelp: place on water tiles to entrap bucket head zombies.

Big Wave Beach - Day 6 (Survive the Battle!)
   - | Sunflower | Snapdragon | Wall |
   - PF: Snapdragons vs group of zombies, use it on 2nd or 4th row Snapdragon.
   - Shovel: Sell those 6 Lily Pads nearest to the zombie spawn line.
   - Tangle Kelp and/or Cherry Bomb: vs. Snorkel zombies or tough zombies.
   - After completing the formation, slowly replace Sunflowers with more Snapdragons.

Big Wave Beach - Day 7
   - | Sunflower | Snapdragon | SnapdragonWall |
   - PF: Snapdragons vs group of zombies.
   - Shovel: Sell those 4 Lily Pads nearest to the zombie spawn line.
   - Tangle Kelp and/or Cherry Bomb: vs. Snorkel zombies or tough zombies.

Big Wave Beach - Day 8 (Mini Game)
   - Bowling Bulbs: Larger Bulbs do more damage.
   - "Thunder" balls are powerful reserve them for tough zombies, or wait for the zombies to come closer then unleash them.
   - Snorkel zombies are only vulnerable once they reach the tide line, so wait for them to come closer before hitting them with your balls.
   - Once the Deep Sea Gargantuar comes in, tap and hold your mower to launch and instantly defeat the Gargantuar.

Big Wave Beach - Day 9 (Survive the Battle!)
   - | None | None | Sunflower | SnapdragonWall |
   - PF: Snapdragons vs Snorkel zombies, or group of zombies hitting your walls, especially during the final wave.
   - Shovel: Sell the Lily Pad nearest to the zombie spawn line.
   - Quickly setup 2 Snapdragons then your Walls to block other Snorkel Zombies.
   - Tangle Kelp and/or Cherry Bomb: vs. Snorkel zombies.
   - After completing the formation, slowly replace Sunflowers with more Snapdragons. Start on the 2nd or 4th row first.

Big Wave Beach - Day 10 (Mini Game)
   - | Bowling Bulb | Peashooter and Bowling Bulb | Peashooter | Lily Pad |
   - Note: Slowly replace Peashooters on the 2nd column with more Bowling Bulbs.
   - PF: Bowling Bulbs, once the zombies reaches the 2nd or 3rd column.
   - Tangle Kelp: vs. Snorkel zombies or Bucket heads.

Big Wave Beach - Day 11 (Survive the Battle!)
   - | Sunflower | Kernel-Pult | Snapdragon | Wall |
   - PF: Snapdragons vs. Surfer zombies, time it well.
   - Shovel: Sell the 4 Lily Pads nearest to the zombie spawn line.
   - Lily Pads: Use them to force Snorkel zombies to resurface, or to disrupt Surfer zombies.
   - After completing the formation, slowly replace Sunflowers with Kernel Pults or Bowling Bulbs to help your Snapdragons defeat those pesky Surfer zombies.
   - Replace fallen plants.

Big Wave Beach - Day 12 (Plan Your Defense!)
   - Shovel: Sell all Lily Pads.
   - Refer below screenshot for the formation.
   - PF: Infi-Nut to protect your plants. Use it again right after the "Low Tide" zombie wave ,or if you the shield fading.
   - I prefer Laser Beans and Snapdragons here because they can penetrate surf boards.
   - You should have an extra Cherry Bomb here, use it vs. group of enemies hitting your shield.

Big Wave Beach - Day 13 (Produce at least 2,000 Sun! Never have more than 16 plants!)
   - Shovel: Sell all Lily Pads first, and always remember to sell all unused ones.
   - Tangle Kelp: vs. Snorkel zombies, do this from the start until you have 3 Twin Sunflowers. Setup your Snapdragons next, then let them take care of the normal zombies. Use Tangle Kelp also to defeat other tough zombies, especially Surfer zombies.

   - PF:  Infi-Nut, to get the first PF, quickly deploy a cherry bomb near the first green Snorkel zombie. Be warned, a Surfer zombie will come next, so prepare your Tangle Kelp.
   - Infi-Nut: Watch out and protect your Infi-Nut from Surfer zombies. You should have 4 slots left after the formation above, use this for your Lily Pads, Tangle Kelp, Chili Bean and Cherry Bomb. Always sell your Lily Pads after use to free up space, and make sure you don't exceed below 0 "Plant Remaining"!
   - Chili Bean: To help you get rid of those tough zombies, do no use this in front of your Infi-Nut if a Surfer zombie is approaching.
   - Once you reach 2,000 Sun, replace all Twin Sunflowers with Snapdragons.

Big Wave Beach - Day 14 (Survive the Battle!)
   - | Sunflower | Chomper | Chomper |
   - PF: Chomper
   - Quickly set 5 Sunflowers first at the start of the game, then place a Chomper to defeat the first zombie.
   - After the formation above, keep spamming Chompers until the 4th column. Quickly replace fallen Chompers placed on the 2nd or 3rd column.

Big Wave Beach - Day 15 (Survive and Protect the Plants!)
   - Refer below screenshot for the formation.
   - Quickly setup your Sunflowers, use Tangle Kelp for the first 2 zombies to get the first PF.
   - PF: Infi-Nuts to protect all plants. Protect your Infi-Nuts from Surfer zombies, use Cherry Bomb or Tangle Kelp. I like using 2 Infi-Nuts here to make sure zombies can't cross, recharge front line Infi-Nut once it's shield disappears.
   - After the formation above, slowly replace all Sunflowers with more Lightning Reeds.

 Big Wave Beach - Day 16 (Mini Game! - Gargantuar and World Key!)
   - | Bowling Bulb | Chomper | Wall | Lily Pad | Lily Pad |
   - Replace Chompers with Bowling Bulbs after completion, or just place extra Bowling Bulbs on the 2nd column.

   - Note: Place the plants according to what you need. Example: Place Chomper vs. surfer zombies or tough enemies, Bowling Bulb vs. normal zombies, and Wall-Nuts to quickly protect lanes without offensive plants. The game generates random plants so luck might be a factor here, restart if needed, it's ok.
   - Tangle Kelp: Use it mainly to defeat Surfer zombies, or other tough zombies if needed.
   - PF: Bowling Bulb, use it if one of your 1st column plants is under attack. Chomper or Bowling Bulb, to defeat Surfer zombies, or group of tough zombies.
   - 1st Gargantuar: Try to earn 2 PFs and use them on Bowling Bulb vs Gargantuar.
   - Last 2 Gargantuars: If you reached this point and there are 2 Gargantuars left (or with little zombies) on the stage, follow the next step below, if not, then restart the stage.

   - For the last 2 Gargantuars, I suggest you buy 1 or more PFs using your Coins (select the green (+) to buy some). Use it on your Bowling Bulbs and defeat those pesky Gargantuars!
   - Optional: You can also use your free Power-Ups if you like. Too bad they removed the mowers...

*More Here Soon After Game Update ^^


Plants vs. Zombies 2: Upcoming - World
   - Go here: Link Here Soon!

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Heroes Charge: How to Complete Crusade Stages 15/15 Sweep

Here a simple guide on how to defeat the Crusader stages in the thrilling action RPG multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game - Heroes Charge. This will show players some strategies to sweep all 15/15 stages in Crusade Mode, using early game Heroes and some recommended Heroes to help you out.

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- Core Team For Beginners: Lvl 32 to 50~ish -

Example Core Team for Beginners

1 Front Line Hero
   - Also known as Tanks.
   - Any front line hero you have with decent HP pool, the more heroes you have, the better!

   - Example early game heroes: Admiral and Cleric.
   - Upgrade and level them up even if you were able to get better front line Heroes from other sources. Do not focus on just 1 front line Hero, like I said,the more tank heroes you have, the better!

   - Hiring a Mercenary: Death Knight!
   - I highly recommend hiring Death Knight because of his magical shield that can absorb damages and turning it into HP!
   - Do this option once you run out of tanks. Death Knight can heal himself by using his Ulti, if he needs more HP, use Chaplain's Ulti. Try to keep your Tanks alive.

   - If your guild doesn't have a Death Knight that you can hire, then you'll have to rely for now on your tanks, plus the Hero that you can hire, and reach what you can. Check the stats of the mercenaries at your guild before hiring them, a nicely upgraded Hero is what you want.

   - There are more Heroes that you can hire with nice skills too like the common early tanks Brute and Lightning Elemental, War Chief which is great after purple, or even Death Mage!
   - Experiment and see what you can do with them.

3 DPS Heroes
   - Also known as damage dealers (DPS = Damage per Second or Strike).

   - Any DPS heroes you have, probably these three: Leaves Shadow, Lightning Master and Emberstar. If you were able to summon Wind Master, Succubus, Death Mage, Old Curse, Vengeance Spirit, or any Hero that can dish massive damages, then replace according to your preference.
   - I'll keep Leaves Shadow among the 3 though, her critical attacks and buffs are awesome. Lightning master is also cool because of his Energy regen and damage, if he's not on your core Team, add him on your 2nd team.

   - Commando
   - Also a must have Hero because of her nice team support buffs and damages. If you don't have her yet, replace her with another DPS Hero here for now.
   - Once you get her, use some EXP potions to boost her up, then max all of her skills!
   - Note: Redeem your Crusade/Dragon Points to get Commando asap!

1 Super Support Hero
   - Chaplain: Yup this is where I'll place Chaplain, a great Hero for Crusades because of his massive team Heals, make sure to max his Kindred skill all the time.
   - Commando: If you are confident enough that you don't need Chaplain at the moment, then it's ok to switch Commando here.

- Key Points for Winning Crusades: Lvl 32 to 50~ish -
General Hero Leveling
   - As much as possible, keep your Heroes' levels even to each other. Take your time to level up your lowbies to get more Team EXP while keeping your top 5 Heroes' avg Lvl to their current Lvl.
   - Level them up solo or with group (other lowbies) using lower stages.

General Gear Equips and Promotion
   - I suggest you promote most of your Heroes to Blue first.

   - Farm and equip all available Gears that you can get from your currently unlocked Stages, if you have them all, slowly unlock more Stages in Campaign Mode to get the next set of Gears. Focus on your Core team then the others.

   - Gears with Hp and Energy Regen are also good, because they will still activate after every battle, pretty useful to sustain Energy before the next battle! This is very useful, especially for Chaplain.

General Skill Building
   - Most of your Coins should be invested on upgrading important skills of your Heroes, upgrade whenever you can. Do not let the gap between your Skill Lvls and your Hero Lvl to widen, or else you'll be having a hard time vs well upgraded teams with the same avg Lvl with yours.
   - Only upgrade the skills that matters, prioritize your skill points more on your DPS and Support Heroes.

   - Every after stage, use your rewards to upgrade your skills, but make sure that you have enough Coins for hiring a mercenary if you haven't yet.
   - For more info on which skills to prioritize per Hero, go here: Skills List for All Front, Central and Back Heroes

Unlock or Summon More Heroes!
   - Believe me, just continue playing the game and new Heroes will pour in from unexpected sources, like from free Chests, Events, Rewards or other Freebies, and more.
   - Farm Soul Stones. I recommend farming all Hero Soul Stones that you can to summon more Heroes, especially War Chief.
   - Redeem Points to get more Soul Stones. I suggest getting Commando and Death Knight.
   - Crusade Chests if you are lucky.
   - and more!

   - The reason why you need more Heroes is because some Crusade Stages ("if you are unlucky"), especially at higher levels, are insanely hard to complete because of the Lvl gap, so you'll need more Heroes other than your core 5 team. The more heroes you have, the better.

Item Enchants and Evolutions
   - This should be done at least after "Purple". Enchant stats that are important to your Heroes, especially weapons, to help you regenerate more Energy.
   - Only Enchant after Promotion, not before.
   - Just Evolve Heroes that you can while progressing through the game.

Guild and Available Mercenaries
   - Some Guild will require you to apply, but others will let you instantly join them.
   - Join a guild with a good number of players, if you can't find any "open to all" Guild, go to the World Chat then find Guild IDs there. Enter the ID using the Search option under Guild feature.

   - Most probably, you might want to hire a Front line Hero, Death Knight is highly recommended early to mid game because of his Ulti, well if your guild has him though, and make sure the Lvl of DK isn't above your current Team Lvl to hire.

Battle Tips
   - Hitting your opponents will also let them regenerate Energy, so if you fired most of your AoE but most of them are still alive, expect Ultis to come at you. To prevent this, use stun, silence, or knock back to interrupt their skills, time it well. Killing them before they do will also do the trick.

   - If your opponents managed to sweep your team before they can unleash their Ultis, this time, it is best to send your damage absorber/s first to take the Ultis and to reset their Energy. After that send you core team or backup team/s to finish them off.

   - For the first few stages, use them to fill up your Heroes' Energy bars. Swap Heroes with full Energy to let the others ready their Ultis too.
   - Do not use Ultis, if there is only 1 enemy Hero left (unless you want to heal), save them for the next stage and use that remaining Hero to pump up your Energy bars. Preserving Energy is the key here, so try to keep your Energies high.
   - Try to kill multiple enemies with your Ultis to instantly regenerate Energy.

   - Keep your Tanks alive as long as possible. If your tank is about to die and your Kindred isn't ready yet, it is best to rain down all Ulti to save your mid and back line Heroes.

Preparation Before 50+
   - Take your time and farm Coins that you can here before entering 50+ .
   - From 50+ the above strategy will still work as long that DK and Chaplain can withstand damages.
   - If not, get 2 DK (get one using Arena Points + Hire), more Tanks like purple War Chief, more nicely built Heroes, especially Death Mage (can tank too). Use all Heroes you have and create multiple teams.

- Crusade: FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategies -

Team Lvl and Your Heroes' Top 5 Avg Lvl (+ Total Power)

   - Don't hesitate to increase your Team Lvl, actually I highly recommend that you boost your Team Lvl so that you can hire Heroes with higher Lvl than the avg Lvl of your team.

   - This idea will give you a lot of advantages especially if you can increase the gap more between your top 5 Heroes average Lvl and your Team Lvl. Yup, I strongly believe (based from experience and experiments) that the game will randomly choose your Crusader opponents based on the Average Lvl of your Top 5 Heroes, with 90% chance that your opponent's avg Lvl will not go above your top 5 Heroes' avg Lvl, this is common for Crusade runs especially at early Lvl 32 to 40ish, but once you reach higher levels, it's different.

   - Example: From the starting stages (1/15 to 10/15) of Crusade, your opponent's avg Lvl is below your top 5 Heroes' avg Lvl, but once you enter 11/15 and above, their avg Lvls and even Total Power will start to spike up!, forcing us to play different Teams at some point.
   - Yes, at some point while sweeping Crusade, the difficulty will suddenly rise up, even around 7/15.

    - Note that the above examples might change in the future because I believe that Crusade difficulty will also depend on the developers of the game. Sometimes they will make it easier (reduces the number of stages that enemy team's avg Lvl is higher), but if they think it's too easy, they will make it harder (11/15 to 15/15).

   - Another Note: The game will randomly choose your opponents from Arena setups. Yes, because sometimes you will encounter:
   - teams that has less than 5 Heroes, but avg Lvl is still lower than yours.
   - teams with high Lvl Heroes but accompanied by low Lvl ones.
   - teams similar to yours, oh wait that's you! Lol ~ Yes, it is possible to battle your own Arena team setup.

   - Note that Arena Rankings doesn't have any effect on Crusade difficulty though, especially for high Lvl players.

Easy Sweep Trick: Crazy But True and Tested
   - Focus more on increasing your Team Lvl, but purposely under level your Heroes.

   - Example: Your Team Lvl now is 42, and your Top 5 Heroes have an avg Lvl of 27. If you enter Crusade, the game will generate a team with an avg Hero Lvl of around 26 and below, and 35 and below at 11/15 to 15/15.
   - Next, just hire a nice Lvl 42 Hero to help you easily sweep all Crusade stages ~ LOL!
   - I even saw someone who just hired and used one Lvl 42 Death Mage Hero to sweep Crusade (1 vs 5), using this strategy ~ XD!

  - Anyway, if you play a lot, this will not be the case because it is most likely that your Top 5 Heroes' avg Lvl is somewhat close to your Team Lvl, so the chances of you winning, depends on your overall number and quality of Heroes, team build, Power, and your wisely picked Mercenary.
   - Just try to give a gap to gain some advantage, the more, the better.

Lowering Campaign Team's Power Before Crusade
   - Tested with Lower Lvl and Higher Lvl accounts: Doesn't affect Crusade difficulty.

Lowering Arena Ranks Before Crusade
   - Tested with Lower Lvl account: It does have a little impact maybe because the range of low Lvls is wide, thus the game has a higher chance to select weaker or stronger opponents based from your rank position.
   - All opponents' avg Hero Lvl is still lower than me though, the only difference is their difficulty or let's say Total Power.

   - This is What I Think:
   - Example: The range of Lvl 30 to 35 (avg top 5 heroes) is around ranks 10,000 ~ 40,000 including you. If you boost your Arena rank above 10,000, it is most likely that your Crusade opponents will get stronger because the game will select your opponents from around near 10,000, where teams are better in terms of Total Power but still have lower avg Lvl than yours.
   - This might also be the reason why some players experience easier Crusade opponents after lowering their Arena Ranks, because the game will target and choose opponents from around near the 40,000 rank (example above).

   - Tested with High Lvl account: Doesn't matter because even if you lower your rank to 100,000, the game will still select opponents from your range (based from your avg Lvl of top 5 Heroes). At higher Lvls the range of high Lvls is small, so it is possible that you will encounter the same teams per day, or even your own team!

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Heroes Charge: Back Line Heroes - Suggested Skills to Upgrade

Here's a list of skills for all back line heroes in the action RPG multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game - Heroes Charge. Central line Heroes specializes in long ranged combat and are very powerful due to their high damage per second (DPS), control and support skills.

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Legend Guide
   - US: Ultimate Skill (primarily unlocked)
   - GS: Green Tier Skill (unlocked after promoting to green)
   - BS: Blue Tier Skill (unlocked after promoting to blue)
   - PS: Purple Tier Skill (unlocked after promoting to purple)
- "Back Line Area" Heroes -

   - Kindred: Rynn uses her mastery of natural forces to heal the whole Team.
   - Pilum: Rynn tosses an enchanted javelin, dealing extra magic damage to the target.
   - Convert: Rynn converts an enemy to her side, making them attack their own allies.
   - Inviolability: Rynn charms enemies, reducing the physical damage taken from their attacks.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Meteor Shower: Octavia summons a meteor shower to crush her foes nearby and deal magic damage.
   - Inspiration: Octavia inspires her allies, boosting their attack and movement speed by 25% and increasing attack and magic power.
   - Overdraw: Octavia embues one of her arrows, causing added magic damage and dizzying effect.
   - Motivate: Octavia encourages her allies, giving the whole Team increased Agility.

   - Skills to Prioritize: GS > PS > US > BS

Leaves Shadow
   - Arrow Rain: Reina fires multiple arrows into the air in a high arc, damaging multiple enemies.
   - Icespark: One of Reina's arrows is encased in a blade of ice, damaging and slowing her target.
   - Silence: Reina silences a group of foes, making them unable to use magic.
   - Forest Rage: Reina increases the attack power of the whole team.

   - Skills to Prioritize: PS > GS > BS > US

   - Shockwave: A chargeable attack that deals magic damage to all enemies in front of him, the longer the charge, the greater the damage. While charging, tap on the Hero's icon, and you will be able to instantly end the charging and cast the spell.
   - Harmony: Korrick grants additional energy to one of his allies with most energy. This skill will not be cast on allies with full energy.
   - Blind: Korrick summons a powerful burst of light to deal magic damage and blind the target, reducing their physical attack accuracy.
   - Balance: Korrick uses his halo to increase magic power for the whole Team.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Firebomb: Rexus launches a firebomb behind enemy lines, causing widespread physical damage.
   - Hellfire Missile: Rexus launches a missle with powerful physical damage and stunning effects to back line enemies.
   - Air Strike: Rexus strafes enemy lines, causing widespread damage to all enemies.
   - AP Ammo: Rexus uses high potency missiles and increases his armor penetration.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

Poisoned One
   - Acid Splash: Rosandriil spits out a gout of acid, damaging a target over time.
   - Toxic Spit: Rosandriil spits out a glob of toxic venom, causing magic damage to enemies and corroding their armor over time.
   - Salve of Resistance: Rosandriil uses her own venom to create a barrier against magic damage.
   - Envenom: Rosandriil coats his weapons in venom, increasing his physical attack damage.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > PS > GS > BS

Professional Killer
   - Dark Contract: Punchinello signs a demonic contract to fill his HP and increase his attack until the end of battle. (The skill can be stacked multiple times.)
   - Blast Shot: Fires a flaming arrow to deal bonus physical damage.
   - Poison Shot: Punchinello increases his attacks speed temporarily.
   - Embrace of Shadows: Punchinello hides in the dark then strikes without warning, increasing his critical chance.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

Psychic Sword
   - Sacrifice: Mala bends reality, swapping places with an enemy and casts Kinetic Bolt of she has learned the skill.
   - Kinetic Bolt: Mala fires an arrow made of magical energy at an enemy, dealing magic damage and making them dizzy.
   - Inspire Terror: Mala forces foes over a wide area to live their innermost fears, dealing magic damage and reducing their armor.
   - Rally: Mala inspires her allies, increasing their physical attack damage.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > PS > BS

   - ???:
   - ???:
   - ???:
   - ???:

   - Skills to Prioritize:Coming Soon, Suggestions Are Welcome ^^

   - Sniper: Perrin takes a shot at the weakest foe, dealing massive physical damage.
   - Stunning Shot: A special round that causes physical damage and leaves the target reeling with dizziness.
   - Fulminating Shot: A magical, grenade-like projectile that deals magic damage to several enemies.
   - Agility Boost: Perrin focuses his reserve energy, giving him an agility boost.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > PS > BS

Wind Master
   - Gale Force: Sarra uses wind-enchanted arrows to deal magic damage and knock back enemies in front of her.
   - Concussion: A magic constraint that deals magic damage and dizzying effect.
   - Hailstorm: Sarra fires off several arrows at her target in rapid succession.
   - Wind Dance: Sarra uses her wind-dancing techniques to easily dodge and evade attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

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Heroes Charge: Central Line Heroes - Suggested Skills to Upgrade

Here's a list of skills for all central line heroes in the action RPG multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game - Heroes Charge. Central line Heroes specializes in long ranged combat and are very powerful due to their high damage per second (DPS) and control skills.

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Legend Guide
   - US: Ultimate Skill (primarily unlocked)
   - GS: Green Tier Skill (unlocked after promoting to green)
   - BS: Blue Tier Skill (unlocked after promoting to blue)
   - PS: Purple Tier Skill (unlocked after promoting to purple)
"Central Line Area" Heroes -

Death Mage
   - Summon Wraiths: Rasha calls forth a group of angry wraiths to cause magic damage and steal the life force of her enemies for her.
   - Swarm of Bats: Rasha summons a swarm of bats and deals magic damage to enemies in front of her.
   - Silence: Rasha silences a wide area of enemies and disables their spells casting.
   - Sinister Aspect: Rasha embraces her diabolical nature, increasing hew own magic power.

   - Skills to Prioritize:Coming Soon, Suggestions Are Welcome ^^

   - Emberstorm: Eva calls down elemental magic to damage one of her enemies.
   - The Crucible: Eva summons a blast of flames, causing magic damage to enemies in a wide range before her.
   - Caldera of Ash: A circle of flames rises around a random enemy, causing magic damage and stunning the target.
   - Phoenix Feather: Eva's mastery of ember increases her Physical Crit.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Tortured Spirit: Shalandar releases hungry ghosts that deal magic damage over a broad area. This skill will also be triggered automatically upon Shalandar's death.
   - Shades: A vengeful shade deals magic damage over small, moderate and ranged areas.
   - Mastery of Death: Ferryman increases his attack damage every time a Hero dies. The effect of Skill Shades will also be increased.
   - Haunting of Dark Lord: Ferryman terrifies all enemies nearby and greatly reduces their attack damage.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

Frost Mage
   - Ice Halo: A ring of icy frost is brought to bear against Helga's targets, it bounces between them, dealing additional magic damage.
   - Force Blast: A target zone is truck with a powerful blast of supercooled air, causing magic damage over a small area.
   - Bag of Holding: Helga summons frost armor for her weakest ally, enhancing their armor for a period of time.
   - Terrible Presence: Helga terrifies all her enemies, reducing their magic resistance.

   - Skills to Prioritize:Coming Soon, Suggestions Are Welcome ^^

Ice Mage
   - Hunting the Maiden: A powerful elemental storm comes down causing widespread magic damage over time.
   - Cocoon of Ice: Artonia freezes a target in place, causing magic damage and stunning them.
   - Ice Prison: A blast of ice slows enemies within an area and deals magic damage.
   - Sigil of Arctus: Using this ancient ward, Artonia and her allies slowly recover their energy.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

Imperial Executioner
   - Smite: A blaze of energy strikes a target, dealing massive magical damage.
   - Thorn: Lodot summons a thorn that knocks the victim into the sky, dealing a small amount collateral magic damage.
   - Power Strike: A powerful magic against a single target and turns it into an animal.
   - Uncanny Edge: Lodot makes a pact with demonic forces to increase his Magic Crit.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

Lightning Master
   - Lightning Bolt: A rolling thunder causes magic damage to all enemies.
   - Conductivity: DeTheta uses his magic lightning power to beat many of his foes at once.
   - Overload: DeTheta selects a single target, striking them with a lightning bolt for massive damage.
   - Electrostatic Field: DeTheta's power increases, giving him a bonus to magic power.

   - Skills to Prioritize: PS > US > GS > BS

Lunar Guardian
   - Lunar Barrage: Summons the power of Boaz, striking random enemies with beams of powerful lunar energy and dealing magic damage.
   - Lunar Judgment: Summons the power of Jachin, striking a target with lunar rays and dealing magic damage.
   - Moonblade: Loreth throws a lunar blade that bounces around between enemies and causes more physical damage, losing a small amount of power with each bounce.
   - Chosen of Boaz: Loreth grants the lunar blessing on her allies, increasing their physical attack damage.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

   - Overcharge: Lirune over-charges his weaponry capacitors, causing his machine to unleash a barrage of attacks and deal AoE damage.
   - Charged Shot: Lirune fires a magical beam weapon to damage and blind his target and reduce target's physical attack accuracy.
   - Seeker: A missile that seeks out a random target and explodes, dealing magic damage over a small radius.
   - The Red Button: Lirune presses the red button, greatly increasing his attack and casting speed.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > PS > GS > BS

Master Mage
   - Sunsphere: Fiera releases powerful magics among her foes, damaging those who rely on their strength and agility.
   - Fireball: Fiera attacks a foe with a ball of raw magical energy and deals massive magic damage.
   - Black Mark: Fiera chooses a random enemy to exile from the battle for a period of time.
   - Third Eye: Fiera pulls energy out of space, expanding her intellect.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Vampiric Strike: Salar locks and steals the target's HP.
   - Kreln Shout: A powerful attack of soul-energy, causing magic damage over a moderate area.
   - Exile: Salar exiles an enemy and make him unable to deal or take physical damage. But the target will get extra damage from magic and spells.
   - Sacrid Sigil: Salar uses a mystic sigil which resists enemy magic and increases the magic resistance of all allies.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

Old Curse
   - Chilling Wave: Pallathion blasts out a wave of super-chilled air that freezes  enemies before him.
   - Thermal Shock: A blast of ice and fire in unison deals magic damage to enemies twice.
   - Flame Strike: A blast of fire that can deal magic damage and burn enemies over a period of time.
   - Magma: A gout of liquid fire that causes magic damage to enemies, spreading out on contact with the ground.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

Shadow Shaman
   - Dark Benefactor: Shadow Shaman sends a wave of shadow that cures allies.
   - Shadow Curse: Ara'ak reaches through the shadow void to poison an enemy.
   - Vayne's Blessing: Defends whichever ally has the lowest HP from death for a period of time.
   - Weave: Ara'ak fracture reality, bleeding into the shadow void, reducing the armor of all enemies.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

   - Strategist: Saif silences all enemies' magic skills so that they can only deal physical damage.
   - Silence: Silences an enemy, preventing them from using skills accompanied with magic damage.
   - Befuddle: Saif befuddles enemies over an area to deal magic damage and make them lose energy.
   - Searing Aura: Saif's normal attack deals extra holy damage to an enemy.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Soulshout: Tala shouts across the ethereal plane, causing magic damage to all enemies.
   - Venomdar:Tala throws a blade covered in powerful venom and deals damage to a target over time.
   - Soul Blaze: Tala releases a potent scream, causing magic damage to enemies ahead of her.
   - Chaos Dance: Tala phases in and out of the mortal plane, easily dodging incoming damage.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

Tusked Storm
   - Battle Focus: Sla'thrush inspires his allies, boosting their attack and movement speed by 25% and increasing attack and magic power.
   - Whirlwind Axe: Sla'thrush tosses 3 whirling axes and deals physical damage to enemies ahead of him.
   - Axe Skill: Sla'thrush uses his throwing axes as melee weapons to cause massive physical damage.
   - Battle Fever: Sla'thrush's battle fever gives him bonus attack speed.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

Vengeance Spirit
   - Petrify: Nasira petrifies a group of enemies over a moderate area and deals magic damage.
   - Split Arrow: Nasira delivers physical damage to 4 enemies but reduces half of the original damage. (The higher the skill level, the less damage it reduces from the original damage.)
   - Theft of Essence: Nasira summons a snake and steals energy from many enemies, increasing her own.
   - Anti-Mage Shield: A magical barrier that increases Nasira's HP.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

Wandering Spearman
   - Blood Pact: Kogo attacks with reckless charging, consuming his own HP and increasing his speed and attack power.
   - Sacrifice: Kogo enchants his spear with his own blood, causing a damage over time effect on the next target he strikes.
   - Gift: Kogo uses a sympathetic magic to heal the weakest ally and regenerate life for a period of time.
   - Spell Resistance: Kogo's patron spirits protect him and give him massive magic resistance.

   - Skills to Prioritize:Coming Soon, Suggestions Are Welcome ^^

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