The Trail: How to Move or Transfer to a Different Town - FAQs

Are you unhappy in your Town? There are plenty of new Towns around, see if you can find one that suits you better, or why not create your own town?

Your current house will be relocated to the new town, but Town Gold will remain in your current Town.

How to Move to a Different Town?
The Stagecoach Building
   - Spend 5 Gold to build this new building (12 hours to unlock).
   - Once complete, you can choose the specific town (search name) or browse the list for the Town you want to move into.

   - Moving will cost you 5 Favours.
   - Creating a new Town will cost you 30 Favours.
   - Note: You can buy Favours with real cash or get them free from the Daily Rewards.
The Trail: How to Move or Transfer to a Different Town -  FAQs
When is the Best Time to Move?
   - Move if you are playing for a while now and no building upgrades is being done, or if you are the only active member of that Town.

Upgrade Your House First
   - If the Community Logging Area and the Lumberyard is unlocked, you might want to upgrade your house first to at least Lvl 5 before moving to a different Town. Why? because one advantage of an inactive Town is that you can use your neighbor's machines and collect the upgrade materials without worry.

   - Note: If you move to an active Town, upgrading your House might go a little slower because some of your neighbors might just take the resources that you are working on.

How to Spot A Good Town?
   - Check the Founder and Town members, if one or more of them are at Lvl 5 or higher, then the percentage chance that the Lumberyard is unlocked is probably higher than the others.

What Will Happen To My House?
Things That Will Carry Over
   - Your house should move perfectly over to the new town and everything should be as it was in your previous town.

Things That Will NOT Carry Over
   - Town Gold
   - Unlocked Town Buildings and Decors (Town Buffs).
   - Items you placed in the Lumberyard including Planks.
   - Items you placed in the Warehouse crates.

Things That Might Carry Over
   - Profession: The game will try and move you to your current profession. You can’t yet actively choose which profession you move to. If there is no slot of your profession available in the new town you choose, you will be told what your new profession will be before you accept the move.

   - If your profession changes, all will be the same except you will have a different machine in the place of your old one.

   - House Upgrade Progress: If you were able to transfer to a different Town under the same Profession, then all the upgrade materials you used for your House will stay intact.

So What Happens If I Choose a Different Profession?
   - The game will automatically adjust the required upgrade materials according to your new Profession. Here's an example from my dummy account.

   - Before moving to a new Town: Current Profession = Stonemason
   - Below is a screenshot of my House upgrade materials and requirements before moving.
House Upgrades Before moving to a new Town: Profession = Stonemason
   - After moving to a new Town: New Profession = Blacksmith
   - Below is a screenshot of my House upgrade materials and requirements after moving.
House Upgrade After moving to a new Town: Profession = Blacksmith
   - As you can see, the materials needed will auto adjust to your new Profession, and the excess materials will go to your bag. So yeah, no worries! All you need to do now is continue and get the items you need, especially those Planks again.

Last Tip
   - Restart the game after moving, this will refresh your current Town and remove some bugs like "Town Decors" and "Plank Count" from your previous Town.

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Hill Climb Racing 2: FAQs, Tips (Farming Coins) and Strategy Guide

Here's some quick FAQs, tips, tricks, and strategy guide for the action and arcade racing game - Hill Climb Racing 2, presented by Fingersoft. Available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Face new unique challenges in unique environments with many different cars. Defeat your opponents and collect big bonuses to tune your car and reach ever higher positions. With little respect to the laws of physics, Newton Bill will not rest until he has defeated all his opponents on the highest hills!
Hill Climb Racing 2: FAQs, Tips (Farming Coins) and Strategy Guide
Join Cups to Win Prizes
Prize Rewards
   - Race and win cups until you are able to fill up all 3 prize reward slots.
   - If available, open them for free by watching ad videos.

   - Grab 1st place to earn Medals for unlocking Red Prizes.
   - Wait for the cool-down timer to open Blue Prizes.

League Lvls
   - Increase League Lvl to unlock more vehicles. Aim for 1st or 2nd place to increase progress.
   - Unlock and buy new vehicles to make your progress easier, no need to upgrade anything. Start upgrading once you are able to unlock all end game tier vehicles, and only if needed (if you are constantly getting 3rd or 4th place from cups).
Hill Climb Racing 2: Leagues and Cups
Racing Tips
Race Start Countdown
   - Once the countdown says "GO", try to start accelerating while the meter pointer is within the "Green Area" of your RPM meter. It doesn't have a noticeable effect but it might in the future.

Keep Your Wheels on The Ground
   - When playing Cups, you need speed and control, so reduce getting "Air Time" and land as soon as possible after climbing a hill to quickly pick up your speed again.

   - Always land parallel to the ground, to quickly recover and accelerate faster.

How To Farm Fast Coins
Winning Cups
   - If you can still grab 1st place overall, you will also be given some bonus Coins.
   - Unlock and use the next tier of vehicle to increase your chances of winning.
Hill Climb Racing 2: City Stage Area (Adventure Mode)
City Stage Area (Adventure Mode)
   - Earn your Coins from the start and use it to unlock the City Stage under Adventure Mode.
   - This is your main farming area for Coins early game. Easy to play and drops a lot of Coins as you go farther.
   - Be careful though, there are areas where you need to slow down or go faster. Take your time, and learn the curves.
   - The un-upgraded (all Lvl 1) Scooter or Super Jeep should be able to go beyond 2000m.
   - When playing Adventure Mode, don't focus on Speed (tune down if needed), concentrate on how to conquer the obstacles and get the next gas item.
   - If you are having trouble because of some obstacles that can break your driver's neck, use the Super Jeep to get protection against it.

Perform Tricks
   - Air Time will also generate some Coins, so try to control and keep your vehicle in air for as long as possible.
   - Other tricks like "Wheelies" and "Flips" will also generate Coins.

Upgrading Vehicles
Hill Climb Racing 2: Tune Upgrade Vehicles
Free Upgrades
   - If available, watch ad videos for free upgrades!

Silver III League
   - If you are having trouble winning from here on, you might want to consider leveling your current vehicle (I suggest upgrading your Motocross at this point).
   - I usually level up all upgrades evenly to make them balanced, or at least all other upgrades should be equal to or higher than your Engine's Lvl.
   - Level them all up until you can win 1st or 2nd place from Cups again (All upgrades at Lvl 2 should be enough, increase if needed).

Gold I League

   - Your upgraded Motocross should do fine around here, but keep farming Coins for the Sports Car.
   - Evenly upgrade your Sports Car and any vehicle you prefer for Cups.

Notable Vehicles
   - Super Jeep: can protect your driver's head, useful for certain areas and for farming Coins from the adventure mode. Good overall vehicle to have and upgrade.
   - Motocross: great for areas with lots of hills, water ponds, and other tricky obstacles, great for Cups.
   - Sports Car: Awesome speed, control and stability, upgrade for Cups.
   - Newer Vehicles: If you want to use them for Cups, upgrade them first.

Other FAQs
How Much is the Motocross?
   - 20,000 Coins to unlock.

How Much is the Sports Car?
   - 80,000 Coins to unlock.

How Much is the Monster Truck?
   - 40,000 Coins to unlock.

Got some nice tips to share? Feel free to comment below ^^

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Spooky Runner: FAQs, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Here's some quick tips for the Android and iOS arcade mobile game - Spooky Runner, presented by NHN Entertainment Corp.. This Town is under a curse named "Devils Tag". If you are under a curse, you will turn into a monster and lose HP. The only way to get released from the curse is by tagging other players before losing all of your HP!

Reference Codes
   - Entering a reference code right after the tutorial will give you 3,000 Gold.
   - Get or Share Your Reference Code Here
Spooky Runner: Quick Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide
How To Get More Gold
   - After battle rewards (based on your place)
   - Free Gifts (wait for the timer to reach 00:00)
   - Earned by Watching Ad Videos
   - Daily Attendance Check
   - Join the Champion League Event and increase your rank to get more Gold.
   - and other in-game Events.
   - Optional: Can be purchased from the Shop.

Best Ways To Use Gold?
   - Mainly used for searching and upgrading pets, to get extra passive effects for your character. Note that some pets will get a bonus upgrade when equipped with their specific costume characters.
   - Aim for Rank A or B Pets, and upgrade them to increase their proc rates.

Notable Pets:
   - Pets that can resist HP Curse (example: Devil's Heart or Hell Dog)
   - Pets that gives you SP when you are the tagger (example: Rank B - Golem Head)
   - Pets that negates, or give you SP when cursed.
   - or any pet you prefer using to enhance your play style.

RIP Tombstone
   - Used for getting more Characters and other freebies.
Spooky Runner - Gameplay Guide
How To Get More Characters?
   - Normally obtained by using the 1,000 Gold Character Gacha, or from the RIP Tombstone.
   - You can get them for free from after battle chest rewards too. Note that some characters will only drop from specific Battle Modes.

   - Daily Attendance Check (featured character) and other in-game Events.
   - Optional: Can be purchased using cash.

Basics and Battle Tips

SP Potions
   - Yellow objects on the ground.
   - Using the "Run Skill" button will consume SP. As much as possible, keep your SP bar full to give you an easier time to chase or run away.

Normal Chests
   - Open to get various traps and power-ups. If you currently have a Power-up, it might be best to trigger it while opening chests, because it will get overridden anyway.

Cursed Box (Purple Chest)
   - Triggers nasty effects!
   - If you are not the tagged one, it is best to open this whenever you get the chance to let your enemies have a tougher time running. This will also prolong the tagged one's HP drop duration since he can't chase well.

   - If you are the tagged one, you must open this chest especially when you are near. Leaving this one alone will give your enemies a chance to give you a harder time chasing.
Spooky Runner - Battle Guide
Strategy for Non-Tagged Players

Keep Yourself Hidden
   - When you stay inside bushes, your character will become invisible to others. Stay there and watch your enemies curse each other hehe. Do this from the start.
   - Your invisibility will break if they will also go inside adjacent bushes, or have the "Detect" power-up.
   - While hidden, try to grab an Invisbility power-up or Booster to easily tag other players, in-case someone manages to tag you.

Be Aggressive
   - This strategy will require you to keep your SP full, and open Chests to get defensive power-ups like HP Restore (main focus), Boosters, Traps, Invisibility,  and many more.
   - Open Purple Chests too to get "Enemy HP Reduction" Power-ups! This will make the game much faster to compete.

If Being Chased
   - Use your Boosters to run faster, and run towards other non-cursed players haha!
   - If it's 1 on 1, run towards those SP potions to keep your pace, and open chests whenever possible.

Traps and Spider Webs
   - If the tagged one is chasing you, drop this to disrupt them.
   - You can also drop them underneath those chests or bushes to trap whoever tries to go near them. Be careful though because you can still get trapped by your own traps.

Strategy for Tagged Players
   - This is the main reason why you need to keep your SP bar full, to easily chase players.
   - Quickly gather SP Potions if you don't have enough, and open chests and purple chests if you get the chance.
   - Invisibility is one good power-up to easily tag another player.
   - Use Detect to reveal hiding players.

Other Optional Tips
Use Short Names
   - If possible, make your character's name short (all lower case). This is because longer and "catchy" names will get noticed more.

Use Normal Looking Characters
   - If your character is tagged, he or she will transform to a demon, undead, or ghost like character, so if possible, use characters that doesn't look much like a villain.
   - One example is Gunboy, he still looks like a normal guy when tagged.

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Spooky Runner: Get or Share Your Reference Code Here

This section contains free Spooky Runner Reference Codes that you can use to claim the 3,000 Gold at the start of the game.

The Reference Code can be entered only once after the tutorial, but if the tutorial didn't appear after creating a new account, just restart your game to trigger it again.
Spooky Runner: Get or Share Your Reference Code Here
Example Reference Codes
   - Enter the Reference Code and get your reward. The reward can be obtained from the gift box.

   - T6CUJ9UL (Google Account - PC Android Emulator)
   - WDKKO669 (Google Account - PC Android Emulator)
   - POLECEGE (Google Account - Tablet)

   - Note: These are just my bot accounts for testing purposes, not my main. If the above codes doesn't work, check the comment section below for more codes that you might be able to use.

Code Input Error
   - Error message: "This is the ID generated by the device that has the recommended history. Please check and enter again."

   - Honestly, I don't really know what exactly this error message means, but using the above example codes works when used under same device, but not for other android emulators...weird.

Sharing Your Own Code
   - Since not all codes doesn't always work, feel free to share your own code below via the comment section. You can find your own unique code from the Friends section.

   - Please Note: Aside from your Reference Code, also add what type of account (Google, Facebook or Guest), and device (Smartphone, Tablet, or PC Emulator) you are using.
   - This might help other players easily look for Reference Codes that might not give them error messages. Thank you and good luck.

Share and Earn Event Rewards!
Share and Earn Event Rewards!
   - If a new user enters in your Reference Code, you'll be rewarded based on the number of references. Note that the featured event rewards above might change in the future.

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Sailcraft Online: Beginner's Tips, FAQs and Strategy Guide

Here's some quick tips for new players playing Sailcraft Online presented by uqsoft HK, a turn based naval warfare mobile game for Android and iOS battleship fans.

How to Reset My Game Progress?
   - The only way so far is to create a new Google Account. Re-install or clear the App's data, then login using your newly created account.
   - It's not really recommended to do re-rolls because you'll eventually get them anyway.

Tip During Tutorial
   - During the building/upgrading tutorial part, if the game prompted you to use Gems to Auto-complete the process, don't do it! Just wait until it is complete to save those extra Gems.
Sailcraft Online: Beginner's Tips, and Strategy Guide
What To Do After The Tutorial?
Gain EXP Points
   - Unlock, build and upgrade everything. Yes, because it's the only way to increase your Captain's Lvl and to upgrade your Mothership's Lvl. Focus first on the those cheap and easy to complete ships or upgrades.
   - Build or Upgrade Ships (Base Area).
   - Build or Upgrade Warships (Fleet Area).
   - Build or Upgrade Defenses (Defense Area).

Base/Defense Area Ships and Upgrades
   - All upgrades here are handled by your Base Engineer.
   - Check the Shop for new ships that you can build.
   - Tech Ship: Max always to get more Ships and to increase their Max Lvls.
   - Energy Ship: Max always to increase overall Energy and Refill Rate. This will also enable you to upgrade your default Spells.
   - Storage Ship: Upgrade to increase Gold and Mineral capacity. Always check this one first before upgrading your Mothership or other ships that requires high amount of resources.
   - Other Ships: Upgrade whenever possible.

   - You can unlock more defensive structures as you upgrade your Mothership. Upgrade or Change them as needed.

Fleet Area Ships and Upgrades
   - All upgrades here are handled by your Warship Engineer.
   - Unlock and build all new ships to get fast EXP points and Achievement bonuses.
   - Upgrade them to Lvl 5 whenever possible, but once it gets tough, start focusing on your main core ships. Preferably, go with higher tier Ships (Uncommon, Rare or higher) with nice skills.

- The Basics and Early Game Tips -
Sailcraft Online - The Basics and Early Game Tips
Quests and Achievements
   - Complete condition to receive various resources.

Early Game Battle Formation and Spell Tips
Early Game Default Warships
   - All players will be given a set of default ships early game, then will receive random ships by upgrading the Tech Ship to Lvl 2 or higher.

   - Judge Archer (3-grid) and Dragon Claw (2-grid)
   - Both carries a Torpedo skill that is easy to cast, a nice starter scouter skill. Add them to your 2 early game fleets.

   - Blackrock (4-grid): also has a nice easy to cast skill (Light Mortar).
   - Meteor Trail (4-grid): nice support skill set at Lvl 5.
   - Ranger (4-grid): nice support skill, can also be used as torpedo blocker early game.
   - Moonspear (2-grid): use if you didn't get a better 2-grid ship (higher stats) from random chests.

Early Game Default Spells
   - Default spells can be changed anytime from the Fleet area screen.

   - Magic Missile: Nice early game Spell for Battle and Plunder Mode. Note: If it didn't hit anything, that means all 4 grids doesn't have any ship or structures present.
   - Magic Shield: Nice early game Spell for Battle Mode.
   - Hope Light: Use this when you are about to get beaten, giving you a chance to win the battle. Note that this spell will disappear after 3 turns or if your enemy sinks it. Best used if you have a ship with a Shield skill.

General Attack Formations
   - Just try different formations that fits your play style. Example: Place all ships along the sides or corners, and make sure to give at least 1 space around them.

   - Front-Area: Place long ships to disrupt torpedoes (if no anti-torpedo net), this will halt your enemy from revealing more grid. Preferably, Ships that you can fire their skills early on, or Ships that doesn't have any skill.
   - Deathwhisper: Ships with this skill effect will activate once they get destroyed.
   - Fightback: Ships with this skill effect will counter attack if it gets hit.

   - Back or Side-Areas: Ships that needs some time to be able to cast their skill/s (high Energy requirement).

Early Game Battle Fleet Tips
Max Fleet Hitpoints:
   - Increases as you upgrade your Mothership.
   - Always fill up all Hitpoints available to get the most out of it (also expands Base Waters). Here's an example: During early game (Lvl 2 Mothership), you'll be given 13 Hitpoints.
   - Using two 4-grid ships, one 3-grid ship, and another 2-grid ship will give you a total of 13 Hitpoints (4-4-3-2).

Waters (100 Waters = 1 Grid)
   - For 13 Hitpoints, you should at least have a 6x5 grid waters. Increase as you progress through the game, the more water grids you have, the better.

Switching Fleets:
   - Since you can't battle with ships that are under upgrade, resupply or out of fuel status, this is a nice alternative method to keep on battling.
   - Here's an example: During early game (Lvl 2 Mothership) and by using the recommended (4-4-3-2) battle fleet above, what you need now is another (4-4-3-2) battle fleet. So that means that you need four 4-grids ship, two 3-grid ships, and another two 2-grid ships.

   - Use your first fleet until they run out of fuel (barrels). While resupplying, switch to your second fleet. Use second fleet until your first fleet is done resupplying, repeat steps.
   - At later game content, add more fleets if needed, but take note that you can only resupply up to 10 ships at the same time.

At Mothership Lvl 3 (16 Hitpoints)
   - Go with (5-4-4-3) or (5-4-3-3), but if you don't have 5-grid ships, (4-4-3-3-2) or (4-4-4-3) is also good as long the you have at least 7x5 grid waters. Preferably, team up ships with nice skill synergies and according to your play style.

Plunder and Defense Mode!
Sailcraft Online - Plunder Mode Tips
Plunder Mode
   - Unlocks after upgrading your Mothership to Lvl 2, your main source of Gold and Mineral.
   - Requires Plunder Letters: drops from battle mode; regenerates every 2 hours.

   - Note that plundering will also consume ship supplies, so if the "Available Loot" isn't worth it, better skip. Try to Destroy all Ships within 5 turns to gather more loots.

   - You are given 1 minute to check their defenses and plan your siege. Example: If your target is using an Anti-Torpedo Net, it might be best to use other non-torpedo skills first.
   - Go all out offense to quickly reveal the grids!

How To Avoid Getting Plundered?
   - Honestly, you'll still get plundered even if you have very low resources. Why? because sometimes even AI controlled fleets will also plunder you.
   - The best thing to do is to spend most of your resources before logging out.
   - Note: You can't be plundered while you are online.

   - Plundered players will automatically get 4 hours Shield.
   - Alternatively, it can also be purchased from the Shop (optional).

Defense Formations
   - With little luck, you can also resist plunderers with good defense.
   - You have limited defensive structures early game, so just move your Ships and Cannon at the back (right side), and all Countermines in-front of them (left side). Hope they will deploy torpedoes and hit them.

   - There are 2 methods where you can focus your defenses on.
   - Delay Tactics: Force them to spend all of their 5 turns, instead of destroying their fleet. Use Decoys (front-area) and defensive structures (back-area) like Nets, Arrows, or Shields.
   - Counter Attack: Try and destroy the enemy fleet by using Countermines (front-area) and defensive structures (back-area) like Cannons or Missiles.

How To Farm Gold and Minerals
   - Main Focus = Plunder!
   - Plunder Letters = Drops from Battle Mode

Farming Plunder Letters
   - Just keep on switching between 2 battle fleets until you have enough Plunder Letters.
   - Plunder, then repeat.

Other Info and Tips
How To Change My Captain's Name?
   - Tap on your Captain's Lvl to open your Profile Page. Select the "feather pen" next to your Name to edit it. Note that you can only change name once for free.

Earning Trophies and Joining Leagues
   - Gained by winning Battle Mode.
   - Increase Trophies to join Leagues, and to unlock and obtain more types of resources like Crystals.

Best Ways To Use Gems?
   - Earn them for late game.
   - Example: For purchasing resources (crystals) for your core warships. For Shields to protect you from Plunderers (optional).

How To Join a Guild?
   - Upgrade your Mothership to Lvl 3 to unlock the Guild Ship.
   - Most guilds are open to all, but some guilds requires a number of Trophies to join.

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The Trail: Overview and Town Building Upgrades to Unlock First?

Town Upgrades is needed to advance and improve your Town, but which buildings to unlock first? Refer below to learn some recommended buildings to unlock.

The Warehouse
   - By default, the Warehouse building is unlocked. The Warehouse League table shows the towns who are the top warehouse traders. Getting your town to first will earn a special prize. Join with your fellow townspeople, fill those crates and sell, sell, sell!
The Trail: Overview and Town Building Upgrades to Unlock First?
Community Logging Area
   - This is highly recommended because it will allow your Town to chop down giant trees that gives 90 logs and 70 sticks per tree. Note that these materials will not disappear, giving your town mates a chance to use them too.
   - Chopped trees will regenerate after 2 days.
   - By default, your town can only chop Pine Trees, but more types of trees can be unlocked as the game goes.

Logs and Sticks
   - Used for crafting various items like Wooden Carvings.
   - Used to quickly fill up Warehouse crates and get Gold every day.
   - Used to process Planks.

   - Necessary building for processing Planks, used for upgrading your House to Lvl 5 and above.
   - Requires 10x Pine Logs = 1x Plank.
The Trail - How To Obtain Planks?
Explorer's Guild
   - This will unlock another weekly assessment feature, for more chance to get Gold.

   - Explorer's Guild League table shows the towns with the best travelers (rival towns will be randomly regenerated), those who have journeyed to the furthest camps.
   - A position in the league table will earn Gold for your Town. Travel the trail and help your Town grow bigger and better.

Saloon (Town Chat)
   - Useful for active Towns, to discuss things like where to allocate resources or who will use them first. This will also enable fellow newbie neighbors to ask questions or help.

Functions While Inside the Saloon
   - Tap on the chat bubble or Saloon building to enter. While inside, you can write short messages to other members of your town. There is a character limit of 144 characters and a profanity filter is in place.
   - Your own messages will appear in a different color than messages from other townsfolk.
   - Major town events are automatically added to the noticeboard such as:

   - Players joining (and eventually leaving) the town
   - Players building / canceling civic buildings
   - Players interacting with the civic buildings / resource fields.
   - Results from Town trading
   - Players upgrading their houses
   - Taking/adding from/to machines and shelves

Town Bank
   - Only unlock if you or your townspeople would like to spend some real money for Gold (for Town upgrades only).

   - Unlock if you want to find a new Town to settle in.
   - More info about "Moving to a Different Town" can be found here: The Trail: How to Move or Transfer to a Different Town -  FAQs

Town Shop (General Store)
   - Here you can buy various items and statues (with Gold) that gives your Town some extra bonuses.
   - Example: Warehouse Item Value Increase +5%; Logging Field Drop Increase +5%; and many more.

Optional Buildings
   - Town Elections
   - Changing Appearance
   - Pet Shop
   - and many more as more content will be added to the game.

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The Trail: Recommended Furnitures To Buy
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The Trail: Recommended Furnitures To Buy

Upgrade your house to Lvl 3 then Lvl 4 asap by gathering the required materials (depends on
your profession), then buy all recommended furnitures that you can.

How To Check the Furniture's Space
   - It is also important to consider the space they will occupy and their bonuses. To check, select "Buy", but don't move the furniture (it will not be purchased until you move it on a green lited area).
The Trail: Recommended Furnitures To Buy
House Lvl 1 (Notable Furnitures)
Shared Shelving
   - Only buy and if you want to help your neighbors by sharing items (place free stuff here for them to grab).

Private Chest
   - You can store any items here, especially newly crafted items with long cool-downs. Add more if needed.

House Lvl 2 to 4 (Notable Furnitures)
Stat Effects to Focus On
   - Focus on furnitures with extra effects, especially Stamina Drain -%, and Crafted Items +% Quality.

Stamina Drain -%
   - This stat affects the overall Stamina Drain your character has while trailing. Try to upgrade your House to Lvl 4 and purchase both Beds with this stat, to get a total of Stamina Drain -25%. Do this before leaving Eden Falls.
The Trail - Luxury Bed
   - This effect will also help conserve your Food items.

Crafted Items +% Quality
   - Quality affects the durability and value of your crafted items.
   - Highly recommended to increase Chits gained from selling Toys and Hats.

Gate Cost -%
   - At Lvl 3 House, you can buy the Native Sofa (Gate Cost -20%) to decrease the cost of ferry fares.
The Trail - Native Sofa (Gate Cost -20%)
   - If you have extra Chits, I also recommend buying this furniture before leaving the Sequoia region. The sooner you buy this, the more Chits will be saved as you go.

Communal Blackboard
   - Optional furniture used to give a message to your visitors. Visitors can also edit this board to give a message to you.

House Lvl 5 to 7 (Notable Furnitures)
Stat Effects to Focus On
   - Still focus on furnitures with extra effects, especially Stamina Drain -%, and Crafter Items +% Quality.

Oven (Turn Apples into Pies)
   - I really don't recommend this furniture, it occupies a larger area and it will require 5x Apples to craft 1 Pie (restores 3 Hearts), which is somewhat not worth it.

Stamina Boost from Food +%
   - Upgrade your House to Lvl 5 (requires LumberYard building to get planks) and purchase the 2 furnitures that gives "Stamina Boost from Food +25%".
Buy Furnitures that Boosts Food Stamina
   - This will increase the number of Hearts your Food can restore, including those that you can pick up along the way.
   - Cookie = 3 Hearts
   - Bread = 4.5 Hearts
   - Jerky = 4.5 Hearts
   - Omelette = 6 Hearts
   - Sausage = 7.5 Hearts (heals a lot so better keep for now)
   - Peach Cake =  7.5 Hearts (heals a lot so better keep for now)

Value in Trading Time +%
   - Upgrade your House to Lvl 7 to unlock these items.
   - Purchase the Guitar and Easel to increase the values of your items when sold using the Trading Time option.

House Lvl 8 and Above (Notable Furnitures)
Stat Effects to Focus On
   - Continue and focus on furnitures with these extra effects:
   - Stamina Drain -%, and Crafter Items +% Quality.
   - Stamina Boost from Food +25% and Value in Trading Time +% .
   - Gate Cost -% too if you have extra Chits.

When To Buy Crafted X Item +% Durability?
   - This is ok for maxed out late game Gears, the problem is that your house has limited space so it's best to get this last, start with furnitures with Crafted Pack Durability +% effect.

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