Pixels: Wine Not? Hotato Hotka Quest - How To Complete

Here are some tips on how to complete the "Wine Not? Hotato Hotka Quest" using the best methods (less resources possible) in the building platform, simulation, and adventure game - Pixels.

How To Trigger Quest: Go to the south west area of Terravilla (24 hours after completing the previous "Wine Not?" quest) then go inside the Drunken Goose, talk to Goose to start the quest. You'll need 24 bottles of Hotka to complete this quest.
Pixels Winery For Wine Making

Wine Not? Hotato Hotka Quest


   - 24 Hotato Hotka = 576 Hotato, 72 Honey, 240 Cooking Mix.
   - 1 Hotato Hotka = 24 Hotato, 3 Honey, and 10 Cooking Mix.
   - Energy Required = 48 Energy (2 Energy Per Bottle).

   - Cooking Mix = 10 Berries each (Buck's Galore Shop).

   - Reward = 16,800 Berries and 2 bottles of Hotka.

How To Make Wines?

Pixels WineryPixels Hotato Hotka
   - The Winery is located south west of Terravilla, you can use Wineries from other lands as well.
   - You should be able to make this wine if you followed all pervious quests, the required Beverage Master Skill is Lvl 5.

Honey and What To Do With My Wax From Queen Bees?

Pixels HoneyPixels Wax
   - You should still have your Queen Bees from previous quests, so Honey shouldn't be a problem.
   - Just keep your Wax for now.
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Method A: Do Everything

Plant and Harvest Everything

   - Unfortunately, only lands owners can generate Hotato seeds with their exclusive skill  "Redifferentiator" and using the "Quantum Recombinator" that can be found inside the P.L.O.T. Building near the center of Terravilla.

   - At this moment, you can't trade seeds as well...
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Method B: Buy Most Items

Buy From Other Players or From the Marketplace

   - NOTE: You can only buy in the Marketplace or do P2P trades after reaching the required "Reputation Score" in-game (check and test). This might change anytime though depending on updates.
   - Go to the Marketplace (upper area inside the Buck's Galore) to buy or check prices. When buying, go for prices that are lower than the price in the Marketplace or Shops (find good deals).

Option 1: Buy Hotato Seeds

   - You can buy seeds from the Marketplace, but you need to reach Farming Skill Lvl 25 first to be able to plant the seeds. Prices are kinda expensive at the moment though...better wait for it to go down.
   - Check the prices in the Marketplace and compare them, go for the cheapest option.

Option 2: Buy All Hotato Crops

Pixels Hotato
   - Hotato crops are kinda expensive as well, better wait for it to come down around 30 Berries (depends on supply and demand).
   - Check the prices in the Marketplace and compare them, go for the cheapest option.

Option 3: Buy Hotkas

Pixels Hotato Hotka
   - Buying Hotkas might be a better option (prices varies depending on supply and demand), but if you want to get them cheap, you need to wait for prices to go down below 800 or 900 Berries. 800x24 = 19,200 Berries needed (you would only lose 2400 Berries after getting the 16,800 reward).
   - Check the prices in the Marketplace and compare them, go for the cheapest option.

Option 4: Stop Here For Now

   - If you think prices are way too high than the reward... it might be best to stop here for now. Complete this quest when prices are low or if you have extra Berries to spend.

Complete Quest

   - Just follow the requirements and complete the quest, good luck! ^^
Pixels Hotato HotkaPixels Hotato Hotka
   - NOTE: Sell the 2 Hotato Hotkas (1400 Total Berries NPC price) you received as a reward, even higher if sold in the Marketplace. At this point you should be able to take back all investments you've made on your Queen Bees, Chickens, or Silk Slugs.
   - NOTE: You can also save your 2 Hotato Hotkas for the "Fuy Gieri Barbequest!" quest if you want, bot most probably it's cheaper to buy the items needed from the marketplace instead.
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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Wine Not? Hotato Hotka Quest - How To Complete Guide for the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels.