Pixels: Wine Not? Grumpkin Wine Quest - How To Complete

Here are some tips on how to complete the "Wine Not? Grumpkin Wine Quest" using the best methods (less resources possible) in the building platform, simulation, and adventure game - Pixels.

How To Trigger Quest: Go to the south west area of Terravilla (24 hours after completing the previous "Wine Not?" quest) then go inside the Drunken Goose, talk to Goose to start the quest. You'll need 24 bottles of Grumpkin Wines to complete this quest.
Pixels Winery For Wine Making

Wine Not? Grumpkin Wine Quest


   - 24 Grumpkin Wines = 576 Grumpkins, 144 Honey, 480 Cooking Mix, 24 Silk Slug Slime.
   - 1 Grumpkin Wine = 24 Grumpkins, 6 Honey, 20 Cooking Mix, 1 Silk Slug Slime.

   - Cooking Mix = 10 Berries each (Buck's Galore Shop).
   - Silk Slug Slime = 20% chance to drop when harvesting Sluggeries (Sluggery Skill Lvl 2).
   - Estimated Total Cost = Around 10,000 Berries, plus 4 Silk Slug Slimes (started from previous quest. 1,000 Berries each from the Buck's Galore Shop, cheaper from other players or from the Marketplace).

   - Reward = 15,360 Berries and 2 bottles of Grumpkin Wines.

How To Make Wines?

Pixels WineryPixels Grumpkin Wine
   - The Winery is located south west of Terravilla, you can use Wineries from other lands as well.
   - You should be able to make this wine, since the required Beverage Master Skill is only Lvl 8.

Silk Slugs and Harvesting Silk Slug Slimes

Pixels Silk SlugPixels Silk Slug Slime
   - I would recommend buying 4 Silk Slugs (Ignore this if you are already harvesting with 4 Silk Slugs). 1000 Berries each from the Buck's Galore Shop, cheaper from other players or from the Marketplace, unless you can get them free from events. Note that Silk Slugs are different from Silk Slug Spiders.

   - Silk Slug Slimes are needed for this quest so keep on harvesting until you reach the required Skill Lvl and amount (20% chance after reaching Sluggery Skill Lvl 2).
   - If you have limited inventory, stop harvesting for now if you have already obtained the required number of Silk Slug Slimes.

   - Note that you'll eventually get back all of your Silk Slug investments as you complete more quests (sell the Wines given back), so it's fine.

What Should I Do With My Silk Fibers?

Pixels Silk Fiber
   - Just keep them for now. More info here soon, after we optimize our calculations.

Best Lands To Place Your Silk Slugs

   - A Land with x4 Sluggeries and 1 Coop = For your x4 Silk Slugs and x2 Chickens (from previous quest).

   - TIP: If you want to look for farms with multiple Sluggeries, try to use this useful tool: Pixels Lookup. Do not forget to "Bookmark" or "List" the land by clicking the sign board near the entrance (with the farm's number).
Pixels Lands with Sluggery
   - NOTE: You can't take back Silk Slugs when placed. 1 Silk Slug can produce 3 Silk Fibers every 1 hour for 5 Energy. You can harvest 100 times or more per Silk Slug or Sluggery but after 100 harvests, there is a chance that the Silk Slug would die.

Honey and What To Do With My Wax From Queen Bees?

Pixels HoneyPixels Wax
   - You should still have your Queen Bees from previous quests, so Honey shouldn't be a problem.
   - At this point, you should also start getting Wax from your Queen Bees from previous quests, just keep them for now.
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Method A: Do Everything

Plant and Harvest Everything

   - Estimated Total Cost = Around 10,000 Berries
   - Estimated Energy = Around 4,500 Energy
   - This quest is kinda luck dependent, so it's harder to determine the total energy consumed, but based on our calculations using % chances, Method A is way better. This would require more Energy but total cost is way lower, overall Method A is better than Method B below.

How To Grow Grumpkins

Pixels Grumpkin
   - IMPORTANT NOTE: Be very careful when growing these crops. After planting and watering the seeds, you need to water them again around 1 Hour and 30 Minutes remaining (halfway point) or else they are going to die after a few hours! Unlike other crops, you also need to harvest them once they are fully grown (recommended within 10 hours).

Complete Quest

   - Just follow the requirements and complete the quest, good luck! ^^
Pixels Grumpkin WinePixels Grumpkin Wine
   - NOTE: Sell the 2 Grumpkin Wines (1280 Total Berries NPC price) you received as a reward, even higher if sold in the Marketplace. Now you should be able to take back some of the investments you've made on your Queen Bees, Chickens, or Silk Slugs (if it is not enough then complete the next quests).
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Method B: Buy Most Items

Buy From Other Players or From the Marketplace

   - NOTE: Method A is better, total cost is just too high, regardless which main ingredient to buy.
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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Wine Not? Grumpkin Wine Quest - How To Complete Guide for the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels.