MIR M: Combat Mandala General Tips and Guide

The Combat Mandala is a tricky feature in the game, if done incorrectly, your character's progression might get stuck early game unless you want spend a lot of resources like Dragon Orbs and Coins.

Refer below to learn how to Activate and Enhance Mandala Spots in the age of war and adventure MMORPG ~ MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond. I

MIR M Mandala Tips and Guide

Mandala Sector Guide:

   - Core Sector = The center layer of the Mandala, divided by 3 sectors.
   - Inner Sector = The middle layer of the Mandala, divided by 6 sectors.
   - Outer Sector = The outer layer of the Mandala, divided by 12 sectors.

   - Core Sector 1 = Means it is located in the Core Sector, click any spots then check the name if you are in Core Sector 1.
   - Inner Sector 2 = Means it is located in the Inner Sector, click any spots then check the name if you are in Inner Sector 2.
   - Inner Sector 4 = Means it is located in the Outer Sector, click any spots then check the name if you are in Outer Sector 4.

1st Step: Decide Which Outer Sector To Aim For

Suggestion #1: Awakened Skills

   - Check your skills, then use the search bar in-game (Mandala section) to look for spots that can boost that skill (example: search the name of the skill or search "awaken").
   - If you think the added Awaken Effect Boost for your Awakened Skill plus the stats that you'll get towards that spot is good enough for you, then go for it.

This Also Depends On Your Avatars

   - NOTE: Check your Avatars because Treasure Grade Avatars can only unlock certain Awakened Skills, other Awakened Skills can only be unlocked by getting Relic or Epic Grade Avatars.

   - For Example (Taoist): If you want to aim for Summon Nachal Awaken Effect Boost in Outer Sector 4, but your plan is to just use Treasure Grade Avatars, then that would be a bad idea because you need a Relic or Epic Grade Avatar with Awakened Summon Nachal skill to utilize that Awaken Effect Boost.

   - TIP: One way is to wait until Lvl 30 to see what Treasure Avatar + Awakened Skills you'll get, especially for F2P players. It is still possible to get more Treasure Grade Avatars, but it might take longer, plan ahead just in case you get the one you like.

Suggestion #2: Focus On Main Stats

   - If you don't like the bonuses for your Awakened Skills above, try focusing on your character's stats (offensive/defensive or both, depends on character builds).

Example Keywords To Search:

   - Spellpower = For Sorcerers. Search "Perfect Staff", "ate Wis", "less Wis", "ate Insi", "less Insi", or "Staff of Faith".
   - Destruction = For Taoists and Warriors. Search "Perfect Sword", "ate Malice", "ent Malice", "less Fury", "cate Fury", or "Sword of Faith".
   - All ATK = Increases Spellpower and Destruction.

   - Accuracy = Search "Precise Attack", if you will follow Core Sector 1 > Inner Sector 1 > Outer Sector 2 and activate all Accuracy spots, you can get a total of +25 (without any enhance).
   - ATK SPD = 1 Spot, located in Inner Sector 4.
   - CRIT Chance = 7 Spots, if you will follow Core Sector 1 > Inner Sector 1 > Outer Sector 2 and activate all Crit Chance spots, you can get a total of +62 (without any enhance).

   - DEF = Search "Perfect Armor", "Min Def", "Max Def", or "Firmness".
   - Spell DEF = Search "Perfect Cape", "Min Spell Def", "Max Spell Def", or "Perfect Will".
   - EVA = Search "Nimble Movement" or "Evasion".
   - CRIT RES = Search "CRIT RES".

   - HP/MP Potion Recovery Boost = Search "Potion", "HP Potion" or "MP Potion".

   - *You may also search other stats that you like.

Optional Mandala Choices

   - Skill Level Boost = You must own the skill first (depends on your Avatars or acquired Skill Books), get this if the bonus effect is good enough for you, check under Skills section.

   - Mandala Dragonsoul Stone Socket = You can buy Mandala Dragonsoul Stone Chests from the Shop for 100 Gold (random). Check the items and stats available for that chest, if it is good enough for you, then unlock them.

   - Ultimate Slot + Lvl = If your plan is to only use Treasure Grade Avatars (can only use 1 Ultimate), then only activate "Ultimate No. 1 Slot Lv. +1", others would be useless. Only get this if you like the added effect for your Ultimate (check under Skills > Ultimate section in-game).
   - Yes, you can use multiple Ultimates depending on your Avatar's Grade, so only activate Ultimate No. 1 or 2 if you have 2 Ultimates, Ultimate No. 1, 2, or 3 if you have 3 Ultimates and so on.

2nd Step: Start Activating Spots!

Prioritize Unlocking Mandala Inner Sector First!

   - Once you are done deciding the path you'll take above, it's time to start activating spots, but make sure to follow these tips to avoid getting locked out or stuck!

   - Core Sector Success Chances = 100% > 95% > 90% > 85% > 80% > 75% > 70% > 65% > 55% > 45% > 35% > 25% > 15% > and so on.

Why You Need to Unlock the Inner Sector First:

   - Higher Chance To Unlock = It's better to activate spots that requires high amount of Orbs first while your "Activation Chance" is still high (success chance will go down as you activate new spots), so take the shortest path and unlock the Inner Sector asap (requires 100 Orbs with 85% success chance if done right).
MIR M Mandala Activate Inner Sector
   - NOTE: This is very important, because you can get stuck in the Core Sector or might spend a lot of Orbs if you will unlock the Inner Sector too late, with very low success chances... refer to the sample screenshot above for reference.

3rd Step: Activate Other Core Sector Spots

   - Once you are done unlocking the Inner Sector, you can now activate any spots in the Core Sector that you like. Always remember, go for spots that requires higher Orbs that you like first while success chance is still good (take the shortest path).

   - Activate other spots that requires 10 Orbs last (unless needed), even at lower success rates, it is still ok because they only require low amount of Orbs. Below 25% success chance is kinda low though, so it's best to plan ahead and prioritize those that you need first.

4th Step: Activate and Enhance Spots

Option #1: Start Activating Inner Sector Spots

MIR M Mandala Activate Outer Sector
   - Same pattern above (2nd Step), but this time follow the shortest path towards the Outer Sector that you are aiming for (from the 1st Step), while success chance is still high. Refer to the sample screenshot above for reference.

   - Inner Sector Success Chances = 70% > 68% > 66% > 64% > 62% > 60% > and so on.

   - If done right, you should reach the spot that would unlock the Outer Sector with 62% or 64% success chance. This would require 300 Orbs though, so either go for it or unlock it later.

Option #2: Start Enhancing Core Sector/Inner Sector Spots

   - Enhancing will not affect your success chances when activating new Spots, so go ahead and enhance any Spots that you like. The catch though is that, if you fail enhancing a Spot there is a chance that the Enhance Lvl will drop by 1, so it might be best to play it safe and only do x1 or x2 Enhance per Spot for now.

   - Enhance Success Chances = 70% > 50% > 35% > 20% > and so on.
   - Enhancing Core Sector Spots will not affect your Inner Sector success chances.

   - NOTE: Some Spots will get a lower starting enhance success rates than others, 33% instead of 70% for example.

5th Step: Aim For Outer Sector Spots!

After Unlocking The Outer Sector

   - Same pattern, follow the shortest path towards the Outer Sector Spot that you are aiming for (from the 1st Step), while success chance is still high.

   - Once you are done, you can now activate more spots or enhance spots that you like, congratulations!
That's it guys, thank you for checking our Mandala General Tips for Combat for the age of war and adventure MMORPG ~ MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond.