MIR M: Beginner's Leveling, Auto Hunt, and Vigor Tips

Here are some tips on how to level up using Vigor (EXP Bonus), and how to farm after consuming your character's Vigor in the age of war and adventure MMORPG ~ MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond.

Follow your Main and Sub Quests to learn how to play the game while earning huge EXP as you go. Once you reach Lvl 27, you can no longer rely on your Main Quests for EXP until you reach Lvl 30. Maximize your Vigor to increase your Hunting EXP Bonus, do this as well at lower Lvls if you get the chance.

MIR M Beginners Tips and Guide

Leveling Tips For Newbies:

When To Use Your Vigor?

   - If your Vigor is fully charged (or with at least around 100%), the first thing that you need to do is to quickly go to an area where you can grind some nice EXP. Here are some tips on how to spot a good grinding location:
MIR M Beginners Tips - Vigor
   - 1) Lvl of monsters are lower than your Lvl (around 1~7 Lvls below, depending on your character's stats and potion consumption preference). Higher Lvl monsters are ok or you may also do it with your Main Quests, especially early game.
   - 2) If half of your attacks are not hitting your targets, it's better to find a better spot (lower Lvl monsters or monsters with lower Evasion).
   - 3) If you are spending too much HP and MP potions per monster, you might want to find a better spot or else you'll run out of Coins too early in the game, unless you can get better gears.
   - 4) If the area is too crowded, change Channels or move out from that spot for now. Your character should be able to attack continuously and land more attacks to get more EXP.

   - Optional: Find a location with multiple monsters per spawn point for your AoE skills. Also try to kite them all first if you like playing manually.

Other Tips To Get More EXP:

   - While using your Vigor, this is also a good time to use EXP modifiers like stat bonuses from "Set Gears", "Platinum" Set for example (optional) and items like "Growth Draught" to boost your EXP!
   - You can get "Growth Draught" items from events or limited events.

   - Discipleship (optional) = Once you reach Lvl 19, try to apply and find a Mentor via the Discipleship option. If you and your Mentor are online, both of you will get a Hunting EXP Boost +5%.

   - TIP: One way to grind faster (around Lvl 27~30) with Uncommon Avatar = Fully charge your Vigor first then only play for 1 hour, rest to charge it again to max (after 1 hour), this way you'll be able to maintain your EXP bonus at higher percentages.

   - Enter the Realm = Once you are able to reach the recommended Power Score (2,700) for the Realm or when you reach Lvl 27, you may also try entering it first once your Vigor is full, then proceed with the usual grinding above.

What To Do If You Have Low Vigor

Do Your Daily Tasks!

   - For more information, refer to our separate guide here:
   - MIR M: Beginner's Tips and Guide - Daily Tasks

   - You can also push your Main and Sub Quests at this point if still available.

Increase Profession Lvl While Charging Vigor

   - Mining, Gathering, or Fishing. 
   - You can also farm crafting materials, and for increasing crafting related features later on.
   - Turn on "Auto Gathering" to do it while AFK, except when fishing.
MIR M Beginners Tips - Profession Leveling
   - TIP: For best results, avoid spots with Orange or Red texts because they are way above your Profession's current Lvl (check under Advancement > Profession). Also if possible, avoid low Lvl spots (Faded Yellow texts) unless you don't have a choice (still ok). Just focus more on Bright Yellow texted spots that are 1~5 Lvls higher, to gain more variety of items and EXP. Start in Ginkgo Valley Maps then work your way up.

   - Vigor will also charge while doing these methods (other players prefer doing this or going offline once their Vigor is less than 100%).
   - TIP: If you want to charge your Vigor faster, equip Avatars with "Time Reduction" stat bonus, like "Fishing Time Reduction" before going fishing for example.

Grind EXP or Farm Coins

   - You may still grind if you want to, even without the EXP boost from Vigor, the only difference is that you'll need to spend more Potions.
   - Alternatively, you can farm lower Lvl monsters and grind without buying too much HP and/or MP potions.
MIR M Elite Monsters
   - TIP: If you want to farm Coins and grind from lower Lvl monsters, I would suggest looking for Elite monsters that you can easily farm. Check them via Mini Map > Monster List (look for a monster with green background and a Green Skull icon before their name). Also check other maps and elite monsters depending on your current Lvl and stats.
   - Example: Early game, in Ginkgo Valley Abandoned Mine 2F, you can find Lvl 16 Hungry Zombies (elite monster that drops 100~150 Coins with nice items drops as well).

   - You may also try farming Coins from other non elite monsters that you can easily kill without using potions if you like, refer to the link below for more information:

Hunt Codex Items

   - Check your Codex and hunt gears from monsters that you can easily kill, to increase your stats. Check the item > click "Where to Obtain" to see if you have easy access to that area.
   - Start with Normal Grade gears first, then start enhancing to +3 for Codex (only if the stats can help you with your progress early game).
   - NOTE: Codex first before dismantling or selling in the Market.

   - TIP: Also check weapons and gears from NPC Shops, buy them if you need them to complete your Codex.

   - If you want to start enhancing weapons, gears, and accessories, refer to the link below for tips:
   - MIR M: Enhancement Guide For Uncommon Gears

Hunt Weapons and Gears

   - If you need a better weapon or gear, try to hunt them from monsters that you can easily defeat.
MIR M Beginners Tips -Hunting Gears
   - You can find these weapons and gears by checking Menu > Advancement > Hunting Ground. Here you can easily check all items that you can hunt from monsters (just focus on the Drop Reward list below every location).
   - If you can't find a certain Set Item Gear for example, click the Area's Picture > then check them under the "Drop Reward" window.
   - Choose the item you like, then click "Where to Obtain" to check which monster to hunt.
   - NOTE: Set items might have lower Power Scores but if you combine them, their Power Scores would increase because of their set bonus stats.

Before Going Offline

   - Before going offline, I would recommend buying potions and repairing your gears first, then move your character to your favorite grinding area to level up right away once you login with full Vigor (unless you want to enter the Realm first).

   - To increase your Vigor's max duration, get a higher grade Avatar (others can be obtained after reaching certain Lvls).

Auto Hunt Tips For Newbies:

Learn Auto Combat First

Target Range and Manner Mode

   - Go to Settings > Combat > Auto Hunt.

   - Switch between 10 Tiles or 20 Tiles depending on the situation.
   - Select 20 Tiles if monsters in your area are too far away with each other or if you want to let your character move and chase monsters instead of waiting for them to respawn. One drawback is that your character might wonder off into different areas of the map or get drop items that are way too far, so use 10 Tiles to limit the range if needed.
   - TIP: Click your HP/MP bar (center) to open this option.

   - For Manner Mode, just set it to OFF.

Auto Use Potion

   - Go to Settings > Combat > Auto Misc.
   - You need to adjust the sliders to 85~90% to keep your HP high especially during Boss Raids, Dungeon Raids, Rumble Battles, and more. For early game, set slider to 65% MP first, then adjust as you go.
   - To Adjust =  While using HP or MP Potions (M), check your HP or MP if you can still adjust the slider a little bit higher, adjust as you go.

   - Potion Priority (Updated) = Set it to "Prioritize Lower Grade Items".
MIR M Potions in Quick Slots
   - NEW UPDATE: Make sure to follow all Potion related settings to make this work:
   - Equip HP and MP Potions (S) and (M) to your quick slots, then just "swipe down" over their icon to turn "Auto Use" ON or OFF. As default like when grinding, just turn them all ON.
   - This setup would also automatically use HP and MP Potions (S) dropped by monsters.
   - Only turn OFF lower grade HP and MP Potions when doing Raids, Wars, and other events to prioritize better Potions.

Start Configuring Auto Village

   - Go to Settings > Combat > Auto Village.
   - Turn ON = Auto Return to Village, Village Auto Action, and Auto Return to Starting Location.
   - Auto Use Badge of Soaring = Turn OFF, Turn it ON (optional) if you are grinding 2 Floors or more deep inside dungeons, caves, or temples for example.

   - Bag Slot and Bag Weight = Disable, just move your Crafting Materials, Enhance Stones, and other items you don't need while adventuring inside your Storage, to free up space.
   - Gear Durability = 10% or lower. This should trigger Auto Village once you need to repair your gears.
   - Remaining HP = Disable.

   - Max Auto Return Count = 10 times.
   - Quick Slot HP and MP Potions depleted (Updated) = Turn them both ON, then make sure to select lower grade HP potions (S) and higher grade MP Potions (M). This should trigger Auto Village once you run out of HP (S) or MP (M) potions.

   - TIP (Updated): If you want to save Coins, better use lower grade HP Potions (S) and higher grade MP Potions (M) because they have higher HP/MP restore per Coin spent. Still carry some higher grade HP Potions for events like Boss Raids, Wars, and more.
   - If your MP can't keep up with your skill spams, try turning OFF one of your skills for now.

   - Dismantle Gear and Sell Gear = Turn them OFF.
   - Repair Gear and Buy Potions = Turn them ON.
   - HP and MP Potion Buy Count (Updated) = Set both sliders to 999 (also set which Potions to buy, select lower grade HP potions (S) and higher grade MP Potions (M)). Just make sure to move your Crafting Materials, Enhance Stones, and other items you don't need while adventuring inside your Storage, to free up space.

Other Notes

   - NOTE: Using "Auto Quest" would not allow "Auto Village" to activate, also the same if you activated "Maintain Location" for your character (keyboard shortcut is "Y").

   - To free up more space from your Inventory or Storage, try to sell tradable items in the Market for a small fee.

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Leveling, Auto Hunt, and Vigor Tips for the age of war and adventure MMORPG ~ MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond.