MIR M: How To Farm Coins From Monsters

If you need more Coins to buy more Summon Tickets, Shop items, or for Clan Donations, here are some tips that might help you solve your problem while playing in the age of war and adventure MMORPG ~ MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond.

For more Free Coins that you can earn everyday, I would suggest doing your Quests under the "Request" tab. Also try to complete Clan Missions that you can, to get back most of the Coins you donated.
MIR M How To Farm Coins

How To Farm Coins From Monsters

How To Find a Good Spot (For Farming Coins)

Lower Lvl Monsters

   - Must be way lower than your Lvl to make things faster, and to farm Coins without buying HP and MP Potions. You should be able to kill them around 2~5 normal attacks (ranged characters can do it easier).
   - NOTE: Some high Lvl monsters may drop higher Coins but if you are using too much HP and MP Potions + Gear Repair Costs to farm them, then you might be getting lower Coins than expected.

   - TIP: Even better if you can find a spot that would damage you a bit to allow your character to use HP potions dropped by monsters (to avoid "overweight penalties" if farming for hours). Also turn on 1 or more skills to spend MP potions dropped by monsters and for faster Coin farming (make sure to turn OFF auto use for higher grade potions if you want by "swiping down" their icons).

   - In case you don't need to use any Potions dropped by monsters and only use auto attacks, you can turn off Auto Loot for potions if you like. Go to Settings > Combat > Auto Misc. > Select Uncommon or higher for both "HP and MP Potion grade for obtaining" option. This would stop your character to loot Common Potions dropped by monsters, and also avoid running too much around the area (keeps on looting instead of attacking). This is actually also a trick to make other players just loot potions to keep them busy and away from your targets lol.

   - Overweight Penalty Problem = This is probably because your character is getting too much Common Gears like weapons or armors dropped by monsters. If this is the case, go to Settings > Combat > Auto Misc. > Select Uncommon or higher for "Character Gear grade for obtaining" option. 

Drop Rates and Spawn Rates

   - Some monsters will drop Coins better than others, and also because of their spawn locations, enabling your character to farm without running too much (can attack continuously).
   - Find a spot where monsters are close to each other if possible.

Coin Gain

   - Gained Coins from farming would still depend on your character's stats like damage, attack speed, accuracy, and more, so it's best to find farming areas where you can maximize your stats to get more Coins.
   - To check your Coin gain, you can use the "Power Saver" mode just above the Camera icon (lower left side corner of screen).
   - NOTE: If you are getting lower Coins than the indicated drop amount below, that means another player attacked the monster you are attacking (Coins will be based on your damage).

Suggested Coin Farming Locations

   - IMPORTANT NOTE: Start farming these locations once you are able to defeat them easily (follow guide above). If these locations are too crowded, try to change channels, go back after a few hours, or try other spots.

Lvl 16 Fierce Croacker

MIR M Coin Farming Fierce Croaker
   - Location = Bicheon Field
   - Coin Drops = 65~100 Coins. If you can farm around 10,000 Coins every 15 minutes (40,000 per hour), you are doing it right. Can be pushed to 15,000 Coins (60,000 per hour) or more as your character grows stronger.

   - Perfect Coin farming location for early game. Good spawn rate even if it is a bit crowded, and still good to farm even above Lvl 30.

Lvl 16 Hungry Zombie

MIR M Coin Farming Hungry Zombie
   - Location = Ginkgo Valley Abandoned Mine 2F
   - Coin Drops = 100~150 Coins. If you can farm around 10,000~15,000 Coins every 15 minutes (40,000~60,000 per hour), you are doing it right (more or less depending on your gears and stats).

   - This is a good alternative to Fierce Croaker once you are able to defeat them by only using 3~4 hits or Auto Attacks (ranged characters are much more effective here, even better if solo). Make sure to set your "Target Range" setting to 10 Tiles to not let your character go somewhere outside the area.
   - You can also farm gears here that you can use or sell in the Market.

More info here soon...

That's it guys, thank you for checking our How To Farm Coins From Monsters for the age of war and adventure MMORPG ~ MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond.