Brawl Quest: Best Ways to Spend Gems and Gold - Tips and Guide

Here's a guide and tips for beginners on how to efficiently use Gems and Gold in the Arcade and Action mobile game - Brawl Quest - Offline Beat Em Up Action.

While Gold can be farmed from any stages, Gem on the other hand is a valuable resource in the game, mainly needed to increase the Lvl of your Brawlers, refer below to also learn how to get free Gems.

Best Ways To Use Gold

Unlock and Level Up Your Brawlers and Pets

   - TIP: For early game, I would recommended focusing your resources on leveling up Mayor because he is a well rounded Brawler - combos are easier to chain, can keep targets in midair while dealing nice damages when needed, fights well even around tight places, got higher HP and more.
Brawl Quest - Leveling Up Brawlers
   - Mayor is also an excellent Brawler to clear Secret Lab 4-10 Stage (hard mode; 3 Stars).

   - Other brawlers can be used for Dispatch Quests (leveling also increases their success chance), Daily Quests and for certain stages later on so level them up too if you have extra Gold and Gems.

Brawler In-Depth Guide and Recommended Pets to Get

   - Refer to our separate guide here:
   - Best Brawlers and Recommended Pets to Use

Buy Items From the Vendo Machine

   - Depends on what you need at the moment (Brawler/Pets Caps or Orbs).
   - For early game, buy Brawler Caps that you don't have yet to at least unlock them asap, and Pet Caps with very helpful bonus effects. Unlock and continue getting more to upgrade them later on.

Dispatch Quests

   - Do this when you are done with the above options, and have extra Gold.
Brawl Quest - Dispatch Quests

Drops Explained

   - This is one of the best ways to farm Caps and Orbs, so unlock more Brawlers to send more!
   - You can watch ads to make quests faster (or spend gems - optional).

   - NOTE: Sending Brawlers to any dispatch quest will also get 100% chance to receive Caps and Orbs according to the Type of the sent Brawler (aside from the featured rewards). So if you want to farm Caps and Orbs for your Mayor for example, send him out to do Dispatch Quests!

How To Increase Success Chance?

   - Use Recommended Types and/or increase the Lvl of your Brawlers (capped at 90% or lower depending on the area).

My Quest Failed, What Now?

   - You can watch a video ad to claim half of the rewards, or else you'll need to discard all items!

How To Get More Gems?

For F2P Players

   - Free Daily Login Reward: Available from the Premium Shop once a day. Be active and login everyday to claim your reward until you can reach Streak x7 (keep going to continue earning 7 Gems per day!).
Brawl Quest: How To Get More Gems
   - Watch Ads: Just above the stage selection screen, click/tap on the "chest icon" to start watching ads, the 3rd box will always give you free Gems.
   - Complete with 3 Stars: Clear new stages with 3 Stars to get 3 Gems per stage.
   - Complete Daily Quests and Side Quests

Optional Methods

   - Check the Premium Shop and purchase Gems.
   - This is an excellent way to support the developers of the game!

Best Ways To Use Gems

For F2P Players

   - Use it to MAX UP your Brawlers, also consider saving them just in-case you need to level-up certain Brawlers to help you clear specific stages or Boss Stages later on.
Brawl Quest Daily Quest
   - TIP: Use Gems to MAX UP a character, but Lvl Up once only to complete the above Daily Quest and get more Gems!

   - For future Boss Battles that requires certain type of Brawlers, it would be best to test them out first against the Boss before deciding whether to upgrade or not, and to help you choose which Brawler is more effective (if you have more than 1 Brawler with the same type).

   - Use to unlock the 3rd Pet Slot.

Optional Method

   - Use your Gems to Refresh the Vendo Machine to get specific items (optional, luck based).
   - Using the Restock option would increase the Gold cost to 500 Gold each (fixed amount after 1st restock).

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