World of Legends: How To Level Up Fast and How To Use Elixir

Here's a quick guide on how to use Elixirs to level up fast and farm gears in World of Legends: Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying mobile game, available to download from the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Andriod devices.

Refer below to learn some methods on how to get fast EXP, and grind efficiently while farming for gears, scrap materials, collectibles, and more!

How To Level Up Fast

World of Legends: How To Level Up Fast and How To Use Elixir

Do Your Quests

   - Daily Quests gives a lot of EXP and refreshes multiple times in a day.
   - Use your Keys to unlock these Daily Quests and Campaign Quests.
   - Check the time remaining to track when to play these quests again (reserve some Keys too). Note: If the quests won't activate after the cool-down (stuck at 01min left), try to restart the game.

Grind For EXP

   - This is the most common method and can be done anytime, either go for Bosses or normal mobs (depends on your current Lvl, check EXP given after battle, even better if you can defeat them fast).
   - Best done on locations that spawns enemies non stop.

   - TIP: Watch our for limited "Double EXP Events"! Play and be active during this events.

Hunt and Defeat World Bosses

   - Participate in World Boss Battles that your server can defeat to get rewards.
   - Deal any damages that you can, because you can still get rewards including EXP (check via: World Boss icon > Results).
   - This can be done every few hours too!

   - For more info, go here:
   - World Boss Info, Spawn Times and More

How To Defeat World Bosses?

World of Legends: World Bosses Tricia and Niki - Best Team Build, Spells, and Gears
   - Refer to our separate guide below for the first 2 World Bosses:
   - World of Legends: World Boss Tricia and Niki - Best Team Build, Spells, and Gears

Other Methods:

   - PVP Chests: Win and earn points to unlock chests, also gives EXP.
   - Guild Chests: Join an active guild and complete Guild quests, open Guild Chests to get more EXP and other rewards.

Hero Level Up Bonuses:

   - Increases your Hero's Health and Damage.
   - Unlocks New: Sidekicks, Spells, Zones, Extra Team/Spell Slots, and Capacity Increase (Keys).
   - Increases Spell damages or effectiveness.

How To Grind Efficiently

Do Boss Runs!

   - Yup, although it would require you to move from place to place, this is actually the best way to grind. Why? well first of all bosses got some nice EXP and Elixir drops.


   - Bosses will drop random gears that you can scrap to get more Scrap Materials (for upgrading gears). Legendary Gears can also be obtained which is really good when fighting Bosses.

   - TIP: Keep at least 1 copy for each Legendary or even some Epic gears (especially Weapons) in case you'll need them later on for specific battles, some low level ones can get strong enough when upgraded too.
   - Better gears = better chance to defeat higher level Bosses.

   - If you need help finding these Bosses including some tips on how to defeat them, go here:
   - World of Legends Maps and Boss Locations

Collect Collectibles

World of Legends - Mini Quests
   - While moving from place to place, gather collectibles along the way too. Complete NPC quests that requires certain collectibles to get some bonus Gold and Elixirs!

   - TIP: Get a Boots (gear) that gives at least +3 to Roam Speed (bonus stat), to increase your move speed while moving around maps.

How To Use Elixirs?

World of Legends: How To Use Elixirs

For Grinding Farming High Rarity Gears

   - Use Elixirs to battle bosses again without waiting for cool-downs!
   - This is an excellent way to farm better Gears like Legendary Gears.

   - TIP: Challenge bosses using Elixirs until the required Elixir is way higher than the Elixir reward that you can get from that battle.

   - Amount increases as you challenge more:
   - Example (For Lvl 10~15 Bosses): 20 > 30 > 45 > 67 > 101 > 151 > 227 > and so on).
   - So if the boss drops 80 Elixirs per battle, you can challenge them 4~5 times to conserve your Elixirs for higher Lvl bosses later on.