Brawl Stars: Gameplay Info and How To Play on PC with Bluestacks 4

Brawl Stars
   - Time to BRAWL! Team up with your friends and get ready for an epic fast-paced multiplayer MAYHEM! Brawl Stars is the newest game from Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Jump into your favorite game mode and play quick matches with your friends. Shoot 'em up, blow 'em up, punch 'em out and win the BRAWL.

   - After an 18-month soft-launch period in a limited number of countries, Brawl Stars has been released to the global audience! Brawl Stars is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Brawl Stars: How To Play on PC with Bluestacks 4

Brawl Stars: Gameplay Features

   - You can choose to battle with your friends, play solo, or team-up with other players around the world. Choose any events (examples below) to collect Trophies, Experience Points and Tokens.
   - Be warned though because losing a match would deduct trophies from your character! So, choose your character well for certain events to increase your chances of winning.

Example Events or Game Modes:

   - Available game modes depends on the current events, and new events will replace the current ones, once their timers expires.
   - Reach the requirements to unlock more events and special events. Special Events are limited time special PvE and PvP game modes (requires tickets).

Play With Friends!

   - TIP: For best results, this game is best played with friends to execute your strategy more accurately, and as a team. Teaming up with random players can be good or bad depending on how well they can play or at least understand the objective of the game mode.

Gem Grab (3 vs 3)

   - Winning Conditions: Hold at least 10 Gems for the duration of a countdown to win the game!
   - Collect Gems that pops out of the Gem Mine in the middle of the map, frag opponents to take their gems, or grab them from your fallen allies.
Brawl Stars Gems Grab Event Mode
   - Strategy is key here, and every character has their role to play. Basically, large Gem Holders should play more defensively while Holders with small Gems should play more offensively. You don't want to get killed in the enemy territory while holding large amount of Gems, that's almost like giving away the match!

Showdown (Survive the Arena)

   - Winning Condition: Whoever's still standing at the end wins! (you can still win some, depending on your character's rank and your rank after the match).
   - Go alone or with a partner to fight in the Showdown Arena! Collect Power Cubes to increase your Health and Attack Damage. There are poison clouds closing in, so keep moving!
Brawl Stars Show Down Event Mode
   - You can avoid enemies to survive longer, or defeat them to claim their Power Cubes. Also, watch out when entering bushes, because you might encounter camping enemies.

Bounty (3 vs 3)

   - Winning Condition: Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!

   - Long ranged brawlers does seem to have more advantage here because they rarely go head on and just play hit and runs. Using more strategy with other characters, long ranged brawlers or nukers can really shine even more here.

Heist (3 vs 3)

   - Winning Condition: Whichever team busts open the enemy safe first wins. If time runs out, the team that caused more damage to the enemy team's safe is declared winner.

   - Protect your team's valuable safe, while trying to break open the enemy team's safe at the same time! Strategy is also key here, and every character has their role to play (offensive or defensive play). Go for a sneak attack, kamikaze attack or maybe simply out maneuver your opponents and use your speed!

Brawl Ball (3 vs 3)

   - Winning Condition: Take the ball to the opposing team's goal to score! Match ends when one team scores two goals, or at full time.
Brawl Stars Brawl Ball (3 vs 3)
   - Note that when you have the ball, you cannot attack or use your SUPER skills, so work with your teammates to help you get rid of enemies or obstacles along the way!
   - Aim and kick the ball towards your open ally to pass the ball, especially when enemies are about to gank you! If there are no allies nearby, you can clear out the ball towards their goal to let them chase it while you are re-spawning.

Unlocking Brawlers or Characters

What Are Brawlers

   - Brawlers are your heroes or characters in the game. Each bring a different skill set and mastery that affects those you play with and against. Everyone starts with Shelly - she's an all-rounder and is a great character to use in any situation!

How To Unlock More Brawlers

   - To unlock them, you need to collect a number of Trophies and fill up the "Trophy Road". Click on your Avatar or in-game Name to check your progress.
How To Unlock More Brawlers
   - Total Trophies is a combination of all your Brawler's individual Trophies, so it is best to play with all of your available characters to easily collect a lot of trophies early on.
   - Trophies can be farmed by winning games against other players, using any characters.

   - Other brawlers can be obtained from Brawl Boxes or Big Boxes.
   - New Brawlers will be available from the SHOP's Daily Deals in the Shop (buy with Gems), so make sure to check what is on offer so you don't miss out!

Different Types of Brawlers

   - If you haven't noticed yet, not all Brawlers are considered equal. There are 6 types of Brawlers in the game - these are Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythicand Legendary. Unlocking all Brawlers requires a combination of luck and a bit of patience, looks like this is by design and to make progression fairer to everyone.

   - Even though you may not have unlocked the Brawler you really want, don’t be disheartened as it is only a matter of time!

How To Play Brawl Stars on Bluestacks 4

   - Here's a quick guide on how to play Brawl Stars using the best Android Emulator.

   - Bluestacks is a gaming platform for emulating Android games on your PC or Laptop, changing how you play mobile games. With Bluestacks, playing Android games will take you to another level because you can now use the flexibility of your keyboard and mouse to give you full control of your game, regardless which gaming genre you are playing!
How To Play Brawl Stars on Bluestacks 4
   - It is also a popular method to get more play time and enjoy the game with wider screen, better graphics, smoother gameplay, and without having battery problems.

Download Bluestacks 4 Gaming Platform

   - Join over 300 million people playing their mobile games on their PC using BlueStacks!
   - Download and Install this android gaming platform on your PC first:
Download Bluestacks

Next: Download Brawl Stars on PC

   - Next, just click the Game Icon below to redirect you to the official download page.
   - Click the "Open Brawl Stars" option, then click "Openin the browser popup to directly install the game to your Bluestacks ~ easy!
(Click Game Icon Above To Do Easy Install To Bluestacks,
Select "OpenBrawl Stars")

Set Up Key Map (Bluestacks Keyboard Control)

   - Open the Keyboard Control UI (keyboard icon, lower right area) anytime while playing to set Hot Keys for your game.
   - Use the "Eye" icon next to it to adjust the visibility of your keys during gameplay.

Example Brawl Stars Key Map

Example Brawl Stars Bluestacks Key Map
   - WASD: Go to settings and set the "Locked Movement Control" to ON. Next, enter any battle and add the D-Pad, adjust to fit the circle (in-game control).
   - Keyboard Only Mode: Use "L" and "K" keys (only quick attacks).
   - Keyboard and Mouse Mode (Recommended): Use mouse to drag and aim attacks, also for quick attacks, or alternatively use "Q" for a quick Super attack ("E" is an optional quick normal attack).
   - Use any Mode above depending on your character and event mode you are playing. Edit or add more keys if needed, depending on your play style.

Link Your Game!

   - Go to Settings and Connect or Link your Game to any social media or game account.
   - If you have an existing game from your phone or tablet, make sure that it is properly linked to your account first to back up your data and play on multiple devices!
   - If want to play your Mobile Game from Bluestacks to your Phone/Tablet, make sure to link as well.

FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips:

   - Note: Before anything else, make sure that you have the latest version of Bluestacks, check their website for a new version (ex: Bluestacks 4.0 and Bluestacks 4.32). Download and update your Bluestacks to support newer android games.

Brawl Stars Won't Start?

   - If you are having trouble starting the game via Bluestacks, you might want to check your Bluestacks Settings.
   - Go to Settings > Engine > Try and switch between OpenGL or DirectX (graphics modes). Check or uncheck "Use advanced graphics engine mode", or leave it unchecked by default.

   - Note: If you get a notification once you click on Brawl Star's App icon that says "App might not start", just ignore and select "continue anyway".

Brawl Stars's Gameplay is Laggy!

   - Same solution above, try to switch between OpenGL or DirectX (graphics modes). Check or uncheck "Use advanced graphics engine mode", or leave it unchecked by default. Personally, I switched to Direct X and the lag disappeared.
   - You can also try to increase the number CPU cores and Memory (recommended 2048 for Brawl Stars) for smoother gameplay.

   - Good Luck and Happy Playing! ^^