Lineage 2 Revolution: Beginner's Tips and How to Play on PC with Bluestacks

Lineage 2 Revolution
   - is a revolutionary open world MMORPG,  action-packed adventure mobile game available for iOS and Android.

   - Lineage 2 Revolution has a  seamlessly incorporated open-field battles of the grandest scale, with  top graphics quality actualized using Unreal Engine 4. Experience a life like world right at your fingertips!
Lineage 2 Revolution: Beginner's Tips and How to Play on PC with Bluestacks

Lineage 2 Revolution - Game Feature

   - Play in synchronous real-time with all players from across the globe, and experience the realm of Lineage 2 Revolution from anywhere, anytime. The game is also full of exciting features like the Elite Dungeon and Extraction Dungeon, along with lots of other ways to get stronger!

Lineage 2 Revolution: Beginner's Quick Tips

   - Aside from completing all quests including daily activities and events to get rewards, or claiming freebies, here are some quick tips that would help you get started as a new player in Lineage 2 Revolution.

Which Character Class To Choose?

   - Every character can select different sub-classes, so as a newbie, it might take a while before you can find the best character class that suits your play style.
   - To help you out, here are some popular recommendations that you might like to try:

Warrior Type Units:

   - Dark Elf > Blade Dancer: Melee DPS type unit with nice party buffs.
   - Elf > Swordsinger: Melee DPS type unit with nice party buffs.

   - Human > Paladin: Melee tank unit with Provoke skill and party support buffs.
   - Elf > Temple Knight: Melee tank unit with Invulnerability buff and party support buffs.

Rouge Melee Type Units

   - Rouge > Plainswalker: Melee DPS type unit with nice speed, debuff skills, and self buffs.
   - Dwarf > Scavenger: Melee DPS type unit that gives Adena Gain bonuses for the whole party!

Rouge Ranged Type Units:

   - Elf > Silver Ranger: Ranged DPS type unit with stun, debuffs, and nice buffs.
   - Human > Hawkeye: Ranged DPS type unit with debuff skills, and self buffs.

Mystic Type Units:

   - Elf > Elder: Ranged support unit with excellent healing and buff skills.
   - For DPS type Mages, you can pick any that you like.

Quick Skill Upgrading Guide

How To Obtain SP?

   - Skill Points and Adena are needed to upgrade Skills.
   - To get SPs, simply level up your character, complete quests, or by claiming rewards from competing missions.
Lineage 2 Revolution Quick Skill Upgrading Guide

Basic Active Skills

   - For your Basic Active Skills early game, just increase them if you need more fire power, but only upgrade up to Lvl 4.
   - Note: The use of skills may be restricted depending on your class and weapon choice.

Basic Passive Skills

   - Focus and upgrade your passive skills early game onwards, until they are no longer cheap to upgrade, or when the returns are kinda small compared to the resources that it requires.

Skills To Focus On:

   - Focus on upgrading your 3 Major Active Skills, these are high damaging skills that you will be using for both PVP and Boss battles.
   - Using Active Skills that gives buffs, is optional for Arena depending on your preference.

Quick Runes Imprinting Guide

   - Once you are able to unlock this feature early game, I would recommend that you do not focus on it too much and just use the "Auto-Imprint" feature.

   - Why? because you'll eventually max out the first 4 pages. For the next pages, you can ignore them for now since the requirements are kinda expensive and you'll get lower success chances, better do this at later stages of the game.

What Materials Are Required and How To Get Them?

   - Rune Fragments and Adena are required for rune imprinting. The success rate may vary depending on the rune types.
   - You can acquire Rune Fragments in the Tower of Insolence and in the Bundle Shop.

Quick Tips for Gears and Forging

   - Everything that you need to know about Gears and Forging can be found in-game. Go to the Forge option and click or tap on the (?) located at the upper left corner of your screen, to help you out. However, I would still give you some quick tips here for reference.
Lineage 2 Revolution Quick Tips for Gears and Forging

Rare Gears and Weapons:

   - These gears have blue background and PVP stats, just keep them for mid to late game content. You can get Rare gears by combining A+A, S+S or R+R gears and weapons (random chance).
   - I would recommend combining A+A gears until you get Rare gears, since they are easier and cheaper to combine.

   - Combining A gears to get a Rare weapon, might not be a good idea especially early game, so it's better to focus on getting your weapon to SR as soon as possible to quickly progress through the game.

   - Make sure that the base equipment is on the "left side" area during combination process.
   - Note: All existing Enhancements and Soul Crystals that are in your base gear will be retained when you upgrade or combine your gear.

C and B Gears:

   - Use them as fodders to your other gears (especially Accessories because they are uncommon), or sell them to get some Adenas and to save inventory space (except accessories).

Weapons and Gear's Sub-Stats:

   - A Gears = 1 Sub Stat;  S Gears = 1 Sub Stat;  R Gears = 2 Sub Stats;  SR Gears = 3 Sub Stats;
   - Note: These sub-stats can be re-rolled but better use your re-rolls on your SR Gears only!

Which Sub-Stat is Great for Grinding?

   - I would highly recommend that you go for "MP Regen" sub stats, to keep on using skills while conserving MP potions. This method would also save you a lot of Adena in the long run.
   - "HP Drain" is also an excellent sub-stat for all around use!

Which Sub-Stats are Great for Damage Types?

   - Aim for any of these sub-stats per gear and weapon, those highlighted ones are highly recommended:

   - Weapon: Attack Speed, HP Drain, Critical Rate, Crit Damage, or Penetration.
   - HeadgearHP Drain, Physical/Magical Defense, or Penetration.
   - ArmorPhysical/Magical Defense, Speed, Resilience, or Evasion.
   - GlovesPhysical/Magical Attack, Penetration, or Evasion.
   - Boots: Attack Speed, Speed, Resilience, or Evasion.
   - NecklaceHP Drain, Attack Speed, Critical Resist, or Resilience.
   - EarringsHP Drain, Speed, Critical Resist, or Penetration.
   - RingsHP Drain, Critical Rate, Critical Damage Increase, or Critical Resist.

How To Play Lineage 2 Revolution on Bluestacks

   - Here's a quick guide on how to play Lineage 2 Revolution on Bluestacks using the best Android Emulator.

   - Bluestacks is a gaming platform for emulating Android games on your PC or Laptop, changing how you play mobile games. With Bluestacks, playing Android games will take you to another level because you can now use the flexibility of your keyboard and mouse to give you full control of your game, regardless which gaming genre you are playing!
How To Play Lineage 2 Revolution on Bluestacks
   - It is also a popular method to get more play time and enjoy the game without having battery problems.

Download Bluestacks Gaming Platform

   - Join over 250 million people playing their mobile games on their PC using BlueStacks!
   - Download and Install this android gaming platform on your PC first:
Download Bluestacks

Download Lineage 2 Revolution on PC

   - Next, just click the Game Icon below to redirect you to the official download page.
   - Click the "Already using BlueStacks? Open Now" option, then click "Open BlueStacksin the browser popup to directly install the game to your Bluestacks ~ easy!
(Click Game Icon Above To Do Easy Install To Bluestacks,
(Select "Already using BlueStacks? Open Now")

Link Your Game!

   - If you have an existing game from your phone or tablet, make sure that it is properly linked to your account first to back up your data and play on multiple devices!
   - If want to play your Mobile Game from Bluestacks to your Phone/Tablet, make sure to link as well.

Customize Lineage 2 Revolution's Control Keys (Key Maps)

   - Open the Keyboard Control UI (keyboard icon, lower right area, or sidebar) to set Hot Keys for your game.
Customize Lineage 2 Revolution's Control Keys (Key Maps)

   - Lucky for us, the game already have a pre-made key map for Bluestacks 3 users, but still customize them the way you like if needed.

   - Good Luck and Happy Playing! ^^