Play Android Games on PC with Bluestacks 4 Gaming Platform

Bluestacks 4 is a new update from the Bluestacks series, a more powerful gaming platform for emulating Android games on your PC or Laptop. With Bluestacks 4, you can now change how you play mobile games by downloading, playing, and enjoying the latest and most advanced mobile games around the world!

Use your PC and laptop's full power with Bluestacks 4 to generate faster game-play, better graphics, and controls than your tablet or phone. Take advantage of your rig's power too to eliminate battery problems!
Play Android Games on PC with Bluestacks 4 Gaming Platform
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Join over 300 million players playing their mobile games on their PC using BlueStacks!

Perks of Playing Android Games with Bluestacks 4

   - Personally, I've been using Bluestacks since version 1 to play Android games, and here are some of the perks why I am still using this powerful gaming platform, now with the new Bluestacks 4!
   - Here are some key features and benefits for all players.

Future Proof Your Gaming Experience!

   - Phones and Tablets can only play a limited number of Android mobile games depending on their hardware specifications and Android version, greatly limiting your gameplay experience in the long run. So, without any android emulator, you'll need to buy new phones or tablets just to play all upcoming Android Games.
Bluestacks 4 is 6x faster than Samsung Glaxy s9+
   - With the new Bluestacks 4, players can now play all new and upcoming Android mobile games with faster and smoother gameplay thanks to it's exclusive upgraded hypervisor that improves CPU usage, plus the requirement of Open GL 3x will no longer be an issue as all games will be supported.

   - The best part is, Bluestacks 4 is 6x faster than Samsung Glaxy s9+ and 8x faster than Bluestacks 3 in terms of performance!

Play with Bigger Screen and Simplified UI

   - The new Bluestacks 4 now have a cleaner design. They replaced the menu tabs with a simple icons dock, keeping only what matter to users.
Play with Bigger Screen and Simplified UI

   - This is really a good improvement, because you can now open up Bluestacks and direct you to the home screen by default, separate from the App Center, Bluestacks Points reward screen, and Bluestacks World for example. You can load and open them up via the icons dock, only if needed.
Play with Bigger Screen and Simplified UI
   - By using your PC or laptop, you can sit tight and enjoy your favorite Android games with wider screens, giving you a clearer view on what is happening within your gaming world!

   - Also, by taking advantage of your PC or laptop's video card capabilities, you can enjoy your mobile games by playing with the highest graphic settings possible, increasing the quality of your gameplay experience!

Play With Multiple Accounts!

   - Just like it's past versions, Bluestacks 4 still maintains it's Multi Instance feature.
   - From the icons dock located on your home screen, select the Instance Manager to create another instance.

What is Multi Instance?

   - It simply means you can open and run 2 or more Bluestacks programs on your screen!
   - Note: Using another instance will also require more RAM and/or Space though.
   - Multi-instance with different options for a better use of all the games.

Continue Playing While Browsing

Continue Playing While Browsing
   - Unlike before, you can now continue playing (games will not pause or stop) when you switch to other non-Android tabs! This is really cool because you can browse all features or other game info while your games are loading or are in auto-play!

   - Note: If you want to play 2 Android Games at the same time without switching tabs (gameplay doesn't pause or stop), use the Multi Instance feature instead.

Get Faster Reaction Time with Key Maps!

   - Take advantage of your PC's keyboard and mouse to enhance your gaming experience!
   - Bluestacks 4 presents a new intuitive key-mapping to give gamers the fastest and most natural game controls.
   - Open the Keyboard Control UI by clicking on the keyboard icon located at the lower right area, or sidebar while playing any game.
Get Faster Reaction Time with Key Maps!
    - Note: Once you install or update to Bluestacks 4, your previous Key Maps will disappear, so you need to place them back. Click or drag the actions on the screen to bind keys.
   - The best thing is, and finally, they included the zoom in and zoom out key maps!

   - Now, playing Android games will take you to another level because you can use the flexibility of your keyboard and mouse to give you full control of your game, regardless which gaming genre you are playing!

Other Notable Features:

New Installer

   - Lighter and better performance to preserve older data when upgrading versions.
   - Separate 64-bit and 32-bit to reduce install size and time.

Search Recommendation

   - Suggested search provides recommendations based on your previously installed and played games. This is a nice touch in my opinion.

More languages Supported

   - Support for more than 20 different languages.

Bluestacks Comparison Chart and System Requirements

Updating Bluestacks 3N to Bluestacks 4

   - Download the installer and install Bluestacks 4.

Download Bluestacks 4 Now!
Join over 300 million players playing their mobile games on their PC using BlueStacks!
   - A new window will appear recommending that you should "Backup" your data and info, (save your installed games including your login information, and active accounts) do so, then hit the "Update "button.
   - Easy! Now you can continue playing with your favorite Android mobile games.

   - Refer below to learn more about Bluestacks 4.

Bluestacks Related FAQs

Do Emulators Count as a 3rd Party Software?

   - This was an issue before among the gaming community, but now a days Emulators are widely accepted by all including Game Developers as a gaming platform similar to your phones or tablets.

Will I Get Banned By Using Emulators?

   - Nope, because even game developers now a days do advertise their games through Bluestacks too.
   - Note: I've been using Bluestacks for years, and I didn't get any bans just by using them.

   - Players however would still get the ban hammer if they are using 3rd party programs like "cheats" while using any Android Emulators.

I Am Having Trouble with Bluestacks 4!

   - Check the Help Center from your icons dock (home screen) to browse the help section.
   - You can also check their support page here for more information:
   - Link Here: Bluestacks 4 Support Page

*Good Luck and Happy Playing Guys! ^^