GunboundM: FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

GunboundM is a turn based PVP battle mobile shooter game based from the popular Gunbound game. Presented by DargomStudio Co.,Ltd, now available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Create a team and control 3 different Mobile Types using your own strategic styles. Collect Avatars to strengthen your Mobiles, and use Items, totems, and cloud effects to dominate your opponents!
GunboundM: FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List
- Beginner's FAQs, Tips and Guides -

Beginner's Tips, Gem Spending, FAQs and Strategy Guide

   - In-Game Currencies, Items and Other Freebies
   - Best Ways to Use Gems Early Game (F2P)
   - Main Features to Build Up and Focus On
   - General Team Building Guide

Battle Tips for Wind and How to Charge SS Bars Fast

   - Basic Combat Tips
   - Some Helpful Tips While Practicing: Wind Force and Direction
   - Mobile Types and Weaknesses
   - SS Bars and How to Charge Them Fast
GunboundM Avatars and Mobiles

Recommended Avatars (Free and Gear) for Mobiles

   - Tips on which Avatars are best to use on your Mobiles.
   - Learn the 2 Primary Roles of your Team

Battle Items, Totems and Cloud Effects

   - Battle Items and How to Use.
   - Different Kinds of Totems and their Effects.
   - Learn About Cloud Effects

How to Increase League Rankings Fast

   - PVP Battle Modes and their Differences.
   - Tips on How to Increase GP Gain per Battle.
   - Ranking Promotion GP Requirements.

- Other GunboundM FAQs -
GunboundM FAQs and Tips

How to Complete Wind Master at Wind Force 10

   - How to Get a Successful Point.
   - How to Adjust Guide Lines for Wind Force 10.
   - Other FAQs

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