Sword Art Online: MD - Best Ways to Spend Diamonds - F2P Guide

Here's a quick guide on how to use your Diamonds efficiently, especially if you are playing as a "Free to Play" user. Follow the steps below in-order, but please note that these are just suggestions, you can still play your game the way you like it.

If you need help for the terms used below, refer here: Sword Art Online: MD - Terminologies and Team Building Guide
Sword Art Online: MD - Best Ways to Spend Diamonds - F2P Guide

Important Note:

   - If your aim is to at least get top 20 or top 10 in ranking events, then follow these tips, but if you are not into ranking events, then just collect characters and their weapons, Limit Breaking is optional.

Scout Characters First

1st Character: Your Main DPS Core Unit!

   - Preferably, a high ranked character, depending on the available banners.
   - A DPS Core Unit is a Dagger, Lancer, Rapier, Dual, or Sword wielder that handles combo generation (with high hits/sec on their SS3), faster parry execution, MP gain, and more. Your main unit is someone that you will use most of the time and carries your team once they run out of MP.
   - Links Here:
   - 5* Burst DPS Tier List (Ranking Events)
   - 6* Burst DPS Tier List (Ranking Events)

   - Preferably, choose Scout banners that offers units under Neutral, Dark, or Holy element, because these characters will not get any damage reduction against any element. Highly recommended for F2P players.

Re-rolling and Earning Diamonds

   - You can obtain better units through re-rolls, then by earning Diamonds as you go through the game (login events or stage/mission completion rewards). This game isn't really 100% P2P, you just need a lot of luck to pull this off as an F2P player.
   - Link Here: Re-roll Guide
   - Watch out for limited event guaranteed pulls too (rare though), this is your best chance to do re-rolls.
   - Keep collecting Diamonds as you go, this game has a lot of freebies anyway.

2nd Character: Aim for another Top Tier Unit

   - This can be any character that will go with your Main Core unit: Another DPS combo generator; DPS Support Nuker.
   - Nukers/Burst Damagers' role is to spam SS3s until they run out of MP, then switch to your Main Core Unit if needed.
   - Link Here: Burst DPS Tier List

3rd Character: None or Any For Now

   - As a F2P player, you have limited resources, so focus on your first 2 characters for now, unless you are very lucky with your pulls.
   - Support units that can buff your team's attack damage or inflict debuffs to enemies are also good to have as your 3rd unit.
   - Link Here: Support Units and Tier List

Scout Their Weapons Next

Aim For R4 Unevolved Shop Weapon For Your Core Unit

   - Prioritize your main character first, then your other high ranked unit.
   - Preferably, with same element to get stat bonuses.
   - R4 Weapons that gives extra bonuses like "-10% MP requirement" are highly recommended. Always aim for a way to let your characters fire 3 SS3s using gears and weapons.

At Least R3 Unevolved Shop Weapons For Your Other Units.

   - One alternative way it to save up all of your R3 unevolved shop weapons then evolve them to 4*.
   - For Rank AA and below characters, just give them what you can for now.
   - Preferably, with same element to get bonuses.

Weapon Exchange Shop (Upgrade Section)

   - In case you were unable to draw any good weapon, you can also use this option to exchange 4 unevolved R4 weapons that YOU DON'T REALLY NEED. Sometimes it's best to save some strong weapons in-case you are able to draw stronger characters.
   - For more info, refer here: Weapon Exchange Shops FAQs

Option 1: Gather More Elemental Characters!

   - Using elemental characters is also great but this will also require you to scout more banners. Limit Breaking is also optional since they can get more damage when used against their counter elements.
   - So, if you will follow this path, Scout any number of characters that you like. Preferably, get at least 1 strong unit per element and weapon type.

Option 2: Focus Now on Limit Breaking!

Limit Break Your Core Unit

   - Again, prioritize your main DPS character until he or she reaches Lvl 90~100.
   - Preferably, only Limit Break Rank SS or S units (choose wisely, preferably someone that you use most of the time).
   - Note: In ranking events, a Lvl 100 Rank SS Core Unit can sometimes out-DPS 2 Lvl 80 characters, if done right.
SAO: MD - Farming Hacking Crystals

Farming Hacking Crystals

   - For more info, go here: Limit Breaking Guide

Scout and Upgrade Your 3rd Unit

   - Once you are able to Limit Break your Main DPS unit to Lvl 90~100, it's time to Scout for your 3rd character if you still don't have one.
   - This can be any character, preferably another high ranked unit.
   - Scout his or her weapon too, then Limit Break your 2nd and 3rd strongest units to Lvl 90~100 as you go.

What To Do Now?

Here's some options that you might want to consider:
   - Scout units that can help you for the Floor Clearing Events like tanks and at least 3* Healers to make you gameplay much easier.
   - Refer here for Floor Clearing ratings and rankings:
   - 6* Characters Tier List (Overall)
   - 5* Characters Tier List (Overall)

   - Keep your Diamonds for stronger banners in the future. Always keep at least 500~1000 Diamonds for guaranteed pulls events (you'll never know, it's best to have some backup Diamonds for this kind of unexpected events).
   - Scout and create teams that are strong against certain elements (if you followed Option 2 above).
   - Create another team, in-case you run into event missions or stages that requires 2 teams to complete.
   - Farm and Evolve your Main Core Unit's Weapon to R5 (very optional).

Other Ways To Spend Diamonds

   - You can also use your Diamonds to expand your inventory, but only if needed.

There you go guys, I hope I was able to help answer most of your questions regarding Diamond spending, characters to scout, weapons to invest and more. Good Luck! ^^

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