The Trail: House Upgrading Guide and How To Obtain Planks

Upgrading your House is necessary to unlock House Furnitures, items with stat effects that greatly affects your gameplay. During early game, try to upgrade your house to Lvl 3 then 4 asap before going beyond Eden Falls.

House Upgrading

   - Upgrading your house will also show how active your are to your fellow town mates. Continue and help each other to upgrade your houses beyond Lvl 4.
The Trail: House Upgrading Guide and How To Obtain Planks

House Upgrade Materials

Raw Upgrade Materials and Crafted Materials
   - 3x Flint Pebble = 1x Stone Tile
   - 3x Iron Nuggets = 1x Metal Bolt
   - 3x Hemp Fibre = 1x Woven Cloth
   - 5x Birch Sticks = 1x Moulding
   - 5x Beaver Fur Scrap = 1x Tanned Leather

Where to Farm or Buy Raw Materials
   - Can be gathered around Sequoia Region and beyond Eden Falls. Notable location: Sequoia Region - Lumberjack's Rise > Eden Falls.
   - If you want to buy these materials instead, go to Sequoia Region's ferry camp: Prairie Crossing Camp Site (beside the ferry). Note that if the traders are selling a different kind of items, just restart the game.

Other Sources (Materials and Crafted Items)
   - Alternatively, you can also randomly get these items from "Top Trader" Gifts, Raccoon drops, or from "Ad Girl Annie".

Crafting House Materials
   - You can use your own or your neighbor's machine to craft these materials.
   - Warning!: Other players can also take your upgrade materials, so keep them once it's done.
   - In case you want to take some finished materials from your neighbors, it's best that you replace them too with some raw materials.

Upgrading Your House
   - Enter to your own house and place all required crafted materials to upgrade your House.

How To Upgrade House to Lvl 5

How To Obtain Planks?
   - Planks can be obtained from the Lumberyard (unlocked using Gold).
   - 10x Pine Logs = 1x Plank.
The Trail - How To Obtain Planks?
   - It is highly recommended that your Town should also unlock the Community Logging area (unlocked using Gold) to get more Pine Logs.

How To Obtain Gold?
   - Gold is used to unlock Town upgrades or buildings, and can be obtain by the following methods:
The Trail - How To Upgrade House to Lvl 5
   - By selling warehouse crates to the trader who comes to your Town every 24 hours.
   - By winning the Town Weekly Assessment contests (Warehouse and Explorer's Guild).

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