Pokemon GO: List of Pokemon From 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs

Here's a list of Pokemon that can be hatched from Eggs. Eggs can be gathered when checking out items from PokeStops, place the Egg in an incubator, and the Egg will hatch into a Pokemon as you walk.

   - All Pokemon from 2km Eggs can also be obtained from 5km and 10km Eggs, with higher CP rating. All 5km Pokemon can also appear from 10km Eggs, with higher CP rating.
   - Each Egg displays the number of kilometers you must walk for the Egg to hatch. In general, the more kilometers required, the rarer the Pokemon that will hatch.
Pokemon GO: Eggs Hatching Guide
- Available Pokemon Per Egg -

2km Eggs 5km Eggs 10km Eggs
Bulbasaur Abra Mr. Mime Aerodactyl
Charmander Bellsprout Nidoran♀ Chansey
Squirtle Cubone Nidoran♂ Dratini
Caterpie Drowzee Oddish Eevee
Weedle Eevee
Paras Electabuzz
Pidgey Exeggcute Poliwag Hitmonchan
Rattata Farfeth'd Ponyta Hitmonlee
Spearow Gastly Porygon Jynx
Pikachu Goldeen Psyduck Kabuto
Clefairy Grimer Rhyhorn Lapras
Jigglypuff Growlithe Sandshrew Magmar
Zubat Horsea Seel Omanyte
Geodude Kangaskhan Shelder Onix
Magikarp Koffing Slowpoke Pinsir
Krabby Staryu Scyther
Lickitung Tangela Snorlax
Machop Tauros
Mankey Tentacool
Meowth Venonat

Other Tips
   - Make sure you have the Pokemon GO app open while you walk. Kilometers walked when the Pokemon GO app is closed won’t count toward hatching your Eggs.
   - Travelling by a fast vehicle such as planes, trains and automobiles, can be detected by the game, so walk, run, or use a bicycle to make the distance count.

When Is The Best Time To Start Hatching Eggs?
   - You may do it from early game if you want, but I recommend that you only use the orange incubator. Save the blue ones for later since they are consumable (especially for F2P Trainers).
   - Start with 2km Eggs first then those 5km ones, keep all 10km Eggs until later levels, unless you really need to.

Once You Reach Around Lvl 20
   - This is the best time to start hatching 10km eggs, to boost your Trainer Lvl (new Pokemon+10km Egg Hatch XP Bonus) and to get some Pokemon with high CP (better hatch fresh 10km Eggs for higher CPs), if you are lucky enough.

Bonuses From Hatching Eggs
   - 2km = 200 XP
   - 5km = 500 XP
   - 10km = 1000XP
   - New Pokemon = 500XP
   - Candies: You can also receive around 6 to 35 Candies, depending on the rarity and CP rating of the hatched Pokemon.

Using Lucky Eggs To Boost Trainer Lvl!
Pokemon GO: Lucky Egg
   - Optional method but highly recommended: Simultaneously incubate all 10km Eggs you have available. Meet the requirement, but once they are about to hatch, activate a Lucky Egg!
   - To maximize your Lucky Egg's effect, start mass evolving your Pokemon to their 1st or 2nd evolution next, using your hard earned Candies!
   - Good Luck! ^^

Notable Pokemon From 10km Eggs
   - Notable ones at the moment are: Snorlax, Lapras, and Dratini.

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