Pokemon GO: List of Pokemon That Doesn't Evolve

Here's a list of Pokemon that currently doesn't evolve. Although they doesn't have any evolution phases available, their relatively high CP will compensate for it. To get one of them with high CP rating, it is best to hatch them from Eggs early game around Lvl 20+, or catch them from the wild once you reach Trainer Lvl 30+.
Pokemon GO: Pokemon That Doesn't Evolve
- List of Pokemon That Doesn't Evolve -

Pokemon List
Aerodactyl Kabuto Onix
Articuno Kangaskhan Pinsir
Chansey Lapras Porygon
Ditto Lickitung Scyther
Electabuzz Magmar Snorlax
Farfetch'd Mew Tangela
Hitmonchan Mewtwo Tauros
Hitmonlee Moltres Zapdos
Jinx Mr. Mime

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