Pokemon GO: FAQs, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guides List

Pokemon GO: is a thrilling augmented reality adventure mobile game presented by Niantic, Inc., available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Now’s your chance to discover and capture the Pokemon all around you, so get your shoes on, step outside, and explore the world!
Pokemon GO: Tips and Guides
- Pokemon GO: New Trainer's Tips and Guides -
Pokemon GO: Quick Walkthrough Guide

- How To Get Pikachu as Starter and The Basics

Quick Walkthrough Guide - Lvl Up Fast and Catch Up!
- The Best Way To Use Lucky Eggs to Boost Trainer Lvl.
Pokemon GO: Evolve or Powerup First?

- Choosing Your Base Pokemon To Evolve.
- CP Arc Points and Caps Explained.
- Evolution Easter Egg: How To Force Eevee's Evolution.

- How Important Are IVs?
- Do They Carry Over After Evolution?
- How To Determine Your Pokemon IVs
- How Rare are 90% and 100% Perfect IVs?
- How To Spot A Pokemon With High IVs
- Pokemon List -

- Basic Info, Type, Resistances, Recommended Move Sets, and more.
- Pokemon Info and Charts -

Pokemon Evolution List
- Number of Candies Required
- List of Pokemon That Can Evolve.

List of Pokemon That Doesn't Evolve
- Pokemon Obtained From the Wild or Eggs.

- Minimum Trainer Lvl and CP for Evolving a Pokemon to 2000+ CP.

- List of Pokemon From 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs.
- Best Time To Hatch Eggs.
- Notable Pokemon From 10km Eggs.

- Attack Types That Are Effecetive and Non-Effective.
- Defensive Type's Strengths and Weaknesses From Attacks.

- Ranked According to Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Total.

- After the major moves re-balancing update.
Best Defensive Type Pokemon - Gym Defenders

- Ranked According to Overall Offense, Defense, and Popularity.

- Strategy Guide for Conquering Gyms
- Gym Lvl and Prestige Requirements
- Solo Mode or Team Play Strategies
- More Gym FAQs
Pokemon GO: Gameplay

More In-Depth Guides and Data Info Coming Soon!
(Currently working on mini databases that might help trainers along the way ~ Lvl 20+ and 30+)

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