Bloodline: 4 Stars Dark Element Heroes and Skills: ULT, Talent, and Leader

Here's a list of Skills for all 4 Stars Dark Element Heroes in Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire mobile game. If you want to know the new skill set of your 4* heroes after evolving them from 3*, or if you are looking for a nice Dark Hero to add to your team, then you may refer here for information.
Bloodline Heroes
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Jax the Savage
   - Lionheart II: 1 round of moderate Dark Element damage to a single enemy, with equipped 5.6mm stun bullets have a small chance to cause paralyzed.
   - Bloodlust II: Jax just gets better as he fights on, with damage caused is increased by 3% at the beginning of each round.
   - Growth II: Party members start every battle with 6% more MAX HP.
General Leo
   - Fracture II: The cursed hammer "Freedom's Honor" strikes at a single enemy 9 consecutive times, causing severe Dark Element damage.
   - Undead King: Leo gains power from the Legion of the Dead, causing an extra 30 points damage with each hammer attack.
   - Spirit Order II: Leo's damage increases by 100% after becoming leader while DEF increases by 50%.
Queen Medusa
   - Stone Gaze II: 1 round of severe Dark Element damage to a single enemy, with a good chance to cause paralyzed.
   - Fury Power II: The anger in Medusa's heart is ignited, with all damage is increased by 15% at full Fury.
   - Dark Guard II: All party members receive 15% less damage.
Lich Rogge
   - Dark Chant II: Deal minor Dark Element damage to all enemies.
   - Magic Alter II: Rogge, an expert in black magic, gains 15 Fury each time he receives magical damage and causes an additional 10% damage if he is in the same party as Leo.
   - Dark Guard II: Dark Element enemies cause 25% less damage.
Demonic Box
   - Phantom Hit: A four-hit attack that deals severe Dark damage to a single enemy.
   - Mirage Fury II: Damage increases by 30% when HP is below 30%.damage and causes an additional 10% damage if he is in the same party as Leo.
   - Energy Pool II: Demonic Box steals from the enemy, gaining an extra 35% Gold during battle.

Other Notes
   - Ult Skill: An Active Skill that is available when Hero's Fury bar is full. Can be upgraded through Fusion using Skill Mats, or Heroes with Similar Skill Type (Single. AoE, or Healing).
   - Talent: A Passive Skill that appears after reaching the required Number of Stars (mostly 3 Stars) and unlocks depending on the required Lvl of the Hero.
   - Leader Skill: A Passive Skill that activates once a Hero is selected as Leader or Ally. The effect still works even if the Leader or Ally has been defeated.

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