Angel Stone: Shadow Mage Stats and Skill (Angel Stones) Builds

Shadow Mage is a Mid-range class that can Cast destructive spells from a distance and do powerful melee attacks to utilize all of his or her skills. Shadow Mages are perfect for fighting massive groups of enemies at once!
- "Cast and Slash" Skill Builds -
Important Notes:
   - Passive Skills mentioned below MUST be equipped to work.
   - If you encounter ANY of the recommended skills below, farm and upgrade to at least 25 or 30, max what you currently need.
   - Use Skill sets according to your needs, for mission or stage property guide requirement, and more.
   - Optional: Buy some Passive Skills from the Magic Shop or Demon Shop, to make them stronger (+Stars), and to get late game passives early on rather than later. Farm them from Dungeon Stages once available, and reset their mission attempts once a day for faster farming.
   - For Battle Zone, it's up to you, experiment and have fun.

Angel Stones that are redeemed from Daily Login like Active: Pestilence (August Login Reward, added in Demon Raid Shop) will not be included here. Experiment with them as you go.

Recommended Skills:
   - Passive: Inner Fire (must have)
   - AoE: Inferno
   - Single: Ice Crusher
   - Buff: Incandescent Frenzy (the shield, is also pretty useful for any skill sets).

Other notable combos:
   - [Inner Fire + Incandescent Frenzy + Inferno] = probably your first "cast and slash" skills early game (Lvl 15+, ACT 2, upgrade them all up including Chaos Sphere and Crescent Slash).
   - [Incandescent Frenzy + First Aid] for survivability.
   - [Any Skills Above + Time-Space Distortion], combo after AoE skills for clearing mobs.

Recommended Skills:
   - Passive: Venom Shield (must have)
   - AoE: Black Death (highly recommended due to duration) and Song of Spears
   - Single: Root Bind

Other notable combos:
   - [Any Skills Above + Time-Space Distortion], combo after AoE skills for clearing mobs.

   - Gravity Rend also, but can still be used to fill up slots. Nice AoE combo after Black Death or Song of Spears.

Recommended Skills:
   - Passive: Blood Oath (must have) and First Aid
   - AoE: Crescent Slash
   - Single: The Reaping
   - Buff: Blood Frenzy

Other Notable Combos:
   - [Blood Oath + First Aid] = If First Aid's 2nd skill option procs a lot, the better!
   - [Blood Oath + Blood Frenzy] = nice, normal attack combo.
   - [Crescent Slash + Chaos Sphere] = check Chaos Sphere's info below.
   - [Any Skills Above + Time-Space Distortion], combo after AoE skills for clearing mobs.

Recommended Skills:
   - Passive: Arctic Armor (must have)
   - AoE: Chaos Sphere (highly recommended due to duration) , Magic Arrow, Eradicate
   - Single: Smite

Other Notable Combos:
   - [Any Skills Above + Time-Space Distortion], combo after AoE skills for clearing mobs.
   - [Chaos Sphere + Crescent Slash/Gravity Rend] = bonus Movement Reduction damage.

   - Encroaching Coldness doesn't have extra damage for X seconds, but can be a useful CC skill if you like PVP. Note though that Main Bosses are immune to abnormal statuses.
   - Dark Wave is situational (needs timing), but can still be used to fill up slots. Nice AoE combo after Chaos Sphere, Magic Arrow, or Eradicate to prolong the "extra damage for X seconds" effect.
   - Out of Control doesn't have extra damage for X seconds, but can be used to fill up slots. Nice AoE combo after cursing enemies.

Other Notable Skills
   - Time-Space Distortion: an all around must have skill for pure or hybrid skill sets, best used after casting an active skill, or multiple property skills. Can also be used as an escape mechanism vs bosses with wide range skill effects, or to dodge powerful attacks, just time it well.
   - Half-Moon Slash: it has it's uses, especially when you need to fill up slots early game or to help with Training Airship's "Single target skills only".
   - Blink: might be usable at higher levels.

   - Passives: Aegis and Armor Arcana: Nice chance passives while farming for better ones.

   - Summon: Carrion Chomper: A nice tank that can be used even at Lvl 50+, easy to farm and upgrade, max always. Change if you want at higher lvls.

- How To Play "Cast and Slash" Builds -

Shadow Mage can attack from mid-range, so it is possible to do FAST hit and runs, useful vs slow melee monsters. For mobs, just run around to group them up, then use your AoE skills. Use your summon to tank.

Pure Builds (ex: Fire Only)
   - Basically, what you need to do is to cast any of the recommended AoE, Single, or Buff Skills above which gives extra X damage for X seconds, then spam normal attacks to activate your passive skill until the duration ends, repeat until enemies are dead.
   - Keep spamming normal attacks while casting your skills, use them wisely.

Hybrid Builds
   - Same as above but this time make sure to pick active skills with long duration or animation, cast 2 or 3 of them, then spam normal attacks for even higher damages!
   - Still watch out for enemy skills though, move out from their skill range.

Example Hybrid Build:
   - Passive Skills: Venom ShieldInner Fire, and First Aid.
   - Active Skills: Black DeathSong of SpearsTime-Space Distortion/Root Bind, and Incandescent Frenzy.
   - Probably your first hybrid skill set for ACT 3.

Example Hybrid Build:
   - Passive Skills: Venom Shield, Blood Oath, Arctic Armor, and First Aid.
   - Active Skills: Black Death, Chaos Sphere, Crescent Slash = combo with Chaos Sphere's "move speed decrease bonus damage", and to push back enemies into the Sphere again.
   - 4th Active Skill: The Reaping for high single DPS, or Time-Space Distortion (replace Crescent Slash) for DPS and escape tactics.

   - There are probably more skill sets out there for certain situations, learn, experiment and enjoy!

- Recommended Stats From Items -

Skill Options!
   - You can also get Skill Options from Legendary Items that will enhance your preferred Skills!

Stats and Unique Options
   - Reduce Resource Consumption or Max Resource +: These stats will help you cast more skills, nice for long boss fights.
   - Attack Speed: For faster normal attacks, higher DPS.
   - Reduce Skill Cooldown: Nice stat to increase DPS.
   - Extra Damages: Nice addition to your arsenal, increases DPS.
   - Resistances and Reductions are very common, can be nice for certain mission stages to increase survivability.

   - Critical Chance: Chance to get higher damages, might be better at higher lvls.
   - Dodge: Chance to avoid non-skill damages, might be better at higher lvls.

   - Stats needs more testing though XD. Suggest your preferences also. ^^

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