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Kill Me Again: Infectors is a survival horror Puzzle RPG game presented by NHN PixelCube Corp., available on Android Google Play, iOS App Store. Pick up new guns, upgrade your survival gear, and gather a network of allies to help you gun down the zombies as they swarm toward you!
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What Classes are Available in the Game?
   - There are 3 types of classes in the game. There types and characteristics are as follow:

[Class Types and Characteristics]
   - Advanced Soldier: Focused with strong vitality and strength, it can lead a safe journey.
   - Researcher: Using various chemical weapons, it can assist comrades and weaken the enemy force.
   - Hit Woman: Focused with strength, it is very agile and can make swift attacks.

Can I Use Another Character in the Game?
   - Character slots are available in [Character Management] to create another character within the game. You can create up to 5 characters maximum.

How Can I Strengthen My Equipment?
   - You can strengthen equipment such as weapon and armor by using items or reinforcement kits. Items can be acquired when you clear the mission or through purchases in the shop. Reinforcement kits can be acquired through rewards from achievements or through Challenge Shop.
   ※ Costumes and accessories can not be reinforced.

How Do You Extract Items?
   - You can extract an item using the jewel shaped button next to the reinforcement button.
Items above A-Grade can be extracted.

What are Runes and How Do I Get Them?
   - Runes are used to change the option of an item. It can be acquired from extracting items above A-Grade.

How do I Equip and Change Options for My Runes?
   - After selecting an item you wish to change, press the [Option Change] button to switch the unwanted rune with the one you wish to use.
EX) One handed weapons can only use runes with one handed weapon option.
   ※ In order to change the option, items and option runes must match.
   ※ You cannot change the costume's option

What are Soldiers?
   - After reaching level 5, you can register your character as a soldier. During the game play, such as mission and challenge, if you hire a soldier, you will receive additional buffs such as more experience and rank points. Also, if your friends hired your soldier, you will receive payments depending on the number of times your soldier was hired.

How Can I Determine the Rank of My Soldier?
   - There are 4 types of ranks; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. There are divisions based on each rank.
   - Soldier's rank will be based on the soldier's rank points. Rank status change weekly, and will be determined based on saved points from previous week.

   - Bronze : 1 Divisions
   - Silver : 1~2 Divisions
   - Gold : 1~3 Divisions
   - Platinum : 1~4 Divisions

What are the Differences Between Combos and Chains?
   - Combos occurs when more than 3 blocks are matched for more than 2 consecutive times. Within a given time, if you match more blocks after hitting a combo, combo counts will increase. Chains occurs when you successfully finish more than 2 lines of blocks without removing your finger from the screen.

What is Challenge Mode?
   - You can enter the Challenge Mode once Story-3 region is completed. You'll be competing with points you acquire from the sub-missions.

   - You can enter the Challenge Mode 5 times for free. After a certain time (1 hour), you will receive an admission automatically. For every phase you complete, you will receive bonus time added to your time challenge. Once your character dies, the game will finish.

   - Also, using the points you gained from playing Challenge Mode (CP), you can purchase special equipment from the Challenge Shop.

What is Rescue Mission?
   - Rescue Mission is based on finding a missing person using the hidden hints in each region. You can find more information on hints and access to Rescue mission on the bottom-left section from the story mode.

What is Hidden Boss and How Do I Activated It?
   - Hidden Boss can be played by capturing an infected boss. Hidden Boss will be activated if you receive enough stars from playing the game on Hard mode.

What are the Types of Ranking System?
   - There are 2 types of ranks in the game; Rank-points rank and Challenge rank.

   - [Types of Ranks]
   - Rank-points rank: Every week, ranks will be decided based on the amount of rank-points saved within that week. Current rank and this week's rank-points rank may not be proportional.
   - Challenge rank : Every week, ranks will be decided base on the amount of Challenge Mode points.
   ※ Ranks will be reset every Monday, 12:00 A.M (GMT+9 Based).
   ※ Rank-points Rank rewards will be sent via mailbox, every Monday, 12:00 A.M. Types of rewards vary depending on one's performance and everyone is eligible. (GMT +9 Based).
   ※ Challenge Rank rewards will be sent via mailbox, every Monday, 12:00 A.M. Types of rewards vary depending on one's performance, and will be sent through mailbox. (GMT +9 Based).
   ※ For Rank-points Rank, if an individual has same points as another person, whoever score first, wins.

How Do I Acquire Skill Points (SP)?
   - Skill points can be acquired when you level up. However, you can also purchase SP in our in-game shop.

Where Can I Collect Monsters?
   - You can collect monsters randomly during Story mode, Challenge mode, and missions. Monster collection is available in your illustrated book.

What is the Purpose of the Ticket and How Do I Get It?
   - Tickets are used to open Ticket-box to obtain various items. It can be acquired in Rank-shop, or during events.

What is a Clear Ticket and How Do I Get It?
   - Clear Tickets are used to clear a mission automatically. It can only be used for missions where you received 3 stars. Experience and rewards will be the same normal runs.
Clear Tickets can be acquired from achievements, and quest rewards or can be purchased from Rank/Challenge Shops.

What's QTE?
   - QTE stands for Quick Time Event, and it refers to the skill used by the zombies. When a zombie grabs on to a player and QTE is activated, your character will continually receive damage from the zombie. QTE can be stopped when you touch your blockfield multiple times, or match the highlighted blocks required to stop it!

*Source: Full Credits and Thanks to FAQ for the Official FAQs.

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