ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - Arena Info and Tips

Arena is a place where you can fight other players' AI controlled characters with all you got! Battle for your rightful position in the Arena Rankings and claim handful items that will strengthen your characters!
- Gathering V Points! -
Your total V Points will determine your place in the Arena Rankings.
To gain more V Points, challenge a random player under these 3 categories:

   - Lower ranked than you = 1 V Pt
   - Around the same rank with you = 3 V Pts
   - Higher ranked than you = 5 V Pts

   - Challenging a player with lower Lvl and Rank than you, will likely give you a higher chance of winning, but if you are confident enough to challenge a higher Lvl player, then you may do so.
   - Note: Since the v1.0.8 Update Patch, Gamevil removed the Lvl requirements of gears, so you might even find a Lvl 1 character with godly gears! Watch out...

Refreshing Arena Opponents
   - You can wait for the "Until next update" timer to expire or pay 1 Zen for Instant refresh (optional).

1 Challenge 1 Arena Ticket
   - You can get more Arena Tickets per day (at server reset).
   - 10 Tickets for the Leader, and 3 tickets for the other characters created under same account. So if you are wondering why you are only getting 3 tickets, the answer is you need to set your current character as Leader in the character selection screen first.

   - You can also hold on for a maximum of 20 Arena Tickets, but I suggest you consume some of them before the next reset.

- Arena Rewards! -

If you are looking for a place to get more [Accessories] and [Fairies], this is the right place!

Arena Victory Rewards

   - Winning fights can give you [Accessory Coupons], [Random Gear Coupons], [Gem Coupons], [Fairy Coupons], [Gold], and [Zen!]
   - Most items are grade D though.

Arena V Pts Reward
   - As you accumulate V Pts, each tier or milestone you reach will allow you to obtain a nicely upgraded Accessory Coupons.
   - Aim for the grade A or B Accessory Coupons if you can, before the season ends (1 week).

   - If you login everyday and spend all Arena Tickets, you'll have 70 Tickets Total.
   - 70 x Master (5 V Pts) = 350 V Pts
   - 70 x Intermediate (3 V Pts) = 210 V Pts (enough for A Accessory Coupon)
   - 70 x Novice (1 V Pt) = 70 V Pts

   - *For high Lvl P2P players, this is a nice option too for your Zen, the Arena rewards.

Arena End of Season Reward
   - Season = 1 week, check the "Until End of Season" for the time remaining.
   - Fairy Coupons will be given depending on your rank after the Season.
   - This is kinda hard for new F2P players, but the reward is based on percentage so keep going!

- Arena Brawl Feature -

Unlocks at Lvl 25
   - Still under AI PVP fight, but now you'll gonna fight 4 other players.
   - You can choose a partner, a hero that you own that you can summon during the fight.
   - Losing a battle will get you 1 strike, get 3 strikes and brawling is over for the day.

   - Being the last survivor of the match.
   - You will get various prizes depending on the number of wins you made. Check the (?) in-game for more information.

Winning + MVP
   - Being the last survivor of the match and ranked 1st for dishing the most damages.
   - Reach MVP 10 times to get more rewards. Check the (?) in-game for more information.

You can also get more rewards by completing certain missions related to brawling (rewards depends on the current in-game event).

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