ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide For Beginners

Her's a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the Acton RPG game ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time. Follow the guide below and watch out for notification icons in-game, it needs your attention.
- Choosing a Character  -

Pick a character that suits your play style. For beginners, the Slasher or Fighter is highly recommended because it's easier to control than the range type ones, and with better survivability too.

General Stat Builds

Pure Builds
   - Just pump all Stat Points to their respective Primary Stats.
   - Note that every character has their own unique stats growth per Stat, and increasing their Primary Stat will definitely increase their Attack with good numbers. Yep!, even a Fighter who is a tank will get a nice ATK+ per Stamina!

Hybrid Builds
   - 2 Primary Stat and 1 to Any Stat you like, most likely to Stamina, to increase survivability.
   - Since Fighters already have Stamina as their Primary, they can go for +1 DEX.
   - Note: These are not the only way to build a hybrid character.

Skill Building Guide
   - You'll get 1 Skill Point per Lvl, and +5 every after Awakening.
   - Do not use all Skill Points every after Lvl up. Save them for later for maxing your main skills after using the [Awakening] feature. Awakening increases the Lvl caps of your skills to +3.
   - For Passive Skills, I highly recommend the increase [Attack+%] and [Defense+%] because they yield great bonuses at higher levels.

More About the Awakening Feature:
   - For more info go here: Awakening and Soul Stones

Character and Skill Builds
   - Go here and refer to the Character Stats and Skill Builds Section  of the page.

- To Do List, Info and Tips -

Daily Login Event
   - Get your Login reward: Gold, Item/Fairy/Gem Coupons, Sweep Tickets, or Identity Scrolls.
   - Note that rewards may change according to the current event.

The Gift Box Section
   - [1st Slot] = Receive Stamina by logging in everyday at a specific time.
   - Example:(GMT +8) [8AM~10AM], [12PM~3PM], [5PM~7PM], [9PM~11PM].

   - [2nd Slot] = Here you can see the next type of Stamina that you can claim.

Free Sweep Tickets and Identity Scrolls
   - Claim once a day, and right after you increase your VIP Lvl.

VIP Section and Missions
VIP Benefits and Gifts
   - Every time you complete missions, you will get a number of [VIP Points] that will increase your VIP Lvl. Depending on your current VIP Lvl, you will get various benefits, and milestone gifts.

Complete Daily Missions
   - Do these missions first, since it has the least time limit available.

Do Weekly, Event Missions and Achievements
   - Complete what you can at your own pace, then claim your rewards.

Holding On to Items, Again!
   - Similar to the Mailbox idea above, some active players also use the same method to maximize their VIP gifts, Weekly, Event and Achievement rewards here.
   - Optional for non-active players, but still recommended.

   - Hold on to your Item Coupons: (Grade B or higher: Gears, Accessories, and Gems) until the timer is about to expire or when you reach around Lvl 30.
   - If you can hold on to them much longer, the better.

   - Note: For Weekly and Event Missions, keep in mind that they have time limits also.
   - Unused gears above can still be used for cheaper [Enhancing], Gear Grade [Upgrading], and for increasing the [Seals].

Shop - Claim Free Items

   - [Equipment] > [Daily Freebies] > [Free Equipment]
   - [Gem] > [Daily Freebies] > [Free Gem]

Friends Section

Friend List
   - Send or Claim Friend Points.
   - Accumulate 20 Friend Points to gain a Friend Points Reward!
   - Get more Friend Points from your Mailbox's Participation Rewards.
   - Friend Points Rewards: You can get either [Gold], [Battle Stamina], [Raid Stamina], [Identity Scrolls], or [ZEN!]

Requests and Add Friend
   - Note: Play the game with a HIVE Account (or link your Facebook account) to be able to invite/accept friends in-game, this feature is not available for Guest Accounts.

   - Check for Friends Requests and accept them to assist you in your dungeon runs (Fairy Tower), friend related missions, and Friend Points collection.

   - Add all active players you can find or need. Add via the [Add Friend] feature, or just go to town, then click on players' characters to open the Friend Request window, add them if you want.
   - Add players that are around your Lvl for a higher chance to get accepted, but still try to add high level players.

Add Players According To Your Needs (Fairy Tower)
   - Example: If your character can't take damages well, better add friends or players using Fighters or Slashers, they will help you tank mobs and bosses.
   - If your character is a tank, and you want to quickly finish things up, add players using high DPS characters like Magicians, Assassins, and Rangers (Fighters or Slashers are still ok though).

Unfriending Friends/Players!
   - Under Friends List, check and unfriend players that are inactive for a very long time and way below your level, this will clear up some space so that you can add more players to help you in your Dungeon Runs (Fairy Tower).

Invite Friend (For HIVE Accounts Only)
   - This is different from the Add Friend feature above, because you need to add friends directly from your HIVE Account, not in-game.
   - Go here: How to Add Friends using HIVE Account

Crafting Gemstones to Gems
   - Open the Craft menu and start Crafting all Gemstones you have into Gems.
   - Do this non-stop! For more info about Gems, go here: Gems and Gemstones Info and Tips

The Mailbox!
   - This is where you can get all claimed freebies.
   - You can hold on to your items for maximum of 3 Days, after that they will disappear, so be careful.

Why Hold on to Your Mailbox Items?
   - Well, some very active players do this:
   - In order to maximize their rewards, they will only redeem Coupon items (Grade B or higher: Gears, Accessories, and Gem Coupons) that are about to expire, this way, they can get better quality of items.

   - Note that items redeemed is based from your character's current Lvl, this is a good idea especially early game.
   - Optional for non-active players.

- Dungeons/Arena/Monster Wave -

Choose Where You Want to Go:


- Other Tips and Reminders -
Reset an Item's Stats
Zenonia S Reseting Gears
   - You can reset or re-roll a gear's stats for free once a day. After that, the Gold amount increments per reset attempt.
   - Tap the gear you want, then go to the [Customize] menu then [Reset] tab.

Zenonia S Upgrade SEALS
   - The Seals feature unlocks at Lvl 25, a place where you can get more bonus stats for your character. Just upgrade what you can, this is better done late game though.
   - For more info, go here: SEALS Info and Tips

What Time Does the Server Reset?
   - Go to your Daily Mission tab, check the Remaining Time, then adjust according to your own time.

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