Final Fable: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide For Beginners (Part 1)

Here's is the Part 1 of the quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the role playing game Final Fable. Collect and summon heroes to join your epic team, upgrade their gears, skills, and stats to make them a formidable allies and help you dominate the Campaign Battles, Arena, Conquest and more!

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Final Fable Beginner's Guide (Part 1) -

   - Once you see this, check it out because it needs your attention.
   - Look for this "Red Dot" every after battle to check your progress/missions, or to claim a reward.

   - Follow and complete your Quests while doing Battle Modes to give you ideas on what to do next. No need to rush, just reach what you can with your current team, if you can't advance, stop and refer to the "Once You Hit A Wall" section below.
   - Complete to get various rewards.

   - Account Registration Reward
   - Go to your Avatar Icon > Link Account > Get free Gems from Quest reward!

Daily Quests
   - A must to do tasks to level up your Team Lvl.
   - Complete what you can to get various rewards.

   - Touch of Gold - Midas Touch: Do this 5 times a day just to get the Team Lvl EXP. Since it will consume 50 Gems, this will be an optional feature for F2P players.
   - Buy & Win: This is optional for F2P gamers.
   - The Elitist: Do this only once your Hero reached Purple+. Check and prioritize stats that is important for that Hero first, especially weapons.
Other Freebies

   - Monthly Login Rewards:
   - Sign-in everyday to get awesome rewards, especially the free Hero of the month.

   - Mailbox (in-game):
   - Here you can claim your Login Rewards, Arena ranking rewards, Event giveaways, and other Freebies.

   - Wellspring - Magic Tome:
   - Do not waste your Gold for Magic Tomes, just use your "Bonus Chances" for some extra items.
   - Spend your Gold into more useful options like upgrading skills.

   - At later levels, once you have excess Gold, it is ok to spend them on "10 Summons" Magic Tomes to get some free heroes (if lucky), gears (including purple), and Hero shards. Make sure you have a couple of millions though for upgrading skills.

   - Wellspring - Arcane Tome:
   - Your first Arcane Tome draw has a high chance to reveal a 2 or 3 Stars Hero, so it's a good idea to spend your first few Gems for this one early game.
   - After the first one, just get the "Bonus Chances" after the cool-down timer (about 2 Days).

   - If you are a heavy or casual Gem user, get the "Buy 10" Option to get 1 guaranteed Hero as a bonus. For Free 2 Play gamers, earn your extra Gems for this one as you go on (optional).

   - Wellspring - Divine Tome:
   - Event only tomes, optional for VIP 9 gamers.
   - For F2P players, just continue playing for a chance to get some free Divine Scrolls for this one.

   - Events and Codes!
   - Check the events section and complete what you can for more freebies!
   - Check Final Fable's Facebook Page for redeemable gift codes or rewards.
   - After completing the Fable 1 Chapter, the Referral Code will be unlocked to get more awesome rewards, go to this guide for more info on how to use it: Free Referral Codes!

   - More Freebies
   - You can gather various items that pops around the World Tree! (aka Mines)
   - Check the Chat area for free items from Chat Events!
   - Claim Titles form the Missions Tab to gain more rewards!

Battle Mode: Normal/Elite/Legendary -

Continue the tutorial and gather all free heroes. Always pay attention to the info under the "Enemies" tab for some quick tips (especially for Elite and Legendary stages), and also click on enemy portraits for more info. If possible, build a team that can counter them.

*If you are about to lose a battle, hit the Settings (Gear Icon) > Retreat to lose only 1 Stamina.
*Do not rely on Auto Deploy and Battle, you can learn many things by doing it on your own!

Stages with 3 Stars
   - Getting 3 Stars will unlock the Sweep option ("requires sweeper items").
   - Normal Battles: EXP is evenly shared to all Heroes who joined the battle.
   - Passed Battles: No hero EXP, but you'll get EXP items that you can use to any Hero you choose.
   - Both Battle types will require Stamina. EXP and drop rates are almost the same though.

Normal Mode Completion Bonus
   - Finish the Normal Story Mode to claim 1 Chaos Tome for a chance to get a nicely promoted hero!

Once You Hit a Wall (Get Stuck!), Here's Some Tips To Do:

1) Increase Team Lvl
   - Team Lvl is the most important aspect in the game. It will unlock new features and strengthen your Heroes by lifting up their Hero Lvl and Skill Lvl caps. It also increases your Max Stamina for more gameplay time.
   - Get Team EXP from battles and Daily Quest completion rewards.

2) Increase Hero Levels
   - 2nd most important aspect in the game because it lifts up the Lvl cap of skills, and will greatly increase skill damages.
   - Stats increases depending on the Stats Growth of the Hero.
   - You can also check the levels of your enemies by tapping on their portraits in the stage info screen, before the Hero selection screen.

   - If one of your Heroes is maxed, you might want to switch that Hero to one of your lower leveled Heroes to level him/her up too, especially when doing replays at lower stages. To effectively level up a new front line Hero, you might want to add another tank, healer, or just feed EXP potions.

   - Looking For a Good Team?
   - One basic way is to refer to the "Combos" section under the Heroes Menu.
   - Your heroes can get huge stat bonuses when 2 or more heroes that share the same combo are under the same team.

   - Ex: Select your favorite hero then refer to his/her Combo page, choose for the stats you want then aim for the heroes listed. For stats that requires 4 heroes, you need to get all 4 and put them under 1 team.

3Upgrade Hero's Skills

   - Ultimate Skills can be activated when the MP bar is full. It is filled when your Heroes attacks, gets attacked, or if they will do last hit kills for +300 MP bonus.
   - Note: HP and MP Regen only triggers between waves or battles.
   - Other skills activates automatically during battle.

   - Which Skills to Upgrade?
   - All of course to make your team strong, but which ones first? Focus on your main Heroes, then work on the next ones.

   - Here's some tips:
   - Skills that can buff stats or heal the team.
   - AoE (Area of Effect) Skills that can do massive damages to all enemies are also great.
   - Massive single attacks, especially with high crit chance!
   - Disability skills like stun, silence, blind and more, some skills will get higher chance when upgraded.
   - or any skill you think is good, the point is, there's nothing wrong if you are upgrading skills.

   - Upgrade Hero's Growth
   - The most basic way is to check the Hero's Stats under the Stats Tab.

   - Check the Base stats for Strength, Intelligence, and Agility (not the stats growth on the left, what you want to see are the stats on the right with white numbers only). Focus on the Stat with the highest white number first for that hero.

4) Farm Gears and Evolve Heroes
   - I'm sure you are wondering if which heroes to evolve more? I'll say, focus on your main Heroes, then work on the next ones.
   - It's ok to evolve your heroes to Blue +1 or +2, but after that, you need to decide which core heroes to evolve to Purple.

   - None: means there are no available gear for that Hero. Tap to check where to farm the item/s needed, tap on the map or stage name again to automatically take you there, if it's accessible.

   - Evolve your heroes to make them stronger (will add stats from gears) and to unlock new tier of skills.

5) Farm Hero Shards (Elite Chapters or Rifts)
   - Farm Shards to get more Heroes by completing a set of Summon Shards.
   - I recommend you farm them all, since they are only available to farm trice a day. This is also a nice way to spend some of your excess Stamina.

   - Elite Stages (Team Lvl 11): When farming Shards, the chance is just around 33%, so other players do this: Once they get a Shard, stop farming on that stage, this is because most of the time, once you get the Shard, it will never drop another.

   - Rifts: Check Rifts section in our Part 2 guide for more info.

   - Promoting Heroes (+ Stars)
   - If you already have the Hero, Shards will just be used as Promotion Materials, farm them if you have extra Stamina to use. For now, focus first on getting more Heroes and upgrading your main Heroes' Lvl and Skills.

   - Optional: While farming Shards for new heroes, you can also farm some Shards that will give quick promotion to your 1 Star Heroes that you might like.

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