Dot Arena: Back Heroes - Skills List and Skills to Upgrade First

Here's a list of skills for all heroes in the action strategy RPG multiplayer online game - Dot Arena. If you are looking for a Hero with strong single attack, AoE, support buffs or maybe a nice control effect, here's a list where you can find them. Remember, the key is using 5 Heroes to work together.

Legend Guide
   - US: Ultimate Skill (primarily unlocked)
   - GS: Green Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to green)
   - BS: Blue Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to blue)
   - PS: Purple Tier Skill (unlocked after Fusing to purple)
- All "Back Line" Heroes -

Bomb Bros
   - Goblin Moment: Summon a flying Bomb Bro to enter the battlefield and attack the enemy with lasers. Releasing this ability again will cause the flying Bomb Bro to deliver fatal blows to the enemy. The longer he is flying, the more damage he deals.
   - Buried Mines: Call a Bomb Bro to go running into the battlefield, placing landmines along the way. The mines will explode if an enemy comes near, or if a certain amount of time passes, dealing magic damage.
   - Trap Toss: The Bomb Bros. toss a mysterious box into the air, and when it lands it will release either damage dealing mines or stun traps. The range of the trap being triggered is greater than the mine.
   - Suicide: Bomb Bros. desperately charge towards the enemy, vowing to take everyone with them in an AOE explosion, dealing a massive amount of magic damage. This ability will be automatically released when Bomb Bros have less than 20% HP remaining.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Calamity: Summons nature's wrath, attacking random enemies. Each hit causes up damage degree.
   - Stand Off: When the battle begins, Dagwood is currently preparing off the field, increasing ATK and HP. He can enter at anytime.
   - Tree Team: Summons 2 brave hedgehogs to fight. They have high magic resistance and can be used even if Dagwood is not on the field.
   - Gladeseer: Ties an enemy to the spot using vines, not allowing enemy to move or cause physical damage, and is also unable to evade.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Infernal Mending: Infernal powers heal Crackles and greatly increase his Physical Attack. The effects of this ability last until the end of the battle and are stackable.
   - Flame Arrow: Fires a flaming arrow at the target, dealing extra Physical damage.
   - Barrage: Crackles increases his Attack Speed for a short time.
   - Darkness Shot: Crackles slips into darkness and reveals himself with an attack, increasing his Physical Critical Hit.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Venom Strike: Drako spits a venomous blast at his target, dealing heavy damage over time.
   - Toxic Spew: Drako hits an enemy with a venomous liquid, dealing Magic damage. The venom reduces the target's defense, and deals damage over time.
   - Oozing Scales: Toxic liquids ooze from under Drako's scales, providing him with additional Magic armor.
   - Lethal Glands: Enlarged venom glands add to the potency of Drako's attacks, greatly increasing his Physical Attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > PS > GS > BS

   - Nature's Will: Calling on the strength of nature, Eva heals all allied Heroes.
   - Inspirit: Eva tosses her javelin, dealing extra Magic damage.
   - Enrapture: Confuses an enemy with a charm spell, causing them to turn and attack their own allies.
   - Forest's Embrace: The power of the forest envelops Eva, increasing her Physical Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > PS > GS

   - Glacial Strike: Frostik launches a tracer marking, and when his ultimate is tapped again, an explosive ice ball will land where the tracer was stopped. Any enemies hit will be cursed by the frost, making it difficult to recover HP. If the enemy is lower than 10% HP, then they will immediately be dealt 20% of their total HP amount in pure damage, killing them instantly.
   - Ice Field: Cast frozen magic on the enemy that gradually freezes the target and deals DOT for 4 seconds. After that, the target will be frozen. However if the target manages to move within the 4 seconds, the spell will be lifted.
   - Frozen Void: Cast an icy void area onto the battlefield that reduces the magic armor of any enemies that walk into it.
   - Frost Impact: Every enemy inside the ice void area will receive additional damage from Frostik's normal attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Tactical Strike: Gyzmo's plane may be little, but the warheads are big. Launches guided missiles at a target enemy, dealing AOE Physical damage.
   - Rocket Lob: Launch a missile at a target in the back ranks of the enemy, causing Physical damage and a Stun.
   - Strafing Run: Gyzmo flies over the enemy position, strafing them with his machine guns and damaging all enemy units.
   - Bunker Buster: Gyzmo's missiles are refit with the latest bunker busting, armor piercing technology. Physical Piercing is increased.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Channeled Beam: Hyral gathers light with his staff and then releases it in a beam that deals Magic damage to all enemies. Staff charge time can at most be 5 seconds, and the longer the time, the more damage dealt. Tapping Hyral's portrait while he is charging will release the beam before it is fully charged.
   - Arcane Restoration: Hyral uses the powers of light to restore Power for an ally. He will transfer the Power to the ally currently with the highest Power, but not including allies whose Power gauge is filled.
   - Blinding Flash: Hyral Blinds an enemy with a beam of light. The enemy who was Blinded will suffer a great drop in Physical Attack Accuracy.
   - Binding Light: Hyral gathers energy from light to guide his allies, greatly increasing their Magic Attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > BS > GS > PS

   - Windfury: Fires an arrow with summoned wind that flies through the enemy ranks, dealing Magic damage.
   - Stun Arrow: Stuns and deals Magic damage to an enemy unit.
   - Triple Shot: Jade uses the power of the wind to fire 3 quick arrows at an enemy unit.
   - Swift Step: Jade uses her Elven speed to dodge the enemy's attacks and increase her Evasion.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Laser Cannon: Jimmy fires his laser cannon, emiting a beam that deals heavy Magic damage.
   - Toxic Rounds: Jimmy sacrifices 20% of his health and switches to an injection round, firing shots that increase his rifle's firing speed and firepower.
   - Increased Firepower: Jimmy upgrades his rifle's magazine capacity, increasing his ATK.
   - Piercing Rounds: Upgraded ammunition allows Jimmy's bullets to pierce through the enemy's Physical Armor.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

   - Snipe: Snipes the weakest enemy dealing major Physical damage.
   - Explosive Round: Fires at an enemy causing Stun and Physical damage.
   - Grenade Launch: Tosses a grenade at the enemy causing AOE Magic damage.
   - Rapid Components: Magnum summons magic to increase the speed of the components in his rifle, increasing his overall Agility.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > PS > BS

   - Starfall: Stars fall like rain from the heavens, dealing AOE Magic damage to enemy units.
   - Pounce: Neko bravely pounces into the enemy ranks, increasing all allies' Movement and Attack Speed by 25% as well as boosting their Physical and Magic Attack.
   - Kinetic Arrow: Fires a kinetic arrow into the enemy, dealing Magic damage and causing a prolonged Stun.
   - Ambush: Conceals those around Neko with moonlight, increasing all allies' Agility.

   - Skills to Prioritize: GS > BS > PS > US

   - Volley: Noire fires arrows in succession towards the enemy, dealing heavy Physical damage. The higher the ability level, the more arrows she releases.
   - Ice Arrow: Fires a single arrow, dealing Physical damage to the target.
   - Silence: Silence a number of enemies, only allowing them to use physical attacks.
   - Archer's Mark: Increases Physical Attack for all allies.

   - Skills to Prioritize: GS > BS > US > PS

   - Shadow Substitution: Raven swaps positions with a target enemy. If Raven has learned Magic Bolt, she will immediately shoot the target with Magic Bolt upon swapping positions.
   - Magic Bolt: Fires a Magic Bolt, Stunning the enemy and dealing Magic damage.
   - Terror Wave: Awakens the enemy's deepest fears, dealing heavy AOE Magic damage to the enemy and reducing their defense.
   - Commanding Aura: Raven leads with commanding purpose, increasing all allies' Physical Attack.

   - Skills to Prioritize: BS > PS > GS > US

   - Death Protector: Summon a Death Protector that deals magic damage and attacks the enemy.
   - Foregone Magic: Shaka focuses his magic to cure any allied units around him.
   - Stun Powder: Shaka throws a vial of Stun Powder that bounces among the enemy. Each bounce causes the enemy to be stunned and dealt magic damage (summoners' and illusions' stun time will be much longer and will take double damage).
   - Curse: Release Shaka's Curse, affecting a small area. The cursed enemies will lose HP continously, while any Physical and Magic damage dealt to them will cause 10% extra damage. Effects last a total of 8 seconds.

   - Skills to Prioritize: GS > BS > PS > US

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   - Lightning Ball: Turn into a storm and charge through the battlefield. Any enemies that are hit will be dealt magic damage in a series of magic attacks. When casting this ability, cannot be affected by any control abilities.
   - Blur: Volto uses the power of electricity to create an illusion of himself among the enemies. When the illusion detonates, it deals magic damage to surrounding enemies.
   - Suffuse: When Volto casts any ability, he overloads his body's electrical charge. His next attack will deal electrical magic damage to his target and surrounding enemies.
   - Electrical Vortex: Volto uses electricity to give himself electrical charge, increasing his intelligence.

   - Skills to Prioritize: US > GS > BS > PS

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