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Candy Crush Soda Saga is a sodalicious action and arcade mobile and social game presented by King. Available on Android - Google Play, iOS App Store, and Facebook.
Candy Crush Soda Saga is a brand new game from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga. New candies, more divine combinations and challenging game modes brimming with purple soda!
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Candy Crush Soda Saga General FAQs -

How To Play?
   - Switch and match 3 candies or more of the same color in a row to gain points and other exciting bonuses. Gain as many points as possible to achieve one, two or three stars. Score as many points as you can to beat your friends and top the score list.

How Do I Gain Points?
   - When you switch three or more candies of the same color, they burst and you win points.

What Do I Have to Do to Complete a Level?
   - You need to do two things to complete a level:

   - Win enough points to earn at least one star
   - Complete the challenge that is set at the start of the level

What are special matches?
   - Special matches create special effects in the game:

   - Fish Candy: Match 4 candies of the same color in a 2x2 square. This will create a special Fish Candy of the same color. You can then match the Fish Candy and it will activate to eat another tricky candy from the board.

   - Striped Candy: Match 4 candies of the same color to make a Striped Candy. If you match the Striped Candy it will create a line blast to clear an entire line of candies!

   - Wrapped Candy: Match 5 candies of the same color in a T or L shape. This will create a Wrapped Candy. Wrapped Candies will explode to clear all of the candies surrounding them and blockers too (e.g. Chocolate or Bubblegum). Deliciously explosive!

   - Color Bomb: Match 5 candies in a horizontal or vertical row to create a Color Bomb. Match the Color Bomb with any candy of any color on the board to clear all the candies of that color.

   - Coloring Candy: Match 8 candies in a T shape (there must be at least 5 candies in a row to activate this special match). This will create a Coloring Candy. When you match the Coloring Candy with any candy on the board, each candy of the color you matched will become the color of the Coloring Candy.

You can also match any of these special candies you’ve created with each other to create even sweeter effects. But don’t let us ruin the surprise, get matching!

How Many Lives Do You Get in Candy Crush Soda Saga?
   - You begin the game with five lives. If you don’t pass a level, you will lose a life, with one life being refilled for free every 30 minutes. If you don’t like waiting, you can get a full set of lives in exchange for some Gold Bars from the Sodapop Shop or ask your friends to send you extra lives.

My friends have sent me extra lives but the game says I only have five lives. Why is this when I’m sure I should have more?
   - You can only ever have five lives at a time, so if you have a full set of lives and a friend sends you an additional one, you will still only have the maximum five lives.

What Are the Different Game Modes?
   - There are 4 different game modes in Candy Crush Soda Saga:

   - Bubblegum:The aim here is to rid the game board of Bubblegum, sounds sticky right? Unfortunately it is, but the challenge is a fun one. Bubblegum has three levels of stickiness:
A single layer of Bubblegum (it’s lightest stage), can be removed by simply matching the candy on the Bubblegum with at least two candies of the same color.

   - Two layers of Bubblegum trap the candy underneath it. You will need to match the candy under the Bubblegum with two or more candies of the same color to remove a layer of Bubblegum. As there are two layers of Bubblegum, you will need to complete the above twice to completely remove the Bubblegum

   - Watch out for three layers of Bubblegum (it’s thickest and stickiest stage), this can be removed in a similar way to two layers of Bubblegum, however this sticky stuff can also spread, adding a single layer of Bubblegum to adjacent candies

   - Chocolate: As sweet as it sounds, the Chocolate game mode can be tricky. This candy treat can spread like wildfire covering all candies in its path. Destroy the Chocolate pieces by matching candies next to the Chocolate to make it disappear.

   - Candy Bears: Save the Candy Bears! In this game mode you will see Candy Bears trapped under the ice. Crush the ice covering the bears to free them. Make sure all of the bears are saved to complete the level.

   - Soda: Match the Soda Bottles with candies of the same color to raise the Soda levels and bring the Candy Bears to the top. You must get the Candy Bears above the Candy Necklace to complete the level.

Tip: Try matching as many bottles as you can, and clear the candies above the Candy Bears to get them to the top!

What Do Boosters Do?
   - Boosters can make the difference between winning and failing a level! Some boosters recharge over time. When charged, they’re free to be used again, or you can buy boosters in exchange for Gold Bars from the Sodapop Shop.

Which Boosters Are Available?
   - There is one booster available to help you on your journey:

   - Lollipop Hammer: This delicious booster allows you to crush any candy, of any color, to remove it from your board! This is very useful for levels with a limited number of moves.

What Are Gold Bars Used For?
   - Need more moves to get you through a tricky level? Or perhaps you have run out of lives. Gold Bars can be used in exchange for extra lives, moves and boosters. They can be purchased with real money; however you don’t have to purchase Gold Bars to progress through the game.

How Do I Get More Gold Bars?
   - You can buy Gold Bars from the Sodapop Shop.

Is it possible to complete the game without buying anything?
   - Yes. In fact, it's not only possible, but very common. Most people who complete all the levels in the game have not bought anything at all.

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