Mage and Minions: Warrior Recommended Stats and Skill Builds

Here's a guide on how to effectively customize the Warrior class for Normal, Heroic and Legendary Modes. Warriors specializes on reducing incoming damages, while keeping their damage output high using Critical Hits!

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- Recommended Stats to Get from Gears -

Primary Stats
   - Time Bending Gears: +% Cooldown Reduction (CDR)
   - This is a very useful stat especially if you want to challenge the Heroic and Legendary stages. It lessens the cooldown timer of your skills, giving you more chance to chain powerful skills.
   - Aim for around 60% Cooldown Reduction to spam your Charge skill.

Secondary Stats
   - Ideal random Stats that will go with your Primary Stats.

   - There are so many stats that we can think of here, especially +% Critical Damage to exploit the high Critical Chance of Charge and Duelist. Since you have a high Critical Damage, pairing some Life Steal stat will make your warrior a powerhouse, this is also a good stat for defensive type warriors.

   - Any Stat you think is best for you warrior will do, but make sure to focus on it to bring out it's potential.
   - Examples: +% Chance to Parry or +% Chance to Dodge for players who likes to play more defensively. This is ok since your Critical chances and damages are good enough the way they are. If you don't like luck based stats, some players also consider + Life and + Armor.

   - Note: To help you get your desired stats, refer to the crafting tips section here: FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

Dual Wield or Weapon + Shield?
   - Warriors are melee fighters so expect to absorb more damages. To reduce this, I suggest getting a Shield to equip certain useful skills below.
   - Note that Block can't save you from monsters that can 1 hit kill you, just get the shield to help you survive heavily packed normal monsters.

- Recommended Abilities and Builds -

The best thing about this game is that it doesn't follow any skill trees, you are free to choose any skill builds you want while playing. Just unlock and upgrade the skills, but to help you choose which skills that works together, refer to the build below.

   - It's ok to at least upgrade the following skills up to Lvl 6, then choose and upgrade the skills you want most, it's ok to upgrade them all. Non listed abilities are not recommended, but still optional.
   - You can change skills while in battle, pick what you think is best for the situation.

- Recommended Attack Abilities -

   - Simply your primary area of attack skill with bonus movement and attack speed reduction to your enemies.
   - At Lvl 10, this skill will also get a damage over time effect.

   - Your 1 vs 1, or vs boss skill.
   - A heavy attack damage with added attack and movement speed per strike, to a maximum of 30%.
   - At higher levels, this skill will also add life steal and double attack chances.

   - A nice combo after using Charge skill to get the Critical chance bonus.

Recommended Utility Abilities -

   - Get this skill to Lvl 10 as soon as possible to get the +50% Critical Chance!
   - This is the main reason why we need to get 60% Cooldown Reduction, to make this skill spammable. Keep using Charge to enjoy the bonus 50% Critical Chance and Stun bonuses.
   - Example Combo: Charge > Frenzy > Charge > Whirlwind > Repeat Steps.
   - Spam this one vs Bosses and monsters that can 1 hit kill you, then just melt them with your crits and stuns locks.

Shield Block
   - A nice skill, but just use this until you unlock Whirlwind.

   - Awesome Area of Attack skill with bonus movement speed, damage reduction taken from enemies, and a bonus pull effect at Lvl 10.

   - A nice combo after using Charge skill to get the Critical chance bonus.
   - Use Eileen's Vortex to gather enemies then use this to easily damage them all.
   - Example Combo: Charge > Eileen's Vortex > Whirlwind

   - Note: While Whirlwind is active, some skills can't be activated at once, you need to wait for the duration to end first.

- Recommended Passive Abilities -

Sword and Board
   - Shield is a must to equip this skill.
   - Increase your Block chance, and doubles the amount (capacity) of block and armor.
   - Shield Slam: Tap on the icon above their head to deal damage, knocks-back affected enemy and stunning them for a short while. If enemies are behind it, they will get damaged as well.

   - Increases Critical Chance.
   - 25% chance to enable Blade Flurry while dealing critical hits (tap on the icon above their head to activate). It slows time giving your hero massive attack speed until the number of attacks are complete.
   - Note: Activating Blade Flurry while doing Whirlwind will deactivate Whirlwind!
   - Note: While Blade Furry is active, some skills can't be activated at once, you need to wait for the duration to end first.

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