Battle Run: Objectives Guide - Daily and Regular

Objectives are fun goals to achieve in the game. There will be three objectives that you can work on at a time. You will be able to see them by tapping on the objective button at the main menu.

Remember to collect your reward when you finish an objective!

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- Objectives Guide -

Daily Objectives:
   - Play 1 Race
   - Play 5 Race
   - Win 1st Place 5 Times (White Egg will be given as reward)

   - Daily objectives will reset once a day at server time.

Regular Objectives:
   - Rewards can be Coins or Diamonds.

   - Race # Games: Just complete the number of games required.

   - Collect # Coins: Just complete the number of Coins required.

   - Collect # or More Stars in # Games: Just complete the number of Stars required in one run, repeat until the number of times is complete.

   - Attack # Racers: Use any weapons that will make your enemies respawn.

   - Hit # Racers With the Pet: Make sure you pet's ability can make your opponents respawn after getting hit.

   - Get 1st or 2nd Place
   - Get 1st or 2nd Place # Times
   - Get 1st or 2nd Place # Times in a Row: This one is hardest but keep on going. Here's a tip: If you think you can't get 1st or 2nd place near the end of the race, hit pause then quit to keep your current progress.
   - Get 1st Place # Times

   - Simply race and win the 1st place to complete the objectives above.

   - Here's some tips to get huge boosts:
   - Simultaneously use a decent Pet with nice speed boost + any weapon that gives you speed.
   - Ex: Glitch + Chainsaw or Boxing Glove (great speed with nice attack power).
   - Ex: Any Pet with Speed boost + Speed Boost (great speed, and try to constantly jump to quickly avoid obstacles).
   - Try to do the above examples on a "speed strips" for better results!

   - Make # New Friend: After reaching the end of the race (Match Result), tap the racers to add them. You can also add other racers from the League section if it's unlocked. Note: Accept friend requests to add more players to your friends list.
   - Play  # Friendly Match: Go to your Friends List and look for a Friend with the "Play" icon, tap on it then select "GO!" to start the battle. If you can't find any, just press the Friends tab then select "GO!", sometimes it will count.

   - Hit # Racers with the Homing Rocket: Use Dust's Homing Missile.
   - Hit # Racers with the Axe: Use Dust's or Macie's Throwing Axe.
   - Hit # Racers with the Land Mines: Use Dust's or Joe's Land Mine.
   - Hit # Racers with the Chainsaw: Use Dust's or Macie's Chainsaw.
   - Hit # Racers with the Meteor: Use Macie's or Joe's Meteor Shower.
   - Hit # Racers with the Boomerang: Use Macie's Boomerang.

   - Just use the required weapon asked, if it's not available, unlock more characters.

   - Buy Something: I recommend the "Bee Cap", "Cool C Sunglasses", "Bubbles" or "Kansas", you'll need one of them to complete some objectives later on.
   - Own # Hats
   - Own # Face Accessories
   - Own # Suits
   - Own # Trails
   - Own # Characters: Browse the Character section and buy the cheapest ones, or any character/s you prefer.

   - For the above purchase related objectives, just buy the cheapest ones available.

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