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Miss Dota is a thrilling DOTA based RPG multiplayer online game presented by yihya. Available on Android - Google Play and iOS App Store. In this game, all 100+ well-known DOTA heroes are turned to sexy goddesses! Play Miss DOTA as their master, evolve Lolitas to Goddesses,  and ignite the flames of Sentinel and Scourge!
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Miss DOTA: General In-Depth Guides -

Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide For Beginners
Key Topics: Intro to Fairies and In-Game Features; Dungeon Guide: Leveling, Upgrading and more; PvP Guide

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Miss Dota: Official FAQs -

What is the time zone of server time and the insert event time?
   - Usually, date and time of the events and posts are set against (GMT+8).

Where can I get Diamonds without spending?
   - You will earn Diamond after clearing the last stage earning 3 stars in a Quest zone for the first time.
   - You can also earn Diamonds the first time you complete some quests.
   - Pay attention to our fans page, some events give out free Diamonds.

How do I level up my Fairies?
   - You can level up heroes by sacrificing the monster cards or power source books. Monster cards are usually dropped from the map adventures. You can get power source book from quest rewards or EXP Academy.

How do I evolve my Fairies?
   - When your fairy hit certain level, you can evolve your fairy to higher Grade. It requires certain materials and cards.

What are the items obtained from battles?
   - Some of the items are materials for some features.

   - Slates: Materials to upgrade Fairy's spells. There are White, Green, Blue, Purple and Golden 5 Grades. Higher level spells require higher grade slates.
   - Banner of Provocation: A must item to join PvP battle.
   - Mote, Talisman, Elemental: Materials to evolve Fairies.
   - Monster card, Power source Book: Materials to Lv up Fairies.

What are Fairy Spirits and Universal Spirits? And what is the difference between them?
   - They can be used to exchange Fairies. You can exchange the corresponding Fairy if you collect enough Fairy Spirit of this Fairy, while you can use Universal Spirit to exchange any one of the Fairies you ever owned.

How to change the battle square?
   - Every time you enter a battle, you can change your fairies position after you choose the friend. Just drag them as you like.

How many fairies at most can be set in the fight square? 
   - 5 at most. Fight slots will be unlocked as your level ups.

Where can I get Purple quality fairy?
   - Evolve. Blue fairies can be evolved into purple quality fairies.
   - Exchange.You can exchange purple quality fairies when you collect enough Fairy Spirits or Universal Spirits.
   - Elite Dungeon. You may have chance to get purple fairies from Elite Dungeon.
   - Shop.

How to recharge?
   - In home page tab VIP icon > Recharge using Google Wallet or Itunes. This is available for Play now, Facebook login and "For more accounts".
   - Official recharge site: (  http://sea.aseugame.com/ ) This is available for Facebook login and For more accounts. Play now players should bind their account first.

What are the VIP benefits? 
   - In game Home page tab VIP icon, you can check all the benefits of different VIP levels.

Where can I get support if I have account or recharge problems?
   - You can submit your issue to us via facebook private message.
   - You can submit your issue to our customer service email: missdotacs@gmail.com

How do I get my Player ID?
   - In Home page then tap your rolename or level.
   - It is the number after ID to the right.

Where shall I enter the gift code?
   - In game, tab More > Guide > Coupon (right upper corner) to enter the code.

How to turn off/on the sound of the game?
   - Tab More >> Guide>> System Settings.

*FAQ Source: Credits and Thanks to Miss Dota Facebook Fan Page for the Official FAQ! ^^

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