Miss Dota: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide For Beginners

Here's a quick walkthrough guide for Miss Dota newbies in the thrilling DOTA based RPG multiplayer online game Miss Dota. Available on Android - Google Play and iOS App Store.

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Quick Tips For Beginners
   - Using "Play Now" option will not save your progress from their server, if the game is uninstalled, your progress will reset. Register an account, then bind your "Play Now" account to safeguard your progress.
   - Choose Your Name Well
   - Changing names will cost you Diamonds.

   - 3 Starting Fairies
   - All 3 are great but I recommend Knight Davion to get a nice area attack Tank early on. Based from Arena Rankings, Davion is the most common starting Fairy, so she is also good at later levels.

   - Account and Chat Icons on Screen
   - You can drag these icons anywhere to clear your game screen.

Quest Rewards
   - There are 3 types: Login, Challenge, and Upgrade. You do not need to accept any quest, once you meet the requirements, you will complete the quest and can then claim your rewards in the quest log.
   - Some quests can be completed every day, which are quite like the "daily login" system. So remember to enter the game everyday.

Other Tips
   - Check your Mail too for more freebies and tips playing the game.
   - Feel free to enlarge your Backpacks through the SHOP > Goods if needed.

Drawing Fairies (Shop)

   - Draw by Kindness
   - Just use your 5 free draws per day.
   - Earn 1000 Kindness then use Draw 10 for a higher chance to gain Blue Fairies.
   - Kindness can be gained by using other Leaders (passengers (+5 Kindness) or friends (+10 Kindness)) before battle. Win the battle though to gain Kindness. Another way is by using the "presented" buttons under Friends, giving them SP will give you Kindness in return.

   - Note: (Other Loots)
   - Monster cards = EXP, for leveling up Fairies.
   - Rooster cards = Sell to get Gold.
   - Fairy Spirits =  A Fairy but with a "spirit aura". These are non-usable fairies, only shows up in your Album. Complete the required number of Fairy Spirit to be able to summon them.

   - Abundant Gifts
   - Earn 280 Diamonds, then use it for your 1st Diamond Draw to get a sure shot Purple fairy (ex: Nevermore). Next, earn your Diamonds and only choose the "10 Times" option to get a free Purple Fairy and more chance to gain Purple Fairies.
   - While earning Diamonds, just use your 1 free draw.

   - Cute Fairies for Free
   - 500 Diamonds for a chance to draw a Purple Fairy from the given group with bonus Universal Spirits. Nice, but limited, so still optional though.

Events (Gift Box Icon)
   - Scroll the the right to see more options. Most options are offers for Diamond users (optional).
   - Note: More events will be added as the game goes, check for free offers like SP, Items, and more.

   - Daily: More battle options to get more EXP (recommended), Gold, Fairies, and more.

   - STR Test : A place to hunt materials to upgrade spells of STR Fairies. Only available on Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

   - AGI Test : A place to hunt materials to upgrade spells of AGI Fairies. Only available on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

   - INT Test : A place to hunt materials to upgrade spells of INT Fairies. Only available on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

   - Space-time Test : A place to hunt materials for upgrading spells, evolution, or for fostering fairies.

   - Note: All 4 event dungeons or tests above may drop fairies of White or Green quality.

   - EXP Academy : A place to hunt EXP books, these monsters are immune to physical attacks, so use Fairies that can do magic attacks.
   - Haunted Gold Mine : A place to hunt chickens, sell chickens to earn a lot of gold. To sell these chickens, go to HOME > Fairy > Sell Option > Choose chickens then sell. Sell to free up your bag space.
   - Test Tower: you can hunt equips and equip patterns here. Higher stages may drop equip and pattern of higher quality. Ex: Reaching over 50 layer will grant you Purple Equip Patterns or Fragments (used for combining equips)

   - Altar: Farm Wish Power from dungeons, then use it to get Gold cards, EXP cards for Fairy or Equip, playable Fairies, and more. Use the "Pray 10 Times" option for a chance to get a blue or purple Fairy!

   - Store SP: Will accumulate offline SPs (50SP = 1 Set), but you'll still need to spend 50 Diamonds per 1 set.
   - Hot Spring: Login at 12PM to 1PM, or 6PM to 7PM (GMT+8) to restore your SP!

   - Referee: Refer a friend ID to get rewards. As long as your friends enter your ID as Referee ID, both of you will get bonuses.

   - Exchange: Collect the fairies required and exchange with the featured Purple Fairy!

How to Get More SP
   - After spending all SP, tap any dungeon stage, then select the free recharge (0 Diamonds). You can do this once per day.
   - After spending your first free SP recharge, the next one will ask you to spend 50 Diamonds, this is actually ok to boost your team more (optional). Do this once a day only though, but for VIP players, you can do this multiple times.
   - Hot Spring, Claim from Friends, Quest Rewards, and other optional methods.

How to Get More Friends
   - To add more friends, simply invite the Leaders you chose after every battle. You might want to add Leaders that gives the stat you want. Ex: If you want more AGI bonuses before battles, then add more friends with AGI+ bonus.
   - Go to the Friends section and select the "Add" option to view and add friends that invites you. You can also add your real life friends by entering their Player ID.
   - Friends PK option is also a nice way to practice or test your team.

   - To get more Invites, you might want to change your Leader to your strongest Fairy or Stat. Ex: I get more Invites after using an AGI+ type Fairy as Leader.
   - To change the Leader of your team, go to HOME > tap on the Fairy on your screen > select Change > select new Leader.

- Miss Dota: Intro to Fairies -

Types of Fairies (Notable Differences)
   - STR Fairies: High HP
   - AGI Fairies: High Haste
   - INT Fairies: High Magic Resistance and Magic Power.

How to Get New Fairies
   - Draw from Shop: See Drawing Fairies section above.
   - Rarely dropped from Dungeon Boss Stages (starting from Chapter 1 Karthus stage)
   - Event Map's Dungeons.
   - Quest Rewards and Events (ex: Altar or Exchange option)
   - Summon from Album after completing the required number of Fairy Spirits.
   - Evolve Fairies to unlock higher grade Fairies and to save them in your Album.
   - and probably more

Which Fairies Are Worth Leveling?
   - Yes there are so many fairies to choose from, and for a newbie, it might be confusing.

   - Here's some General Tips:
   - If you were able to get purple or blue fairies, use them in your team since they are quite powerful early game, easier to upgrade, and with lots of benefits. Replace if you get better ones.
   - Ex: The 1st time 280 Diamond draw reward will give you a Purple Nevermore!
   - Ex: Just login everyday and claim a Purple Rylai! This one is good because you can even upgrade her to 3 Stars!
   - If you are lucky, you can also get a Purple Deceptive Fairy from the Altar.

   - Go to Home > Fairy Tab: Here you can check the Fairy's notable strengths. Example, if you want to focus on building an AOE attack team, then look for Fairies with an "Area-Attack" strength or similar.
   - Other Team Build samples recommended by the game:
   - Haste Control
   - Haste High Attack Type
   - Tank-Depleting Type
   - Seckilling Rear Row Type
   - AOE Type
   - Gank-Focused Type

   - Go to PVP > Ranking > Check Teams: Here you can check what other top players are using under their teams. Find them from your Album to find their lower grade versions or names.

   - Fairy icons labeled with "HOT" are fairies recommended by the game.

How to Get More Fairy Spirits (For Album)
   - Fairy Spirits looks like a fairy but with a "spirit aura". These are non-playable fairies, that only increases the required number of Fairy Spirit of that Fairy in your Album. Complete the required number of Fairy Spirit to be able to summon them.
   - Draw, dropped from Dungeon Boss Stages (starting from Chapter 1 Karthus stage), PVP rewards, Events like Altar, Honor Shop, Ask Friends (use filter), and more.

Universal Spirits
   - Used to summon Fairies (with full Fairy Spirits, ex: 30/30 or 40/40) from your Album, as explained above.

   - The 2nd way is to summon fairies highlighted in your Album, fairies you already have, or had before. Note: Once you obtain or evolve a fairy into blue grade or higher, that fairy will automatically register into your Album, ready for summon, even though the number of Fairy Spirits is not complete.
   - Also used for upgrading spells upon reaching the blue slates.
   - Gained from: Quest Rewards, using the Exile option, events and more.

What is the Exile Option?
   - Used to convert blue or higher grade Fairies to a number of Universal Spirits.
   - Example: Blue Fairies gives 5 Spirits; Purple Fairies gives 40 Spirits.

What is the Convert Option?
   - Fairy Convert can fully exchange the EXP, level, quality, star-level, spell level between material Fairy and target Fairy, which will make it easier and faster to develop another Fairy. But you may need to pay stingy goblins some fees and the fees depends on the difference between the two Fairies!
   - Appears on some Purple Fairies under Home > Fairy section.
   - See Rules for more info.

What is the Foster Option?
   - Foster can amplify the base stats of your high level fairies!
   - Use Gold and Diamond to enhance HP, Power and Mana. "Diamond Special" has higher success rate compared to "Gold Common". It will also cost related material Book, which you can get from:
   - Honor Shop
   - Dungeons
   - Event Map: Space-time Test, Str Test, and more.
   - Other Events like Altar and more.

Miss Dota: Dungeon Mode (Common/Elite) -

Stages with 3 Stars
   - Getting all 3 Stars per stage will grant you Diamonds plus items from the Quest rewards. Better rewards will be given for Elite stages.
   - Complete any stage with 3 Stars to unlock the Skip option.

Blitz Dungeon (Common)
   - Reach and complete Common Dungeons that you can, to unlock and get better loot items required for upgrading your Fairies, EXP, Gold, or new playable Fairies!
   - See Dungeon section below for more info.

Dungeon Stages (Elite)
   - Play only if you want to farm certain items for upgrading (tap on items to learn where to farm them), or to earn more Diamonds or Fairies/Spirits. Harder than their common stages, and consumes more SP, so you might want to do this only if you really want to.
   - You can also do this once you get stuck on common dungeons, or if you want to spend your remaining SP before the server reset.

Once You Hit a Wall (Get Stuck!), Here's Some Tips To Do:

1) Level Up Fairies
   - EXP cards: Get from EXP Academy in event map, Dungeon Stages, Altar, Shop Draws, Events, and more.
   - Important Note: To avoid wasting some EXP cards, just make sure to adjust and keep the Fairy's "EXP gainable" points close to the "Required EXP".

   - Monster Cards: Can be used automatically using the "Sacrifice Fast" option.
   - Book Cards: Must to select them manually by tapping the green + option/s.

   - Fairy Cards: I really don't recommend using them as EXP feeders. If you don't need some of them, save and upgrade them to Blue grade then use the "Exile" option to convert them to Universal Spirits.
   - You can also save your Blue ones for the "Exchange Event" or for evolving a similar Fairy, refer below for more info.

2) Evolve Fairies
   - Once your Fairy's Lvl is maxed, evolve them to the next grade or quality to unlock the next set of levels. Evolution will greatly enhance the stats of the Fairy.
   - Tap on the required items to check where to get them.
   - Starting from Blue, required items will also include a similar Fairy with the same grade.

   - Quality of Fairies
   - The quality or grade of Fairies is distinguished by color:
   - White > Green > Blue > Purple > Orange
   - At certain grades, lolita or chibi fairies will transform into a full sexy goddess!
   - Orange fairies are the best but the hardest ones to summon. Amulet of Destiny is a must material for evolving from Purple to Golden.

3) Upgrade Spells of Fairies
   - Select a Fairy Spell then tap on the required items to check where to get them. Slates can be farmed from dungeons (common/elite/event), and can also be earned by asking friends.
   - Starting from Blue Slates, required items will also include a number of Universal Spirits.

   - Fairy Spells
   - Each fairy can master 3 common spells and 1 Ultimate Spell, unlocks one after another as they reach certain levels.
   - Spells are capped depending on the current level of the Fairy, level them up more to lift the cap.
   - The max level for common spells is 30, and 20 for Ultimate Spells.

   - Which Spells to Upgrade First?
   - All Spells until you reach the Blue Slate requirements, then focus more on the spells that matters.

   - When looking for Fairy Spells, check the damage per round they can do: Damage or Effect + Cool down, if how many rounds will it take before they cast again. Sometimes these are the keys on how to polish your team's spells = compatibility.
   - Pay attention also on the number of targets, success chance, stat increase per upgrade, and more.

4) Equip and Upgrade Fairy Gears
   - Unlocks when you reach Lvl 28. Each slot in your squad can equip 6 equippable items at most and they can even equip identical items.

   - Equip Bag
   - Here you can check all the Equips you have, including the available spells they have. Upgrade their spells here, tap on the required items to check where to get them.

   - Upgrade Equip
   - Similar to the Fairy leveling above, but this time, it will require other gears or EXP Irons. White and some Green grade equips are common so go on and use them for feeding EXP to your Equips.
   - Aim for Blue or higher grade equips, upgrade them the most.

   - EXP Usable Gears: Get from Shop Fairy Draws or Shop Equip Draws Section (use the Draw 10 option), Test Tower, Quest Rewards, events, and more.
   - EXP Iron Items (must be manually selected): Get from Quest Rewards, Altar, and more.

   - Equip the items you want according to your Fairies, example: AGI+ Stats for your AGI Fairies. It is also a good idea to equip gears with useful Spells.

   - Combine Equip
   - Combine different equips to get a new one, requires Patters ("Combine Recipes"). You can get patterns from Altar, Combine Pattern feature, and more.

   - Combine Pattern
   - For combining fragments, and to create new Patterns.
   - Fragments can be looted from Quest Rewards, Altar, Test Tower, Honor Shop and more.
   - Check Rules to see more details.

Quality of Equipment
   - The quality of equipment is distinguished by color from lowest to highest, respectively White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red.

   - The level cap of equipment depends on their quality as shown below:
   - White: Level 40
   - Green: Level 60
   - Blue: Level 80
   - Purple: Level 100
   - Orange: Level 120
   - Red: Level 140

Miss Dota: PVP Section -

Requires 1 Battle of Provocation which can be looted from dungeons. You may carry up to 5 at most, so use some of them to free up some space.

Team Positions/Locations
   - There are 3 rows: Front - Mid - Rear
   - Ideally, STR fairies should be in the front row, then AGI and INT fairies should be behind in turn.
   - Mix and match to find the best team positions that fits your playing style, or to counter certain enemy spells.
   - Haste: decides the order to attack.

Choose Your Opponent Well
   - The easiest way is to compare your FC vs. your enemy team's FC. Targeting lower FC will give you more chance of winning, but not always.
   - You also need to consider the Number (of fairies) and Lvl or Grade of your opponent's fairies, count how many green, blue, purple or gold fairies your enemy have, then compare them to your team, if you think you have the upper hand, go for it!
   - For in-depth comparison, check their team's general build (might need more experience playing the game).

   - You can also further check by selecting one of their fairies, but mind the time limit, if it hits 0, you can no longer challenge that team.

PVP Rewards
   - Win more challenges to increase your rewards, then claim after the cool-down timer. Note: Claim first before challenging new ones, or else your rewards won't increase!
   - Rewards: Fairy Spirits, Foster Books, Gold, and Diamonds. More rewards can be claimed from the Quest reward after completing a number of PVP matches.
   - Check Rules for more info.

   - Tip: You can edit your PVP squad to only 1 fairy, to purposely let your PVP rank go down, this way you'll be able to challenge more easier teams the next time. Don't do this though if you are aiming for the Fairy Contest.

   - Fairy Contest
   - Check to see if the betting system is available, get 20 Diamonds if you win, but if you lose, you'll just take back the 10 Diamonds you used. This is a nice way to get free Diamonds,  so go on and use all 3 bets per round.

Congratulations! If you reached this point, then I hope you already know what you are doing. Gold, SP and Diamonds shouldn't be a problem, since you already know where and how to get them.

Good Luck and Happy Playing! ^^

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