Kung Fu Rush: FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Kung Fu Rush is an action and arcade endless running game presented by GOTOPLAY.COM, set to immerse you in the world of Eastern martial arts, bringing the thrill of kung fu to your fingertips!

Here's a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the fast paced game Kung Fu Rush that will help you increase your game experience, coins gain per run and high scores!
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Kung Fu Rush Quick Tips, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide -

Basic Game Controls
   - Swipe UP = Jump (You can cancel Jump by sliding or rolling.)
   - Swipe DOWN = Slide or Roll (You can cancel Slide/Roll by jumping.)
   - Swipe LEFT or RIGHT = Move to the left or right (Can also be done mid-air.)
   - Swipe Jump twice = Leap to avoid most obstacles.

Quick Walkthrough Guide (In-Order)
   - This game is pretty straight forward, but first we need to increase your Coins gain per run. Follow the upgrades list and recommendations below in-order.

Character: Monk Ethan!
   - Start and learn the ropes of the game, when you have enough Coins, go to the Characters screen and buy Monk Ethan. This character has free resurrect ability, making him a very good starting character for collecting more Coins!
  - Note: Save all Scrolls for later use! (play multiple runs to increase drop rates of Scrolls!)

Boost Enlightenment 3/6
   - Put 3 upgrades here early game, then collect 3 "Yin Yang" to enter Enlightenment.
   - Aim for at least 2 per run to get easy Coins.
   - If you entered the stage with a Wealth God at the start, grab it then use Leaps to dash forward. This tip will let Wealth God grab more Coins here!

Boost Wealth God 2/6
   - While this power-up is active, use Leap to dash forward, especially when there are no Coins around.

Boost Leap Gourd 3/6
   - Consumes Energy per Leap, pick up Gourds to refill the Energy Meter.
   - Tip: Right after grabbing a Gourd, you can quickly Leap twice without spending Energy!. Stop if the Energy Meter stops blinking.
   - Use Leap to help you grab more Coins, or to avoid obstacles like falling bells, pits, burning ball rocks and more.

Boost Wealth God 3/6
   - 3 is enough here, Max this last.

Character: Bobby Wei!
   - At this point of the game, you should have enough Scrolls to buy him, but if you don't have enough, continue using Monk Ethan.
   - Bobby Wei's ability can triple Wealth God's Coins, so if you have an active Wealth God, use Leaps to earn more Coins! Very good enhancer for Enlightenment + Wealth God + Leaps, this will help you reach at least 4,000 Coins at the start!

Boost Enlightenment 4/6
   - No obstacles!, just Coins!

Boost Dash 3/6
   - This doesn't help you get Coins, but it can help you reach the better ones. Yellow Coins will disappear and White Coins will start to appear once you go further.

Boost Leap Gourd 4/6
   - Increase Leap Gourd time to do more Leaps!

Boost Dash 4/6
   - To help get high scores!

Character: Dream Fairy!
   - At this point of the game, Coins needed are really high. So maybe it's time to focus on getting high scores. Go to the Character selection screen, then purchase Dream Fairy. She is a nice free character for getting high scores because of her ability!
   - Continue playing then upgrade the following:

Boost Double-Score 4/6
   - Increase the duration of the Double Score item, best with Dream Fairy!

Boost Enlightenment 5/6
Boost Dash 5/6
Boost Leap Gourd 5/6
Boost Double-Score 5/6

Boost Enlightenment 6/6
Boost Dash 6/6
Boost Leap Gourd 6/6
Boost Double-Score 6/6
Boost Wealth God 6/6

Kung Fu Rush FAQs -

Quest: Free Resurrection?
   - Purposely end your run at the start by bumping into the nearest obstacle, use the "Free Resurrection" to complete this.
Quest: Roll Over or Jump a Number of Times?
   - To easily complete this, just alternately spam "Jump" and "Slide".

How to Get More Scrolls?
   - I noticed that if you have low number of Scrolls or if you play longer, you'll encounter them.

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