Royal Revolt 2: How to Reset the Game?

If you are wondering how to restart your game progress in the action and arcade reverse tower-defense game - Royal Revolt 2, then you've come to the right place. Refer below for answers and solutions.

Resetting your game progress will depend on your game device, Apple iOS systems, Android devices, or Windows Phones. If you're planning to delete and re-install the game app, you might want to back it up first by using iCloud or other available backup systems for your device.

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- For Apple iOS Players -

Resetting the Game:
   - For Apple iOS Devices, just re-install the application and finish the tutorial. You should get a pop-up option to either load your previous save game from your iCloud or start a new game!
   - Yup, for Apple systems, it's easier!

- For Android Players -

Resetting the Game:
   - For Android Devices, re-installing the game will not reset your progress!. The game will load like usual then you'll continue on your last game state! This is because the game will always sign in your main Google Account.
   - So far, at this moment, the only way to re-start the game on Android devices is by changing your current Google-ID (Main Google Account).
   - or just play on another device if you have one.

Removing Google Accounts:
   - Go to your "Settings".
   - Under "Accounts", select "Google", then tap on the first or top most e-mail address (Main Google Account) on the list to enter the "Sync" menu.

   - Go to it's settings then select "Remove account", but be warned because this might erase some of your data associated to that account like Contacts, E-mail, and Talk, (Proceed at your own risk!), but if you don't mind, just sync them all then proceed.

   - Your main account now should be the next e-mail address on the list, the one below the deleted account/e-mail address (if you have multiple accounts), or the new one that you will add later.
   - Note: If you have multiple accounts, skip the add Google Account below.

Adding Google Accounts:
   - Go to your "Settings".
   - Under "Accounts", select the "+ Add account" option. Next, choose "Google" to add a Google Account, choose either "Existing" or "New".
   - Follow the instructions next until you are able to add the new account.

Play Royal Revolt 2!
   - Enter the game now and play from the start using your new Google ID!

- For Windows Phone Players -

Resetting the Game:
   - I don't have a clue yet, because the game isn't available at the moment.
   - You may refer to the above tips for similar solutions though.

   - If you have better solutions in mind or new info about this issue, please feel free to share them below to help all players, thanks! ^^,

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