Ninja Fishing: Shipwreck Cove Depth Chart - Location and Fish List

       Here's a depth chart to help you catch all trophies found in Shipwreck Cove area, especially the rare ones. For this island, the hardest creature to catch is the Ahab Whale. To successfully catch this one, you need to grab it's big eye, mouth or teeth with your hook.

     While ascending, start using your drill once you reach around 805 meters, wait for the whale to appear (800m) then capture it. If you missed it or if it didn't appear, just try again. While descending, you might need some luck to capture it.

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- Common and Rare Fishes: Depth Location(m) -

     - Starting Range (m): First Estimated Appearance
     - Ending Range (m): Estimated "Last Seen"
     - Event or Limited Time Fish Species not included.
     - Red Labeled Fishes are Uncommon or Rare!

Names  From (m)    Until (m)    Gold Value  
Flying Fish1015018
Sea Horse4025020
Clown Fish7540035
Cat Fish14032045
Pirate Fish25045094
Star Fish31067563
Coco Crab420840119
Fire Eel470840107
Tiger Shark540820175
Cannonball Squid640810150
Whale Shark740800363
Neon Plankton780113050
Frozen Tuna8501230113
Cutlass Crab9021125125
Gemini Eel9251250138
Glow Worm1010140069
Dumbo Octopus11501360153
Phantom Shark7981400188
Giant Pufferfish12601400182
Basket Star13101400194
Ahab Whale8001400694

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