Wizard & Dragon Defense: Notable Basic and Advanced Defensive Strategies

       Here are some helpful tips, tricks and strategies for Wizard & Dragon Defense game that can help you shatter enemy mobs to turn the tides of war to your side.

       This game guide will show how to stall enemies, perform sneak attacks and combos. Remember this, if your enemy has a mob of ranged attackers and some tanks, no matter how strong your army is, you'll still lose if you will not do these strategies, especially at higher levels!

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Notable Basic and Advanced Defensive Strategies -

Stalling Enemies!
     - While waiting for your allies to come join you in the front lines, stall your enemies
to delay their advancement.
     - Just move near them then quickly retreat when they start to attack. If they have
long ranged allies, adjust your distance and focus on stalling their ranged attackers.
     - If your damage is good enough, take down some melee enemies with your long
ranged dragon.
     - During this time, it is best to save your skills until your allies reaches you.
     - Earth Fey and Sky Fey can also help you stall them, get them both.

Sneak Attacks!
     - Your aim is to eliminate rear enemies to cut their fire power!. Just concentrate on
attacking their ranged allies (ex. shooting arrows and healers) with your sword. Ignore melees and flying enemies, trust your allies that they can handle them.
     - After the sneak attack, return to your allies to aid them.
     - This trick requires Aden to have decent Lvl depending on the level you are in.

Cunning Sneak Attacks!
     - You should also be smart when doing sneak attacks, here are some tips:

     - If you don't have your allies around, do this only if the battle is at the center or far
right side of the battlefield, but if you do have a good number of allies, any location would be ok.
     - Move your character to their ranged units then stop, don't move to let your
character use his sword. Sword attacks are very effective against them because they will fall down when striked. Eliminate them all if you can withstand all damages.
     - If you can't withstand their damages, retreat quickly, especially when there are
melee units mixed with them. Wait for their melee units to reach their front lines then do sneak attack again.
     - Experience is the key, practice to familiarize yourself. ^^

Unyielding + Sneak Attack Combo!
     - This skill is very useful when doing sneak attacks, not because of it's heal, but
because of it's bonus invincibility for a few seconds! Here's how to do it.
     - Wait for your allies to come then let them attack first to gather them. When their
melee units reaches you or your allies, use your Unyielding skill then quickly do a sneak attack. Your allies will also be able to dish out a lot of damages because of your Unyielding skill!
     - You have 2 options: Strike twice (unyielding wears off after about 2 Strikes) then
retreat, or continue and eliminate all ranged enemies.

Unyielding + Sneak Attack + Stella Surculus Combo!
     - If you chose the first option above, after 2 or 3 strikes, use your Stella Surculus
skill to knock them all back! This is also a very useful skill to keep your allies alive and deal more damage once your enemies approaches again.
     - Stella Surculus and Cat Familiars' ranged attacks works well here!
     - For the 2nd option, just go back to your allies then use this skill.

Other Info
     - Repeat these combos and tips to shatter enemy mobs and ensure your win!
     - If you have more than 2 skill slots, chain any skill that you like.
     - Do these strategies while playing with the below (link) walkthrough guide:
     - Wizard & Dragon Defense: Quick Walkthrough, Upgrades and Strategy Guide

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