Tekken Card Tournament: Nina Deck and Cards - Draw Build

       This Nina deck build will focus on using her Speedy Draw cards to strike multiple times in a row. Most of her draw cards lacks attack power but with the help of buff cards, things will go smoothly!

       She can do it all: draw rapidly, heal herself and launch powerful attacks.Therefore, you can either play as a balanced character or choose to specialize in one area to take your opponent by surprise.

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- Recommended Cards: Nina Draw Deck -

Your Target Rare Power Card:
     - Rare Nina Power Card: (170 HP)
     - Your opponent loses 1 card and 5 HP at the start of the game.
     - First, Buy 3 Common Nina Power cards then upgrade
to get it's Uncommon version. Always remember to use Fusion! to save Gold.
     - Note: Featured Power Card might change it's Stats in the future but it would still
be good for this build.

     - Refer to the links below this guide for more useful guides!

Recommended Common Cards
     - You should aim for the Common versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Uncommon Cards
     - You should aim for the Uncommon versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Rare Cards
     - (P-U) Assault Bomb = Attack/Draw/Heal
     - (P) Hellbringer = Attack/Draw/Heal
     - (P) Binding Whip = Attack/Draw
     - (P) Spiral Explosion = Tenacity
     - (P) Right Backhand Body Blow = Buff Punch Cards
     - (P) Fluttering Butterfly = Draw/Heal
     - (P) Spin Low Kick to Right Upper = Draw
     - (P) Jumping Flip = Draw
     - (K) Catapult Kick = Draw
     - (K-U) Jab to Mid Kick = Attack/Draw
     - (P-U) Seoi Gyaku Juji-gatame = Draw
     - (P-U) Bombshell Blast = Draw

- Sample Nina Draw Deck -

Nina Draw Deck (No SR Cards)
     - x1 (P) Binding Whip = Attack/Draw
     - x1 (P-U) Assault Bomb = Attack/Draw/Heal
     - x3 (P) Right Backhand Body Blow = Buff Punch Cards
     - x1 (P-U) Bombshell Blast = Draw
     - x1 (P-U) Seoi Gyaku Juji-gatame = Draw
     - x1 (K) Catapult Kick = Draw
     - x2 (P) Jumping Flip = Draw
     - x2 (P) Spiral Explosion = Tenacity and/or (K) Catapult Kick = Draw
     - x1 (K-U) Jab to Mid Kick = Attack/Draw
     - x1 (P) Blonde Bomb = Heal
     - x1 Card of your Choice!

Deck Summary:
     - Most cards can draw new cards after Striking!
     - Added 1 Blonde Bomb for support and to compensate the penalty from
Binding Whip.
     - Use Right Backhand Body Blow to buff your Punch cards before striking.
     - Note: Hellbringer is a great card but it will rarely proc with this build.

Other Nina Deck Builds
     - Nina Deck and Cards - Heal Build
     - Nina Deck and Cards - Balanced Build

Note: Even if you have all the cards above, wins will still depend on your experience
playing the game, strategies, positioning, and more! Good Luck!

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