Hungry Shark Evolution: How to Score Over 1 Million Points

To be able to complete the Super Mission 5 under the Great White Shark mission set or to score a high total points per game, players are required to reach at least 1,000,000 Points!

To learn how to reach or activate Gold Rush!, the highest Multiplier, and the 1 Million Points, refer below for more information.

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Score Over 1,000,000+ Points!


     - To unlock the Super Mission 5, unlock and purchase Great White Shark.
     - Max your Great White Shark's Lvl, and upgrade Bite/Speed/Boost if you want.
     - Same method with Megalodon if you are using it.
     - You must have a Basic Map too!
     - Buy a Baby Shark or any Items that will help you eat more, or gain more points.

Share your Accessory Set

     - Also share your current accessory set below (comment section) for getting High
Scores to give other players some ideas! ^^

Gold Rush!

     - Awarded each time you reach a points milestone. As well as coins, it triggers an
extra points multiplier.
     - While Gold Rush is active, quickly move around and eat all creatures that you will
encounter. Use your Boosts wisely and combo with Multipliers to get higher scores!
     - Use your Basic Map to move into a good source of food (preferably on seabed),
and to avoid dead ends like caves with long tunnel entrances, unless Gold Rush! is not active.

The Gold Rush Bar!

     - Simply fill up the bar to activate Gold Rush!
     - Scoring points fills up the Goldrush bar. (So make the most of those multiplier
bonus's awarded for eating streaks)
     - The new system spawns lots more fish during a Goldrush than before!
     - The new system gives you Max health when Goldrush is triggered!
     - The new system makes you invincible during Goldrush! (you even get points
for hitting mines!)
     - Each time you trigger a Goldrush the Goldrush Bar fills up 7% making it quicker
to get the next one. (up to a maximum of 50%)
     - Each shark takes a different amount of points to fill the bar up 100%.
     - Each shark has a different Gold Rush duration.
     - Equip accessories that gives "Gold Rush + Seconds" to extend the duration.

Score/Points Multipliers

     - Eat many creatures in quick succession to gain Point Multipliers.
     - While Gold Rush is active, try to maintain the x64 Multiplier as long as you can,
to gain over 100,000 or 300,000 points per Gold Rush!

Creatures with High Points

     - Some notable creatures with good points are Blob Fish, Gulper Fish and the
Angler Fish. You can see them all in one place at the bottom right most area of the map. So if you are able to activate Gold Rush! with a good number of Multipliers there, you can easily rake above 100,000 or 200,000 Points per dash!

     - Kempy Bass, Gem Fish, Evil Great White, and more are some of those uncommon
fishes around that packs with some great points too.
     - Megalodon (new)


     - Aside from the combos above, survival is also an important part. The longer you
stay alive, the faster your energy will deplete! So if you want to get the 1 Million mark, you need to be faster too!
     - If your shark dies, you have the option to revive it using your Gems or Diamonds.
This is optional and it is recommended to only use it if you are near your target points.
     - First revive will take 1 Gem/Diamond, second revive = 2, third = 4 and so on.
     - Good Luck!

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