Hungry Shark Evolution: How to Get More Gems or Diamonds - Gemfish Locations

Gems or Diamonds are in-game currency that will let you purchase premium items in the game. These premium items can make your game easier, will make you shark look cool, and more!

Unfortunately, Gems/Diamonds aren't easy to get like Coins because you will need to purchase them with real cash to get a good amount, but there are ways to get free Gems/Diamonds! Read on to learn more.

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The Elusive Gemfish!

Hunting Gemfish!

     - The fastest way to earn Gems or Diamonds, is to hunt all Gemfish around the map!
     - See screenshot above for sample Gemfish.

     - First, unlock the Great White Shark to easily dash around the right most section of
the map (this area is full of Gemfish!) Make sure that you have the "Basic Map" item too.
     - Use the maps below to locate those Gemfish. They spawn in random locations, so
if they are not in there, just try the other locations.
     - You can only get up to 3 gems/diamonds per game run, so after reaching 2 or 3,
just let your shark die. Start a new game run again, but this time, do not go back to where you found those previous gems/diamonds because it is unlikely to appear at that locations again.
     - Wait for a while or wait until you are able to collect the new Daily Reward. If you
did, then it is now ok to revisit those previous Gemfish locations.


     - The Maps above isn't complete and I did not include the left most part of the map
because it has the least number of Gemfish.
     - Don't forget to claim your Daily Rewards! You can get 5 there too!

More Free Gems or Diamonds!

Hunt Humans!

     - Look for Paragliders then use your Boost to jump out!. Reach and eat them all!
     - Look for Harpoon Boats then use your Boost to catch the Harpoon Man. This
man is very dangerous so make sure to get a good amount of energy first.
     - They both do sometimes drop Gems or Diamonds!

     - Once you unlock Megalodon, you can farm Gems/Diamonds from Fishing Boats
too. Just destroy them for a chance to get one!

Complete Tasks!

     - Note: These methods are optional and it will require an internet connection.

     - Go to the "Evolve" screen then tap the Gem/Diamond at the upper right corner.
     - Tap the "Free" option to view some tasks that will reward you some Coins or

     - Like their Facebook Page to earn 5 more!

Hunt Giant Enemy Crabs!

     - For more info, go here: Giant Crab Location and How to Kill Them

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