Tekken Card Tournament: How to Change Nickname/Avatar and How to Logout

       If you want to change your default Tekken Fighter name (Fighter-Numbers), that has been generated by the game right after signing up, then you've come to the right place! Simply follow the three easy steps below to learn how.

       Read on to learn how to change your Avatar too, the cool picture emblem beside your Nickname!. If you are having trouble logging out of the game, see the bottom section of this guide for more info.

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- Change Nickname and Avatar -

Step 1
     - Click/Tap your Avatar or current Level (upper left corner of your game screen) to
open the Profile window of your account.

Step 2
     - Click/Tap on the "Account" option menu.
     - You can change your avatar here too by clicking/taping on it.

Step 3
     - Click/Tap on the Fighter-####### to change your nickname!
     - Click/Tap on the Avatar or emblem right before your nickname to change it.
     - Unlock more avatars as you level up to Lvl 15, Lvl 30 and Lvl 99!

- The Logout Button! -
     - The logout button can also be found here (icon at the upper right corner, next
to your e-mail address or facebook account), so if you want to exit the game and play with your other accounts or to let your friends play on your device, then this is the only way.

     - Note that if you are using your facebook account to play this game, you must also
logout your facebook account through your browser. Login again using a different facebook account on Facebook and Tekken Card Tournament. Refresh the game if there is an error.

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