Subway Surfers: How to Complete Daily Challenges or Missions

Can't continue Daily Missions after the 00:00:00 timer?, or are you wondering why you can no longer pick up any Powerups? Don't worry, these are just normal and you can learn here why.

Daily Challenges will generate random words related to the game each day and the number of letters will  determine the difficulty of the task.

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- Daily Challenges and Missions -

The Daily Challenges
     - Complete Daily Challenges each day and increase your reward!
     - To complete a challenge, get all the letters of the given word of
the day by collecting them through runs. Instead of Powerups, Letters
will temporarily replace them until you complete the Daily Mission.

     - Note that an internet connection must be present after the timer
hits 00:00:00 to update and get the new daily challenge.

     - Coins from Day 1 to Day 4.
     - Complete a 5 Days streak to get a Super Mystery Box!

     - Once you reach the 5th Day Challenge, succeeding challenges
will reward you Super Mystery Boxes after each completion, This
will go on until the streak is broken.

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