Subway Surfers: How to Gain More Coins

Coins are used for purchasing upgrades, characters, boards, single use items and more. To gain more of these, the game offers two options.

"Free Coins" will require some time and luck to get what you need. The "Paid Coins" on the other hand is an optional method that will require some real cash to get instant Coins. For more info, refer below.

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- Free Coins Section -

Run a Lot!
     - This is the most basic way and most of your coins will come from this method.
Why? because it is where you can get free Coins and Mystery Boxes! The more you run, the more Coins you will get.

     - To maximize your Coins gain per Run, you must do the following:
     - Upgrade and max out your Coin Magnet and Jetpack powerups in the Shop >
Boosts section to increase their duration.
     - Coin Magnets will automatically get all the coins while running and Jetpacks will
give you an opportunity to grab Coins as much as you want without any obstacles!

Daily Challenges!
     - Complete Daily Challenges each day and increase your reward!
     - To complete a challenge, get all the letters of the given word of the day by
collecting them through runs. Note that an internet connection must be present after the timer hits 00:00:00 to update and get the new daily challenge.
Mystery Boxes and Super Mystery Boxes!
       A big chunk of Coins can be randomly gathered here so farm them through:

     - Runs: You can only get 1 or 2 at most per run so after that, just let your character
crash if you want. Run again to farm more.
     - Mission Sets: Reached x30? Complete extra missions for Super Mystery Boxes!
     - Daily Challenges: Complete a 5 Days streak to get a Super Mystery Box!
     - Shop: If you want to gamble, you can buy them too in the Shop!

Mystery Box Prizes!
     - 200~250, 500, 1000, 1500, 5000 and a 100,000 Coins Jackpot!
     - Super Mystery Boxes gives twice the amount given by Mystery Boxes!
     - Also gives an occasional 50,000 Coins or more!

Friends Are Gold!
     - Simply connect to Facebook with your account. After that, you will automatically
 receive 5,000 Coins for free!
     - For more bonus Coins, go to the "Friends" screen to get up to 350 Coins from
your active friends who has completed 50 Runs. Earn and share 350 Coins to your friends too by making 50 runs while online!
     - Add more Facebook friends to gain more Coins!

Human Bots!: Why not let your Family and Friends play and farm Coins for you! ^^

Earn Coins! (requires internet connection)
     - Earn Coins is an extra feature in the Shop section.
     - Here you can Watch, Like, Follow or Subscribe to any services for free Coins.

- Paid Coins Section -

Double Coins! (requires internet connection)
     - Doubles all Coin pickups. This is an optional feature
for players that are willing to spend some real cash for this game.

Coin Store! (requires internet connection)
     - Coin Store is an extra feature in the Shop section
Here you can pick any Coins Bundle that you want to purchase

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