Subway Surfers: Which Powerups to Upgrade First

       Still can't decide which Powerup to upgrade first? Well, you've come to the right place because this guide will help you decide which one to upgrade first or last while playing Subway Surfers.

       Selecting Powerups early game could affect your overall game progress. Some Powerups can boost your game right away and some will simply boost your Scores. To learn more, read on.

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- Recommended Early Game Upgrades -

Coin Magnet
     - Just like it's name, it's a Coin Farmer!
     - This Powerup will greatly boost your Coin gain per run. Reach the 4th tier or Max
this out as soon as possible to be able to unlock or upgrade other Powerups. This will also help you purchase other single use items like Hoverboards, Headstarts or Skip Mission options in the Shop to quickly boost your Score Multipliers early game.

     - Another Coin Farmer tool, with less hassle!
     - Same as Coin Magnets. The more Coins you get, the faster you will reach better
Scores due to higher Multipliers, unlocked by your Coins (completing Mission Sets).
     - All 5th Upgrade will require 30,000 Coins but with this and Coin Magnet, things
should go smoothly. Just keep on farming more Coins!

- Recommended Mid to Late Game Upgrades -

2x Multiplier
     - Now it's time to boost your High Scores to the sky!
     - By this time, you should be close to the x30 Score Multiplier (completing Mission
Sets). Thanks to the first 2 Powerups above.
     - Start upgrading and Max this to gain up to x60 Score Multiplier! Your aim now
is to reach the Highest Score that you can get. Try to reach 1,000,000 Points! Yes it's possible, if you are curious, check this guide: How to Get High Scores (Over 1 Million!)
Super Sneakers
     - This Powerup is cool and it works like Jetpacks because it can skip lots of
obstacles while running, specially when you know how to use the [Jump] + [Roll] to cancel Jumps and land on specific areas like on top of the trains.
     - It might be difficult to some players due to accidental crashes, so it is better to
put this Powerup as a mid to late game upgrade. Try to practice how to use this though.
     - Reach any tier if you are comfortable using this, otherwise leave it as is.

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