Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Get Golden Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills

       Ultimate Ninjutsus, also known as Golden Skills are exclusive skills for Golden Ninjas. Unlike other skills, Ultimate Skills can only be learned by using special items found from in-game features.

       Ultimate Ninjutsus varies per ninja and all of them are purely based from the original characters found in the anime series - Naruto. Refer below to learn more!

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- Activating Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills -

The Requirements
     - Any Lvl 40 Golden Ninja
     - 1 Ultimate Ninjutsu Token
     - Get Ultimate Ninjutsu Tokens from Hinata's Storage Box, Arena Credit Shop or from
Pockie Ninja II: Social future events.
     - Go to your "My Ninjas" window and pick a Lvl 40 Golden Ninja. Note: Other Gold
Ninjas’ Ultimate Ninjutsu will be gradually available in the later version of the game.

     - Hit the "Activate" button below the Ultimate Ninjutsu to unlock.
     - This will be the 4th ninjutsu skill of Golden Ninjas along with the first 3 skills.
     - Congratulations! You now have a fully skilled Golden Ninja!

List Of Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills
     - To see a list of Golden Ninjas with their Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills, refer to this
link: Pockie Ninja II Social: Ultimate Ninjutsus (Golden Skills) of Golden Ninjas

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