Torchlight II: Transmutation Recipes - Complete List

       To perform a transmutation, place the ingredients into the slots. If the ingredients are appropriate for a recipe, the transmutation button will become active and allow you to perform the transmutation! This will remove the necessary items and place the new item into your bag.

       The recipe list will show the results from transmutations you've performed. Not all of the
transmutation recipes are listed so experiments may find new recipes!

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- Transmuters and Transmutation Recipes -

     Transmuters can combine items to create new items. Here is a sample NPC
transmuter that you can find inside camps or cities.

     To get ingredients for transmutations, either buy them from shops or get
them from monster drops, chests, random objects and more. For more secret recipes, refer to the complete list below.

- Health Potion Recipes -

Big Health Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Health Potion x3

Giant Health Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Big Health Potion x3

Huge Health Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Giant Health Potion x3

Super Health Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Huge Health Potion x3

Grand Health Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Super Health Potion x3

Mega Health Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Grand Health Potion x3

Ultimate Health Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Mega Health Potion x3

- Mana Potion Recipes -

Big Mana Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Mana Potion x3

Giant Mana Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Big Mana Potion x3

Huge Mana Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Giant Mana Potion x3

Super Mana Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Huge Mana Potion x3

Grand Mana Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Super Mana Potion x3

Mega Mana Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Grand Mana Potion x3

Ultimate Mana Potion Recipe
     - Ingredients: Mega Mana Potion x3

- Equipment, Sockets and Spell Recipes -

A Random Unique Recipe
     - Ingredients: Any Unique Item x4
     - Result: Random Unique Item. Item's level is equal to the average level of the 4 items placed.

A Random Set Item Recipe
     - Ingredients: Any Set Item x2
     - Result: Random Set Item. Item's level is equal to the average level of the 2 items placed.

High Grade Socketable Recipe
     - Ingredients: Socketable x3 (also known as Embers)
     - Result: Random Rare Socketable Ember
     - I recommend using 3 same level Embers. Using 1 lower level Ember and 2 higher level
Embers will result to a random lower level Ember! (the chances are high).

Add Socket to Item Recipe
     - Ingredients: Any unsocketed item x1; Any gem of equal or greater level x2
     - Only use equipments with zero slots. Pet Items are not allowed.
     - You can find the level of the item or Ember at the upper right corner.
     - You can actually use 1 lower level Ember and 1 higher level Ember!
     - Result: Random number of slots or sockets.

A Random Spell Recipe
     - Ingredients: Any spell x2
     - Result: Random Spell
     - I recommend using 2 same level Spells. Using 1 lower level Spell and 1 higher level Spell will
result to a random lower level Spell! (the chances are high).

Note: You might need to update your Torchlight 2 to it's latest version or patch to enjoy this
guide. Some skill description and game features are different compared to the original version. If you like this PC game, please support the software developers by purchasing the game!

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