Torchlight II: Robot Parts Quest, Locations and Walkthrough Guide

       Robot Parts Side Quest: You found a strange piece of metal that appears to be some part of a robot. It has '4000' carved into it. You wonder just how many more pieces there could be.

       This side quest will become available after getting the Robotic Drum in Act I - Widow's Veil. The parts are scattered secretly around the game and the only way to get them is to complete a series of events or actions to unlock secret gates and pathways.

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- The Robot Parts Side-Quest -

     - To hit an object, simply click the object or press and hold the Shift key then click the object.
     - Using some skills on them will also do the trick.
     - On some objects, wands won't work so temporarily use a staff or any melee weapon.

Robotic Drum (Act I)

- Location: Estherian Enclave > Crows' Pass > Widow's Veil

- Unlock the Gate behind the NPC "Finnas". Note: If the gate
isn't present, look for it around the map. It should lead you to a secret area.

- To Unlock: Lit all "Unlit Braziers" around the map to unlock the gate. Do this before entering the "Portal to Surface".

Robotic Arm (Act II)

- Location: Zeryphesh > Ossean Wastes (Get Quest from Commander
Muzaffar) > Tower of the Moon

- Unlock the Gate behind the NPC "Duros the Blade". Note: If the gate isn't
present, look for it around the map. It should lead you to a secret area.

- To Unlock: Hit those 4 Golden "Gongs" around the Map. If successful,
there should be sound effect the first time you hit them. To get your first gong, check the golden gong behind the NPC "Duros the Blade", near the gate.

Robotic Pipes (Act II)

     - Location: Zeryphesh (Get Quest from Jasha) > The Empty Quarter > The Salt Barrens
(Get Quest from Hareph) > Swarm Point (Talk to Hoska) > Brood Hive
     - Awaken the hidden "Sand Hulk" that is blocking the way to the robot part. The monster is
located east from the red portal. Do this before entering the "To Salt Barrens" portal.
     - To Unlock: Just destroy all the eggs near the hidden "Sand Hulk". Defeat the "Sand Hulk"
then enter the secret way that is full of eggs!, destroy them all and get the robot part.

Robotic Head (Act III - Part I)

     - Do this first to unlock Robotic Head (Act III - Part II) below.
     - Location: Imperial Camp > The Rotted Path > Blightbogs (Find the Bell and put it on the
Bell Stand) > Blightbogs (Get and complete Cacklespit's Quest)
     - Proceed to Robotic Body (Act III) below then continue on to the game till you reach the Imperial Camp again.

Robotic Body (Act III)

     - Location: Imperial Camp > The Rotted Path > Blightbogs (Get Quest from Vanquisher
Captain) > Abandoned Sawmill
     - Unlock the Gate that has a crossed ax symbol above it. You can also see a chest near the
gate. Do this before entering the blue portal to the boss battle map.
     - To Unlock: Find 4 white Skeletons around this area. Most of them can be found leaning to
walls and they are all holding an ax. Hint: one can be found inside a destroyed house. Click all the axes to unlock the gate.

Robotic Head (Act III - Part II)

     - Note: You must first complete Robotic Head (Act III - Part I) above.

- Location: Imperial Camp (Get Quest from Widget) > The Rivenskull Gorge > Sundered Battlefield (Lit the 2 Altars and Get Quest from Fade) > Cacklespit's Realm

- Unlock the secret way inside the realm.

- To Unlock: Destroy all 6 trunks on the map then locate the secret way by walking around the map. If you are near to it, a sound effect will play (similar to a successful enchant). A way will form to the location of the robot part. Refer to the screenshots below for sample map and locations.

How to Complete the Robot Parts Quest

       Your robot parts hunt is complete, but in order to complete the quest, you must first
complete the "The Power Source" story line quest and unlock the "Broken Mines" at the Imperial Camp.

       Talk to Professor Stalker again (Imperial Camp) to piece together the Trill-Bot 4000 robot.

Trill-Bot 4000

     - Talk to him to get the secret side quest, "The Three Sisters". The rewards are quite good
     - Go to the Sundered Battlefield and enter the new dungeon (follow the Golden Star).
     - Complete the quest and go back to him to receive your reward.

Note: You might need to update your Torchlight 2 to it's latest version or patch to enjoy this
guide. Some skill description and game features are different compared to the original version. If you like this PC game, please support the software developers by purchasing the game!

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