Torchlight II: How to Get or Farm The Eye of Grell Socketables

       The "The Eye of Grell" socketable is an excellent starter item for Elite Mode, specially for melee heroes. Farm them and put them into your Armors/Trinkets to increase your character's overall survivability!

       By default, melee characters have a 25% damage reduction. To increase this stat, collect items like "The Eye of Grell" or the "Skull of Limoany" socketables. The maximum number or cap of damage reduction is 75%.

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- The Eye of Grell Walkthrough-

Here's the Legit Way!
     - Create a dummy farmer under Casual or Normal difficulty or simply use your main Hero.
     - Continue on through Act I until you receive the story-line quest "Protect the Guardian!".
     - Go to the "Temple Steppes" map via "Path of the Honored Dead" then find and enter the
"Wellspring Temple".

Wellspring Temple
     - Move down to Wellspring Temple - Floor 2 and enter General Grell's lair.
     - Step to the blue portal and defeat General Grell!
       Hopefully, you will be able to get one. Farming items might take a while depending on your
Luck Bonus. To check your Luck Bonus, go to the Arcane Statistics (J).
    - Increase this to increase the number and quality of loots from monsters and chests.
    - Find items with "+?% increase in magic-finding Luck" bonus stat to increase Luck Bonus.

       Continue doing this until you have 3~10 "The Eye of Grell" socketables, Good Luck!
     - Put them into your Shared Stash to use them to your other characters.
     - Just be careful though, never destroy or sell them to NPCs!

How to Replay Completed Maps? or Defeat Bosses Again?
     - To effectively farm items without creating another character per run, it is best to just re-roll
the map and play again with randomized dungeons and fresh spawns.
     - For more information, go here: Replaying Completed Maps and Defeat Bosses

Note: You might need to update your Torchlight 2 to it's latest version or patch to enjoy this
guide. Some skill description and game features are different compared to the original version. If you like this PC game, please support the software developers by purchasing the game!

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